Singapore: Islamic Banking Fails, But Lets Have More of it Anyhow!

Singapore’s venture into Islamic banking failing, but they’re going to keep trying

We have previously thought that Islamic banking — that is, the accommodation of Western banking practices to Islamic legal requirements — was being pursued by non-Muslim financial institutions out of a desire for economic gain. But in this story, DBS Group is still determined to make a go of Islamic banking, despite losses. Of course, they’re confident that this venture will eventually be profitable, but perhaps there is also an ideological slant to this endeavor. Certainly the West is tied ideologically to the idea of making common cause with a benign and peaceful Islam; why not Singapore?

“UPDATE 1-DBS makes partial retreat from Islamic banking,” by Kevin Lim and Liau Y-Sing for Reuters/JW

Kenya sees potential of Islamic banking

Because it works so well in Dubai and elsewhere, lets have more of it…!

57 % of Swiss support banning the freedom sack

Go for it, Switzerland!

According to Swiss television, 57.6% of those interviewed for the survey favoured outlawing the Islamic garb for women which covers the entire body.

Last year, a nationwide Swiss referendum prompted criticism across Europe as nearly 58 % of Swiss citizens had voted in favour of a law to ban building new minarets across the country. World News 24

Willie Clitman Watch

Clinton Rips Birthers, Pities Terrorists

“Read our propaganda. Come to our astroturfs. Open your minds and hearts and let us con you again. Trust us; we’re the elite”

Former President Bill Clinton ripped those who doubted Barack Obama’s citizenship as well as those who doubt global warming is man made but described the Times Square bomber as a “poor tragic Pakistani man.”

How about that for misplaced priorities? Clinton displayed scorn for his own political enemies and pity for America’s enemies. Should we be surprised? Politico reports/via Creative Minority

Hérouxville: Canada’s multiculturalism policy  is”idiocy”

Drouin is author of the controversial Hérouxville “life code,” which warned prospective immigrants to his village of 1,338 in Quebec’s heartland that they were not allowed to burn or stone women. André Drouin dubbed Canada’s multiculturalism policy “idiocy” and called for a moratorium on immigration.

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