Surprise, surprise: some Muslims agree with Geert Wilders

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THE HAGUE, 30/06/09 – Most Muslims in the Netherlands see Geert Wilders as a threat, but nearly one in five share his criticisms of Islam partly or in full, according to a survey by TV programme Netwerk.

Three-quarters of the Muslims consider it a threat if Wilders were to enter government. Nonetheless, one-third of them find it logical for a portion of the Dutch to vote for him. Eighteen percent of the Muslims agree with the Party for Freedom (PVV) leader on a number of points. On the other hand, 22 percent feel hatred towards Wilders.

On the question of how the Muslim community should deal with Wilders’ rising popularity, there are divergent thoughts. Most support is for ignoring him (40 percent), closely followed by ‘enter into the discussion’ (35 percent). Next come ‘let a tough counter-voice be heard’ (25 percent) and ‘tackle problems within the Muslim community’ (23 percent).

Nearly three-quarters of the Muslims have the feeling that the ‘ordinary’ Dutch have judged them more negatively in recent years than in the past. Additionally, 4 out of 10 Muslims say they are discriminated against more often nowadays. (We can disregard the grievance theater. Muslims believe discriminating against non-muslims is a religious obligation. Check under Dhimmitude/ed)

Two-thirds of the respondents see ‘a future for themselves’ in the Netherlands. It is noteworthy here that young Muslims in particular see it this way (73 percent). Muslims aged over 35 have less confidence: 43 percent see no future here for themselves any more. (They are most welcome to saddle the camels and leave. Problem is, they never do/ed)

3 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise: some Muslims agree with Geert Wilders”

  1. I would propose a NEW WORLD ORDER LAW for all countries with a significant Muslim population…”STEP OUT OF LINE AND YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY PUT ON A PLANE AND SENT BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. No questions asked.
    Rape a woman, steal, commit any form of violent act, anything that could land you in one of our jails buys you a ticket out of here.
    Why should we pay the estimated $50,000 to keep them in a jail so they can learn more crime and preach their jihad in an effort to convert new recruits?
    Send them packing immediately! It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to buy them the ticket home.
    If they’re good little Muslims they can stay but they have to integrate into our society and work their tails off and earn a living…no welfare for their multiple wives, ahem, “Mistresses with kids”.

  2. Al-Kidya,
    Sending them back sends the problem elsewhere. We should take the Russian/Chinese approach to Muslim thugs – kill them, Those muslims polluting our jails should be executed, and those PC gimps who are trying to destroy our societies from within should be whipped in public – they deserve nothing better.

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