5 thoughts on “The Best Motoon Yet”

  1. “I have been made victorious with terror” when passed through the New Age wonder translator comes out as “islam is peace”, and you better believe it, or HREOC will reeducate you.

  2. I had visions of someone portraying Mohammad as “Hanky the Christmas Poo”! Instead of “Hanky wearing a Santa hat instead wearing a “Mo Turban” and having a beard.
    I should have attempted to draw it myself I guess.

  3. “Torture him/her until you extract what he/she has”.

    This is how it all works. They (Muslim criminals) torture and threaten their victim until they have the last drop of their blood – money, property, motor vehicles. No stone is unturned even selling or pawning our own personal jewelry. This is happening in Australia right now. Everyone and in particular, our politicians and police will not hear of it. They (politicians) allow them flourish in our land. Leaving we, the victims to cope alone. Some I know have suicided. You cant blame them. Everything they have worked for all of their lives has been beaten and bashed out of them. They face a future of not being believed by the people who should care for us, and a future in poverty. Their families not receiving what lawfully belongs to them. Their inheritance.

    These criminals are laughing all the way to the bank or poker machines or the call girls they visit frequently. The broken people laying in their wake. They don’t care.

    They (M) will take out an AVO against their victim, then tell them to meet them in a very public place, with their cronies, and they have you on toast once again. Afraid to go and afraid of what will happen to their family if they don’t. The time for ignoring this threat is past.

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