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As usual, KRudd has no opinion and needs a multi-million dollar survey  to make his mind up for him….. SMH

Cory Bernardi: the burqa has no place in Australian society…   SMH


The KRudd regime  squanders your taxpayer dollars  to make Islamic madrasas safe:

Islamic schools Iqra Grammar and Qibla Colleges will get $109,100 and $105,100 respectively under the Federal Government’s Secure Schools Program.

Laurie needs a new drug…….

Labor Candidate for Werriwa, Laurie Ferguson, announced the funding hand-outs last week. More>>

Liberal senator  Cory Bernardini has sparked outrage after he called for a ban on the burqa in Australia. (Who could possibly be “outraged” over banning the garbage sack?)

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Andrew Bolt:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said there was “understandable concern in the community” about people wearing the burqa, but a ban was not Coalition policy… Premier John Brumby attacked the call, accusing proponents of taking a “cynical view” of the world… A spokesman for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd refused to comment on the burqa.

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KRudd accuses opposition of double talk on banning burqas

Wayne Flower, Phillip Hudson/Herald Sun

UPDATE 9.45am: PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has accused the opposition of walking both sides of the street after a Liberal senator suggested a ban on the wearing of burqas.

“He (Bernardi) goes out there and says that’s what he wants to do,” he told the Seven Network today.

“Mr Abbott then says it’s not their policy … they are walking both sides of the street.”

Mr Abbott said yesterday there was “understandable concern in the community” about people wearing the burqa, but a ban was not Coalition policy.

Mr Abbott and Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard agreed this morning that the Islamic burqa was a “confronting” and “challenging” form of clothing.

Neither Ms Gillard nor Mr Abbott said their parties proposed banning the garment worn by some Islamic women.

“It was a personal view of Corey’s, it’s not a Liberal party policy,” Mr Abbott told the Nine Network.

“I find it a pretty challenging form of attire and I would prefer it wasn’t widely worn.”

Ms Gillard said she understood the feelings of Australians about the burqa and wanted schools to teach equality between men and women.

“I can understand Australians that do find it a bit confronting, it’s a little different on our streets,” she told the Nine Network.

“It’s something for people to think about, I don’t think it actually makes a difference trying to ban an article of clothing, I’m not sure that’s what we want to do.

“We want to make sure there is teaching in our schools and society generally that men and women are equal.”

According to our heraldsun.com.au poll, over 88% per cent of respondents back a ban.

France and Belgium are among several nations where there are growing calls for burqas to be outlawed in public.

But Premier John Brumby attacked the call, accusing proponents of taking a “cynical view” of the world, while Melbourne cleric Mohammed Omran described Senator Bernardi’s comments as “grubby”.

Former Victoria Police deputy commissioner Bob Falconer said most police were reluctant to search suspects wearing burqas.

“The religious, political and policing ramifications of that are enormous,” he said.

“I’m not saying they should be banned,” Mr Falconer said.

“But how will the spokespeople for the Muslim community help encourage co-operation with police in those circumstances?

“There are real-world practical issues for the sake of police out on the streets that need to be discussed before we have a crisis on our hands.”

State Liberal MP Bernie Finn warned criminals may start to use the burqa like a balaclava.

He wants them restricted in banks, in the way motor cyclists must take off their helmets.

“Criminals aren’t the brightest so we could start to see a rash of copycat crimes,” he said.

“And community safety must be the No. 1 priority.”

Writing on his blog, Senator Bernardi dubbed burqas un-Australian. “For safety and for society, the burqa needs to be banned in Australia,” he said.

Senator Bernardi hit out after revelations of the robbery in Sydney on Wednesday night.

A gunman, wearing a full black burqa, pulled a pistol on a jewellery trade worker who had withdrawn a large amount of cash at a shopping centre.

Counter-terrorism consultant Roger Henning said anything that prevented the identification of the face posed “a massive risk” to public safety.

“People have used burqas to escape (prison), escape one country to another … bank robberies,” he said.

“And it is well known that terrorists carrying improvised explosive devices sometimes disguise themselves as women.

“The reality is this should be part of the revamping of security and it has got to be a government decision.”

Melbourne cleric Mohammed Omran described Senator Bernardi’s comments as a grubby grab for attention.

“Mr Bernardi should focus on real issues like the lack of housing, interest rates and housing affordability which will benefit society and the Australian people, rather than sensationalist type statements regarding the burqa,” he said.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd refused to comment on the burqa: “The Prime Minister is focused on things that matter to working families like delivering better hospitals, supporting jobs and building a stronger economy.”

Commonwealth Bank spokesman Steve Batten said it had no issue with customers wearing a burqa inside its banks.

“We don’t discriminate against customers based on their religious preference. If they choose to wear a burqa or religious head-dress, we do not ask them to remove it,” he said.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said police would not support a ban on the burqa.

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  1. In this world we have three forms of governments. 1) Democratic 2) Communists and 3) Sharia law as practised in all arab countries. In our democratic society every one is given a fair go, but, we have to draw the line at legals and illegals from arab countries who try to bring their law into our society. The wearing of the burqa is a symbol of Sharia law which is NOT OUR LAW. Muslims must conform or be shipped out as this controversy will only escalate with the passing of time and make it very awkward and diffuclt for future generations. We cannot have two forms of law in our country and we must stamp out this ridiculous, barbaric custom and culture before it take firm root.

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