UK: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind

The more dangerous he is, the more chance he can stay

Al BeBeeCeera

The alleged leader of an al-Qaeda plot to bomb targets in north-west England has won his appeal against deportation.

Abid Naseer says he’ll be in danger if returned to Pakistan. Britons are in danger if he isn’t.

So who gets to win in the British courts?

UK: Al-Qaeda operatives want to kill us, but we must protect them

MI5 alleged Abid Naseer wrote coded e-mails to an al-Qaeda member

A special immigration court said Abid Naseer was an al-Qaeda operative – but could not be deported because he faced torture or death back home in Pakistan. Read it all

Islamic Relief USA Encourages Americans to Give More During Recession

Muslim charity says charitable giving is ‘the best investment you can ever make’

Inspired by Islam’s values on charitable giving and community development, IR USA is a relief organization dedicated to alleviating poverty through disaster relief and development projects in the U.S. and globally for communities regardless of color, race, religion, or creed. (You wish!/ed)

Austria: Gay Soccer Player Deported

Austria Criticized for Forcibly Deporting Gay Nigerian Soccer Player

An openly gay Nigerian soccer player named Cletus B. was deported from Austria despite harsh laws in his home country that would subject him to the death penalty for his sexual orientation.

According to a May 11 report atLGBT Asylum News, Cletus B., 21, had arrived in Austria at the age of 15 from a village in Nigeria where Islamic Sharia law is in effect. Under Sharia law, gays can be stoned to death. Despite Cletus B. having told the Austrian government of his sexuality, and disclosing that “his whole village” knew of his homosexuality, the Austrian government deported him. The Edge has more/I have a hunch he will be back…

Italy: Driver arrested after 21 Afghans found in his truck

Venezia, 17 May (AKI) – Border police in the northeastern city of Venice have arrested a Greek lorry driver after 21 illegal immigrants believed to be Afghans were found hidden inside his truck. The migrants were discovered with the help of finance police and customs officials when the truck disembarked from a ferry from the coastal city of Patras in Greece. AKI has more

Mohammed gets his mosque, happy! (for now!)

“We are very glad for the number of residents who came up in support,” said Mohammad Hamad, a local engineer and founding member of the Islamic Society, who serves as the mosque’s imam, or religious leader.

The mosque is expected to draw about 100 Muslim families, many of them Bosnian refugees, from the surrounding area, according to Hamad. Many now travel to Milwaukee or Appleton for services. Sheboygan County town OKs mosque

2 thoughts on “UK: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind”

  1. The dumbo UK Judges have decided PAKISTAN is such a vile evil country that it cannot be trusted not to TORTURE its OWN Citizens. Why then is Pakistan still tolerated in the Commonwealth and what are UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India etc doing about it. I mean either the Judges are CORRECT and therefore Pakistan must be expelled from the Commonwealth forthwith or the Judges are WRONG and the Terrorist SCUM should be deported. But for the life of me I cant see how the dumb moonbat Judges can put a NON BRITISH admitted TERRORISTS ‘Yuman Rites’ above the Human Rights of BRITISH CITIZENS not to be TERRORISED. It is just beyond comprehension for a reasoning man. NON BRITISH Terrorist SCUM are obviously far more important to moonbats than the safety of UK Citizens.

  2. The foundation of democracy has been undermined by an un elected ivory towered sinecurist who arrogated unto himself the right to deny a democratically elected governments right and duty to protect its citizens.
    It is the first duty of any democratically elected government to protect its citizens,so what part of first does justice mitting not understand.The duty to protect must precede “the terrorist rights act”or the whole edifice of democracy will fall.
    One simple solution would be for the govt to admit that we are at war,then any agent of the enemy power found in this country in mufti can be legally executed ( see the geneva convention)

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