UK: Plans for $27 million mega-mosque scrapped

This is where the EDL has been camped out on the roof, protesting the building of this huge mosque. The sheer size of this projected mosque was a supremacist declaration in itself; combine that with the martial uses to which so many mosques have been put in recent years, and there was every reason to protest. “Dudley mosque plan is scrapped,” by Heather Loat in the Express & Star, May 3 (thanks to JW)

Plans to build an £18million mosque in Dudley town centre have been scrapped, the Express & Star can reveal today.

The scheme to build a mosque with 65ft minaret on derelict land in Hall Street attracted huge protests, but has now been ditched by the Dudley Muslim Association.

Deputy council leader, Les Jones, told the Express & Star today the DMA had agreed instead to redevelop the existing mosque in Castle Hill, after months of delicate negotiations.

The proposal has been dogged by controversy from day one and two petitions of more than 50,000 signatures were gathered in opposition.

People objected saying the mosque would dominate the skyline and be out of keeping with the town’s medieval character. They also objected to the mosque being built on land designated for employment use.

Despite Dudley Council throwing out the application in 2007 it was granted at an appeal the following year by a government inspector.

In 2009 the council launched a High Court bid against the inspector’s decision but the judge upheld the ruling, granting outline planning permission….

Today’s announcement comes as a handful of anti-mosque campaigners scaled the walls of the derelict factory in Hall Street for a rooftop protest….

18 thoughts on “UK: Plans for $27 million mega-mosque scrapped”

  1. Hi Sheik thanks for the message this is what I was trying to post on the other Mosque thread.
    Its not just in Kaffir lands that this is happening .I have just completed,last week, a 1000 Km journey down Java from Jakarta to Bali and until we hit Bali we passed Mosque after Mosque being built, being renovated or being expanded. THOUSANDS of them and each one with its road block blaring music(is that Islamic) and collecting money.
    Indonesia like the rest of the Islamic world is undergoing a surge of confidence and expansion. After all they have one of THEIR OWN in the White House and no Muslim will say he isn’t. They are emboldened by he fact that the the West is run by and hamstrung by Antisemitic, anticapitalist,self hating ,Politically Correct. Multi Culti, Yuman Rites spouting Islamophilic moonbats who are so STUPID that they cant or rather WONT admit what it is they are up against.

  2. Just as an added piece of information while in Java I stayed in a Kampung just outside Jakarta and EVERY morning I was awoken at about 4am by a wailing full volume cacophony of dozens and dozens of Mosques RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER calling Muslims to prayer. It seems that almost EVERYONE wants their OWN Mosque almost dividing down to every extended family group. There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of them polluting the air and your eardrums with their full volume wailing five times a day.

  3. Realist, did you take any pictures?

    Would be nice if could post them all, just to show our readers how mad the whole thing has got.

    Dhumme, you ain’t seen nothing yet! This is only the beginning….

  4. The best news I read in a long time – more please of the same. The only thing I personally want to dominate our landscape are our beautiful Norman and Saxon churches. Alleleluyah!

  5. Islam takes the long view. they have decided that the mosque was causing too much fuss, particularly with a pending general election.

    They will be back in a year or so, with the same plans.

  6. I agree with DP111. This a tactical retreat. Any celebration over this news is premature. The slaves of Allah will be back. They must have a hefty war chest if they can afford to splash out tens of millions to build their invasion base. The two important questions left unanswered are who still owns the site and what does the owner intend to do with it?

  7. The above suspicions may well be valid, but I think its important to take every victory we can get.

  8. I am so proud of our British friends and allies. I thought they were lost. but it appears that they are not.

  9. Abu Abdullah and DP111 are correct – the muslim parasites will be back – people should watch very carefully the site ownership and also who stacks the local council after the election.

  10. From the EDL site:


    Gangs of Muslims are roaming the streets with knives. We have had a lot of feedback from supporters in Dudley, and all are saying the same things, the police are letting this happen. Muslims are being allowed to walk around unchallenged with weapons. Knives, bricks, you name it. What is going on in this Country? There are hundreds of police there, but none seem to be doing anything about them. I will take this back if there are reports that hundreds of Muslims have been arrested for carrying weapons tomorrow, but i wont be holding my breath.

    The above was from first hand reports, people who were in the area. Police are reporting NO arrests so far. EDL members are en route to the area, newspaper reports are suggesting that plans for the Mosque have been scrapped today, but i have never known decisions like that to be made on a bank holiday Monday, so will be taking that with a pinch of salt. If it is true, then it seems that mass protests are the only means of communication our MP’s will listen to these days.]

  11. Are the police listening!! Get of your lazy PC backsides and protect the public, you worthless scum.

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