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…but sometimes he’ll still eat you first. While the initial US reports on the Times Square car bomb concentrated on the by now traditional denials that this was anything to do with terrorism and, even if it was, it was “amateurish”, the Telegraph in Britain was the first to note the parking space:

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“Person of interest” in Times Square bomb plot had just returned after spending 5 months in Pakistan

“Another clue in the investigation is a video posted online early Sunday morning by persons in Connecticut.” More on this story. “Authorities Have Identified Person of Interest in Times Square Bomb Attempt,” by Richard Esposito, Pierre Thomas, and Brian Ross for ABC News/JW

Meanwhile, Pakistan is lashing out at USA for ‘discrimination’ (no kidding):

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday stressed that United States must end “discriminatory behavior”  towards Pakistan and provide civil nuclear technology to overcome acute energy shortage in the country. DAWN has more>>

Just when the jizya ran out:

ISLAMABAD: The US completed a transfer of $656 million to the Government of Pakistan today for some of the costs incurred while conducting counterinsurgency operations against militants in 2009. Dawn has more>>

Pakistani Muslim Shahzad Faisal arrested in NYC car bomb case

Just as he was about to leave the country. “NBC: Suspect arrested in NYC bomb attempt: Man is a Connecticut resident who bought the SUV at center of probe,” from MSNBC, May 4 (thanks to JW):

And investigators had not ruled out a range of possible motives….

Yeah, his motive is a real puzzler.

Police State

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Well, what else would you call a country where the cops threaten a man with arrest for putting an election sign saying “GET THE LOT OUT” in his window, and charge a Christian with “hooliganism” after he was overheard saying that he believed homosexuality was a sin?

Why the British put up with their capriciously thuggish inept constabulary is a mystery. But certainly a land where displaying the colors of the Union Jack counts as “racist” and expressing what remains the Church of England’s official position on homosexuality gets you fingerprinted and locked up is not one that has any meaningful commitment to freedom of expression. The current election feels like a theatrical pseudo-campaign played out in the ruins of a civilization.

Nanni State

Tim Blair

Rod Liddle on the case of the stolen sandwich:

Cheesed off ?  CHILD UNCHEESED

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  1. Every violent activity which is taking place around the world is being conducted by terrorists belonging to particular countries. You would think that Governments of Western countries would shut their doors to these cold hearted bloody minded killers. Not so, our dip stick politicians seek only to please and flatter their own egos by putting us, the public at risk from these murderous bastards. Australia should look very seriously at Pakistani muslims, (including the young rapist who is about to be released from jail on parole) at deporting the entire lot which will save us a lot of grief down the line.

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