U.S. Government protects Islam, rejects trademark


Political correctness ‘is everywhere, folks, in every aspect of our lives’

By Bob Unruh/ WorldNetDaily

A federal agency has rejected a request for a trademark by the organization “Stop Islamization of America” because its name may “disparage” Muslims.

The group launched by Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has drawn national attention for its bus-sign campaign offering support for Muslims who want to leave Islam. SIOA currently is organizing opposition to plans for an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero in New York City.

Now the group reports the U.S. government has refused its request for a trademark designation for its name.

The government response, posted on the site, states, “The applied-for mark refers to Muslims in a disparaging manner because by definition it implies that conversion or conformity to Islam is something that needs to be stopped or caused to cease.

“The proposed mark further disparages Muslims because, taking into account the nature of the services (‘providing information regarding understanding and preventing terrorism’), it implies that Islam is associated with violence and threats,” the government agency said.

“The trademark examining attorney refers to the excerpted articles from the LEXISNEXIS® computerized database referencing how many Muslims view terrorists as illegitimate adherents of Islam. … Therefore, the suggestion that Islam equates terrorism would be disparaging to a substantial group of Muslims,” it said.

Geller commented in a report on the group’s site


“It is everywhere, folks, in every aspect of our lives from the big stuff (Major Hasan cover-up) to the minutia (trademark registration),” she said. “Take a look at this. Robert and I registered the name Stop Islamization of American for trademark. It was refused.” 

A link to a 20-page summary from the government’s office of trademark applications listed definitions for Islam and terror.

“Accordingly, the applied-for mark is refused under Section 2(a) because it consists of matter which may disparage or bring into contempt or disrepute Muslims and the Islamic religion,” the government report said.

A participant in the website’s forum page weighed in.

“‘It implies that Islam is associated with violence and threats.’ IMPLIES?? … It is associated with violence and threats,” “Islam is a terror group as defined by their own Quran [a]nd imams.”

Added another, “Welcome to the Shariah States of America.”

Said a third, “If people only knew the truth, Islam would not be allowed to exist in the USA or any other country. Franklin Graham was right in saying, ‘Islam is evil.'”

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  1. U.S. Government protects Islam, rejects trademark
    by sheikyermami on May 15, 2010

    Political correctness ‘is everywhere, folks, in every aspect of our lives’
    By Bob Unruh/ WorldNetDaily

    “…Now the group reports the U.S. government has refused its request for a trademark designation for its name….”


  2. * implies that Islam is associated with violence and threats

    Truth in advertising, going by the words of allah in the koran.

  3. OT, but related: Slave of allah [moloch?] sentenced for stabbing wife, drinking her blood, and eating her…


    [A QUEENS man was sentenced today to 15-years-to-life for killing his wife by stabbing her more than 250 times and then allegedly eating her lungs and drinking her blood, all in front of their four-year-old daughter.

    Mohammad Solaiman was sentenced today for the gruesome murder of his wife Shahida Sultanna in their Jamaica, Queens, New York home in December 2007.]

  4. So Mohammed was following mohammed – nothing new – very sad for the little girl who will never forget what the muslim male did to her mother, and very sad for the mother.

  5. Kaw
    Your sympathies do you credit and show your humanity,but dare I suggest that they are wasted on muslims.The victim in this case is still a member of a terrorist organisation that has threatened to kill you,the little girl will no doubt grow up to be a terrorist and produce more terrorists hell bent on killing you.
    Take my advice mate and save your sympathies for the victims of islam rather than the practitioners of the murderous ideology called islam

  6. infidel john

    Hard though your advice is to Kaw, you are right. Let us save our sympathies for the victims of Islam, rather then the practitoners of that blood stained ideology.

  7. DP111
    already posted on that,I thought it was hilarious that an importer of muslim terrorists got his come uppance


    What kind of wine has Mikey Weinstein been drinking?
    As an anti-Christian Jewish supremacist and as the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, he’s doing all he can to create an anti-Jewish backlash and help bring about the predicted endtime Holocaust of Jews that’ll be worse than Hitler’s.
    Neither Falwell, Hagee nor any other Christian initiated this prediction. But Weinstein’s ancient Hebrew prophets did.
    In the 13th and 14th chapters of his Old Testament book, Zechariah predicted that after Israel’s rebirth ALL nations will eventually be against Israel and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed!
    Malachi revealed the reasons: “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this.”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the hate-filled back-stabbing by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher etc.) against followers of Jesus such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.
    Weinstein wouldn’t dare assert that citizens on government property don’t have freedom of speech or press freedom or freedom to assemble or to petition the government.
    But God-hater Weinstein maliciously wants to eliminate from government property the “free exercise” of religion – especially by evangelicals – a freedom found in the same First Amendment. Significantly, this freedom was purposely listed FIRST by America’s founders!
    And Weinstein wouldn’t try to foist “separation of church and state” on strongly-Jewish Israel, but he does try to foist this non-Constitution-mentioned phrase on strongly-Christian America.
    In light of Weinstein’s Jewish protectionism and violently anti-Christian obsession, Christians in these endtimes should be reminded of Jesus’ warning in Mark 13:9 (see also Luke 21:12) that “in the synagogues ye shall be beaten.”
    Maybe it’s time for some modern Paul Reveres to saddle up and shout “The Yiddish are Coming!”

    PS – Some, like Weinstein, are so treacherously anti-Christian they will even join hands at times with enemies, including Muslims, in order to silence evangelicals. It was Weinstein, BTW, who put pressure on the Pentagon to dis-invite Franklin Graham from speaking there on the National Day of Prayer!
    PPS – Weinstein is an echo of the anti-Christian, anti-American Hollywood which for a century has dangled every known vice before young people. We seriously wonder how soon the lethal worldwide “flood of filth” (global harming!) that Hollywood has created will engulf and destroy itself and help to bring to power the endtime Antichrist (a.k.a. the Man of Sin and the Wicked One)!

  9. This is a blatant attempt by the U.S. govt. to trump the First Amendment under guise of its power to regulate interstate commerce, and should be fought to the U.S. Supreme Court. The real question is whether Pres. Obama is behind this personally, or it is only some bureaucrats. It still must be held against him, he’s in the buck stops here seat.


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