UK: Another Kafir Killer Gets Discount

‘Giggling’ hit-and-run driver who killed father-of-three is jailed for  (only) four years

A road menace was seen laughing and giggling just moments after he killed a doting father while showing off in a high performance car.

Zaffer Kurshid, 21, had just passed his driving test and was in his brother’s powerful Volvo S60 car when he ploughed into Robert Allen at 70mph in a 30mph zone.

The 36-year-old was chasing his dog who had run into a road when Kurshid roared into him at 70mph, catapulting the father-of-one 40 yards into the air.

As the victim lay dying, Kurshid, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, sped off with rap music blaring from the stereo and dumped the 155mph car.

A witness who saw Kurshid and his girlfriend, who was in the car at the time of the accident, leaving the vehicle claimed they were ‘laughing and giggling and looked like they had been drinking’.

At Bolton Crown Court Kurshid admitted causing death by dangerous driving and was today jailed for four years. Daily Mail has full story>>

“Lord Ahmed” sends his regards:

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