The Jihad Against Cyprus

Same BS, same game plan: the Muslim Turks want it all. The  dhimmi-Greeks think they can reason with them, but they are in the same boat with Israel and many other countries that have been invaded by the Islamic scourge…..

Greek leader refuses “two peoples” proposal in Cyprus talks

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Christofias said the “two peoples and two states” thesis of the Turkish Cypriot side was unacceptable.

Greek Cypriot Leader Demetris Christofias said the “two peoples and two states” thesis of the Turkish Cypriot side was unacceptable calling on Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Dervis Eroglu to give it up.

Christofias delivered a speech Friday in Lefkosa, during his meeting with the new British High Commissioner to the Republic of Cyprus John Christopher William Kidd.

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He said the settlement talks would proceed as they agreed with former Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat, on the basis of a bizonal and bi communal federation with political equality, single sovereignty, and single foreign representation as laid down by UN Security Council resolutions.

Christofias said though they recorded relative progress in some of the crucial issues in talks with Talat, no major progress took place, accusing his former counterpart of lacking flexibility and autonomy.

Christofias urged the new Turkish Cypriot President Eroglu to give up on the two peoples and two states thesis under a loose confederation. He argued that Eroglu won the elections with votes of Turkish Cypriot citizens who migrated from Turkey.


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  1. After more than 30 years of occupation, Turkey is only to ready to talk for only one reason, they have achieved their demographic objectives. Not only did they manage to chase out most of the Greeks while the Turks in Cyprus have been breeding like rabbits, they have imported a hundred thousand Anatolian peasants into the north with only one directive: be fruitful and multiply. Just as Lebanon, once a peaceful prosperous majority Christian country had their Christians hounded out whilst the Muslims bred themselves a majority.

  2. This is what to expect to happen in most European Countries, where Muslims are “multiplying” like rabbit. Already now, in some towns, Muslims are taking over…. Poor Europe….

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