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From the MEMRI desk:

U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights

Atlas Shrugs

Only in an Obama world could the country that stones, hangs, rapes to death, and shrouds their women be named to the Commission on Women’s Rights.

That collective negation of humanity, the OIC-driven United Nations, continues to shock decent people with their savagery and barbarism. This cesspool of hate, subjugation, oppression, and corruption dictates to the world with the tacit approval of the infiltrator in the White House.

No decent American should sanction our membership in this slaughterhouse. As the leader of the free world (despite Obama’s dismantling), we should pick up our marbles, zip up our wallets and go home. But we have no virtue, no goodness. To distinguish between good and evil is an affront to the wicked. And it is the wicked we have chosen to serve.

The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it. - Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand.

EXCLUSIVE: U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights FOX news

Who needs women’s rights when you already got the Koran?

Mali: Imam living in fear after backing women’s rights bill

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  1. Please write to your politicians re. UN. The UN serve no purpose and we are simply funding the OIC and its crazed grab at global power.

  2. That does it!

    Now the rest of the world MUST NOW SEE HOW BAD the U.N. is!

    For GOD’s sake!


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