Total Recall

Islam Scholars Call for Exodus

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Because they will soon no longer have the “freedom” to veil themselves in the land of the infidels, the devout are to leave the land of infidels. Such was the counsel of Sheikh Abdurrahman, preacher in the Al-Diraa mosque in the Saudi city of Riyad. This order gets our unlimited support!

Even though this full-body mummification — as we already sense — has nothing to do with Islam, the ban prevents the devout Muslima from her free practice of religion. Is this understood so far? Die WELT reports:

Islamic preachers in the conservative Arab states present little sympathy for the planned burka bans in France and Belgium. For most of them, the ban of total body covering is an expression of intolerance against Muslims. A preacher from Saudi Arabia even called for the Muslims in Belgium to exit the country.

Wishful thinking. I’m afraid no one will heed the call…..

Sheikh Abdurrahman, who preaches at the Al-Diraa mosque in the downtown of the Saudi capital Riyad, said: “If a Muslim cannot protect his religion, then he is to emigrate. For the country of God is great.” The Saudi preacher declared later: “If the Muslims living there are not allowed to spread the message of their faith, then they should leave the country of the infidel.”

The preacher of the Al-Sinidar mosque in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, Chalid Bahischwan showed astonishment over “these campaigns by France and Belgium targeted against the Islamic appearance.”

For after all, so few Muslims reside in Europe that the majority of this miniority might feel overwhelmingly threatened. He stressed at the same time, however, that the veiling of the face is not a religious duty — in contrast to the wearing of the head scarf.

How it could encroach upon the “free” rights of Muslim women while at the same time have nothing to do with the Quran remains unclear.

Mohammed Abdulkawi, who preaches in the Al-Mustafa mosque in the northern Iraqi Kurdish city Erbil said it is wrong that countries such as France and Belgium, who normally regard the free rights of their citizens very highly, have decided not to grant this freedom to Muslim women. “The European women clothe themselves as uncovered as they please, why shouldn’t we be able to do what we want?”, he concluded.

And again, things are becoming more strongly Orwellian: Freedom of a cage…one only needs to make the first step!

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  1. Orwell was right but he was just a little premature in dating his book.
    Animal Farm reminds me a lot of the Islamic future of mankind.
    1985 is not what I think about when I picture an Islamic Caliphate.
    Animal Farm, when, ironically, it is the pigs that take over the barnyard and rule like Nazis…a totalitarian dream for Islamists ruling over the infidels, slapping us around the street until we pay the jizya,
    hanging non-believers and homosexuals, stoning women who have been raped by their guardsmen…
    Now that is more like it.
    Animal Farm is the book to read.

  2. I get a sneaking suspicion that this Total Recall of all Islamic people back to their countries of origin has more to do with a holocaust than anything else.
    They want to get the Islamic people out before “the big ones” hit, whether they are chemical or nuclear in nature.
    Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are up to something very sinister, I’m afraid.
    Watch for it this summer premiering in Israel and spreading to Europe and the U.S. via tanker ship.
    China and N. Korea, in my view, have sold them the weapons they need for a speedy destruction that will culminate in the year 2012.
    Ahmadinejad has his sights on that year as the year the world comes to an end. I’m certain of this.

  3. * Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are up to something very sinister, I’m afraid.

    Nothing that has not been anticipated by the Prophets (not the false prophet). Syria, Iran and their allies won’t be around for much longer.

  4. Its hardly likely to happen,no muslim would willingly put themselves beyond the reach of the benefit system.If they were devout in the first place they would abide by the koran and refuse to accept help from non muslims.It appears that adherence to the koran disappears at the benefit office doors,which is something our political classes should take note of and respect islam by refusing welfare benefits to allah howlers .That would cause the rapid decline of islam in the west,but while mask wearers can defraud the system by claiming twice or more they are never going to leave or give up wearing masks

  5. Quran 2:222 Stay away from menstruating women


    Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 6, Number 298 “… he [Muh.] used to order me to put on an Izar (dress worn below the waist) and used TO FONDLE ME. … while I used TO BE IN MY PERIODS (menses).

  6. Cover women heads, Quran 24:31!

    AWRAH, which is called the vagina … the whole body of Muslim woman is a Huge Vagina!

    fatwa No. 11059 “… to draw their veils all over Juyoobihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms) [al-Noor24:31] …” 109 KB

    Tafsir on Quran 24:31 “… and let them draw their veils over their bosoms, that is, let them cover up their heads, necks and chests with veils, …” 141 KB

  7. al -kidya says …………..
    They want to get the Islamic people out before “the big ones” hit, whether they are chemical or nuclear in nature.

    They’re going to attack us anyway so it would be better if they didn’t actually attack us from inside our countries .
    But they won’t go anyway – as another commenter says – they’ll stay for the benefits here –
    then they’ll try to destroy us – which would leave them without any benefits because they wouldn’t know how to run the place and create the necessary wealth to provide benefits .

  8. Al-Kidya,
    I agree – the signs are there that these muslim scum are planning something nasty. If and when that happens every muslim will be terminated – without question – without fear and without remorse.

  9. The “something nasty” is the destruction of Israel. The outcome will be somewhat different from what allah and its followers expect.

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