The Compassion Racket: Who Will Save Us From These Saviours?

BLiar: We’re only in it for the money!

Andrew Bolt

A lucrative faith

That’s enough to make me believe in catastrophic man-made warming, too:

Tony Blair is set to earn millions of pounds advising an American businessman on how to make money from tackling climate change.

The former prime minister will be paid at least £700,000 a year to act as a “strategic adviser” to Khosla Ventures, a venture capitalist firm founded by Indian billionaire Vinod Khosla.

But if you really think mankind faces doom from its gases, why would you insist on being paid millions for the secrets to saving ourselves?


Tim Blair

Deep thinking from Jeremy Irons:

The world is becoming so overpopulated that nature will one day wreak its revenge, claims Jeremy Irons, the actor.

We all have to grow vegetables, light candles, live in smaller houses and ride bicycles….

‘We must live more sustainably’ says Jeremy ‘Seven Homes’ Irons

Irons, who owns seven houses, including a pink castle

According to Irons, his wife is “deeply socialist”. But of course.

The Temple of the Goracle

“I need another billion to save the world…”

“Sir” Bob Geldof, professional beggar

Geldof, little black kidz….

He just  flew into Melbourne to give his usual speech about helping the needy, which in his case apparently includes former Boomtown Rats stars.   Column – The wrong kind of hypocrites

Australians pay for KRudd propaganda


‘It is bewildering that voters – and a  complicit media – allow politicians to get away with this sort of stuff.’

KRudds “Compassionate”  Open Borders Policy is a Killer

Andrew Bolt

SENIOR government officials have privately conceded that a refugee boat that disappeared late last year en route to Australia probably sank, resulting in the loss of more than 100 men, women and children.

1) There was first in the 1970’s the global cooling scam (see e.g. Newsweek April 28 1975 on the Internet); the government-paid scientists (90% of them are rejects of private enterprise) recommended to fight the new ice age by sending our war planes to cover the polar ice with soot in order to increase solar heat and so prevent crushing of New York skyscrapers by the new glaciers;
2) When that did not work we had the global warming hoax in the 1990’s, proclaimed by mainly the same government-paid scientists (Dr. Hansen of the NOAA, for example); to prevent the massive heating, fires, flooding of coastal cities, disappearance of Florida, California, and Caribbean islands, massive hurricanes, global famine, and other catastrophic events we should nationalize oil and gas and coal and electricity companies;
3) after 11 years of considerable cooling we are now faced with the climate change flimflam where whatever happens with our climate we should nationalize oil and gas and coal and electricity companies; and why not our banks, car and insurance companies while we are at it. To prevent this catastrophe the best vehicle presumably is international agreements enforced by the United Nations world government.
As for the influence of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas: on a normal day the atmosphere contains 20,000 ppm (parts per million) of water vapor and about 300 ppm of carbon dioxide. The government-paid scientists say that an increase of 100 ppm of CO2 over the next 50 years
This conspiracy against freedom started 40 years ago:
1) There was first the global cooling scam in the 1970’s; when that did not work the government-paid drones came up with the
2) Global warming hoax in the 1990’s; after 15 years of cooling they advanced the
3) Climate change flimflam in the 2000’s, where whatever happens they will nationalize all industries; and now we have
4)Cap & trade power grab,
whereby to save the planet we must nationalize automobile industry, banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, hospitals and doctor offices, oil & gas companies, coal mines, electricity companies…
This communist program is well under way here, under the leadership of Abu Hussein al-Nairobi, our Community Organizer-in-Chief.
See Internet for “Global Warming Petition” to read the names of 31,478 independent US scientists saying NO to man-caused global warming,

We must be living in the end times because I’ve never witnessed such widespread stupidity, greed and hubris. If anyone believes Tony Blair is a climate expert — and that he should be paid a fee for his “expertise” — I’m getting ready for the Rapture.

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  1. The Goracle Fraud:
    Re “There’s Al Gore, the global warming billionaire, who says we must save the world by leaving a smaller footprint, yet has just bought his fourth big house”

    Speaking of Al Gore…
    I discovered a treasure trove of his lies that I was previously unaware:

    FICTION: Al Gore said his father, a senator, was a champion of civil rights during the 1960’s.
    FACT: Gore’s father voted against the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and was a racist who was fond of using the “N—-” word.

    FICTION: Al Gore said that his sister was the very first person to join the Peace Corps.
    FACT: By the time Gore’s sister joined the Peace Corps, there were already over 100 members.

    FICTION: The same sister died of lung cancer years later and Gore vowed to never accept tobacco money as campaign contributions.
    FACT: Just four years later, while campaigning for office, Gore spoke to the tobacco industry and said he was one of them because “I’ve planted it, raised it, cut it, and dried it.” He raised over $100,000 in “reported” Big Tobacco contributions.

    FICTION: Gore claims an extensive knowledge of law as a result of his extensive study at law school.
    FACT: Al Gore dropped out of law school.

    FICTION: Gore claimed that his knowledge of God and spirituality came to complete fruition while “finishing” divinity school.
    FACT: Al Gore dropped out of divinity school.

    FICTION: Al Gore claimed responsibility for inventing the Internet in the 1990’s.
    FACT: Shocked scientists were quick to speak out, explaining that the Internet had been in widespread use by government and educational institutions since the early 1970’s.

    FICTION: Al Gore claimed the book “Love Story” was based on his life and Tipper’s.
    FACT: Author Erich Segal called a press conference to deny his claim.

    FICTION: Al Gore said he built his Tennessee home with his bare hands.
    FACT: Totally untrue!
    FICTION: Gore claimed that as a reporter for a Nashville newspaper, his stories led to the arrests of numerous corrupt criminals.
    FACT: He later apologized for his claim and actually said it was untrue (Also known as lying).

    FICTION: Al Gore remembers his mother lulling him to sleep as a baby by singing the popular ditty, “Wear The Union Label”.
    FACT: The popular ditty was created by the unions when Gore was 27 years old.
    “FICTION: Al Gore remembers his mother lulling him to sleep as a baby by singing the popular ditty, “Wear The Union Label”.
    FACT: The popular ditty was created by the unions when Gore was 27 years old. “
    Spencer, the fact that he was 27, might not have stopped his mother. Maybe he’s just a big sook(as well as a bare-faced liar)
    One more fact re Gore, perhaps the most evil of all:

    Gore’s father was made a director of the gigantic Occidental Oil Co by Communist spy billionaire Armand Hammer who counted Stalin & Kruschev as allies. All Communist ‘leaders’ have acquired phenomenal personal wealth at the expense of millions of corpses.

    Gore Snr had Gore Jnr ‘schooled’ personall by Armand Hammer in the uses of Socialism in order to maximise personal wealth and power.
    “You’ve heard it said a million times. (1) Gore claimed that he and his wife inspired Love Story. (2) Author Erich Segal contradicted what he said.

    Unfortunately, this two-part tale is flatly wrong, on the record—both parts of the story are demonstrably wrong, and have been, on the record, for years.”

    Geldof & Bono:

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