That Hurts: The West is Causing Homophobia in the Middle East

In today’s issue of Die Welt, George Klauda,   a Berlin sociologist explains, why the west is at fault for the  hostile attitudes towards homosexuals in Islam.

It is the West that causes  Homophobia in the traditionally very homo-friendly Islamic countries.

In Die Welt he explains:

Question: Mr. Klauda, does Germany not  have a long  tradition of genuine tolerance in relation to other ways of life, say gays and lesbians?

Klauda: Exactly this construction of same sex love as “other way of life”  is the problem. Still the experience is that “this other way of love”  makes us “the other“.

The possibility of intimate experience  with humans of the same sex is bound to the obligation to take over a deviating role. Thus many refrain from it altogether. The portion of boys with same sex experience by the way broke in after 1970. According to that Hamburg Sexual researcher Gunter Schmidt from approximately 18 down to two per cent.

Aha! the expression “other way of life” is therefore equal to  the Nazis murdering of homosexuals.

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Wer richtig dummes Zeug lesen will, der lese heute die WELT. Dort erklärt der Berliner Soziologe Georg Klauda, warum eigentlich der Westen Schuld an der Schwulenfeindlichkeit des Islam hat. Der hat nämlich die Homophobie in den traditionell sehr schwulenfreundlichen Islam erst reingetragen.  more…>>

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  1. I did some research on this view and came up with this Islamic sharia solution from Islam Online.

    “If you find anybody committing the act of the People of Lot (i.e. sodomy), then kill the one doing it and the one with whom it is done.” This hadith is recorded by Imam Ahmad, Imam Abu Dawud, and Imam At-Tirmidhi among others. However, Al-Bukhari, Yahya ibn Ma`in, An-Nasa’i, and Ibn Hazm impugned the authenticity of this hadith.

    The second hadith is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said about the one committing sodomy, “Stone the upper and the lower (i.e. both persons committing it).”This hadith is recorded by Ibn Majah, Abu Ya`la, and Al-Hakim; however, At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Hazm, among others, impugned the authenticity of this hadith. In his book Ahkam Al-Qur’an, judge Abu Bakr Al-Jassas commented on this hadith stating that the narrations of two of the narrators of this hadith “are not reliable by any means, and no legal punishment can be prescribed based on them (i.e. on their narrations).”

    There are some similar traditions in this concern, among which a hadith narrated by Jabir ibn `Abdullah that reads “kill whoever commits the act of the people of Lot,”and another narration in which `Ali ibn Abu Talib adopted the opinion of stoning the sodomite. However, these traditions are even weaker than the ones discussed above, according to the scholars of Hadith.

    First, it should be stated that sodomy (or homosexuality) is a wicked and grievous sin and a crime against society, but beheading or stoning those committing it are punishments that have no foundation in the Qur’an or the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). All what can be said is that sodomy is a fahishah, the same way the Qur’an described zina, so it has the same legal punishment — the lashing of the perpetrator one hundred times in a public place as stated in Surat An-Nur, or imprisoning and punishing him as stated in Surat of An-Nisa’.

    Second, all the juristic views stating that the homosexuals are to be killed, burnt, or thrown from a high place, have no sound legal foundation, though they show how much the early Muslim society was disgusted with such a wicked, immoral practice. However, legal judgments are based on divine revelation not on the tendencies of societies.

    Third, it should be stated that Islam is a religion of mercy, and the society has the duty of giving the guilty an opportunity to repent and correct his or her way. In the crime of murder, which is the most heinous crime, Islam opens the door to forgiveness and paying blood money before afflicting the qisas (Arabic for: retribution). Thus, jumping directly to the punishment indicates that the societal system has failed, and that there is a disorder in the educational thinking in the society.

    Fourth, reviewing the Islamic criminal jurisprudence has become a must, because some of the punishments commonly stated in the books of jurisprudence are based on weak traditions, such as stoning the adulterer and killing the apostate. Without a serious review of these punishments, we would always find some enthusiastic persons who hurt the image of Islam using weak juristic views, though intending the good for Islam.

    Fifth, independence of judiciary has become an urgent matter that should not be delayed. This is because legal punishments are the work of independent, impartial legitimate judiciary; politicians have nothing to do with such punishments.

    Sixth, legal punishments need to be codified through constitutional texts and laws approved by parliaments. This also should be based on legal foundation, scholarly study, and a scrutinizing review of the rich jurisprudential Islamic heritage. By doing this, we will save Islam from the political and legal chaos it is experiencing now.

    Still more about the Islamic discussions on homosexuality and punishments can be found here at Wiki-Islam

    Overall, it seems to me, that Islam accepts homosexuality to a point.
    It is punishable only if a person cannot be rehabilitated, usually the casting out of spirits. If the person is not rehabilitated then both persons in the act can be stoned, thrown from a high building or mountain cliff, or lashed in public.
    But in most cases there seems an attempt at rehabilitation.
    The most radical Islamists just take it in their own hands and toss them from a building or hang them in public.

    1. Mohammedans believe that a married man who has children cannot be homosexual, no matter what.

      And yet, the amount of homosexuals, or men who engage in homosexual activities in Islamic countries, is almost 50 %.

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