4 thoughts on “"Unfair…"”

  1. The virgins and nubile young boys are waiting with great anxiety for their HERO. He must be despatched fast to the Hereafter by the Indian Hangman before some other Jihadi takes his place and captures the best of tye virgins. Hopefully there may not be shortage of virgins as the spate of blowing themselves up along with their countrymen and women has taken a dive in numbers of late. All sai and domne, what the Jihadis are doing to their own countrymen is good for the world overall.

    The Indians are not normally swift in despatching one to the Rope of Justice. They will think and think abouut further actions by Jihadis from Pakistan on India or on Indian nationals overseas. In the process, years will pass and more Taj like Hotels will be blown up because the enemy can always ‘smell’ your weakness. This time India should exhibit more courage to rid the Earth of vermins.

  2. WHAT THE HELL !!!!! first Pakistan said this guy is not from Pakistan and now it is an “UNFAIR DEATH SENTENCE” really there you can how the Muzzie’s are two tongs , they leached me once NEVER TRUST A MUSSIE EVEN HE DIED 75 YEARS ALREADY

  3. WHAT THE HELL !! Fist pakistan said , that this guy is NOT from Pakistan .. and now , “IT IS AN UNFAIR SENTENCE ” really there you can see how the mussie’s are .. They have two tongs .
    Once in In Israel they Teached me

  4. The punishment can never fit the crime. This case was horrendous and the survivors will suffer for years to come as well as the families of those who died. These criminals had no compassion for their victims as they cold bloodedly stalked them for hours while awaiting their death. They were following orders on their mobile phones. Not only this killer must go straight to paradise, but Pakistan should be paying compensation to the families of those murdered. I don’t think Pakistan cares, they are mainly Muslim with no feelings at all for what has happened. We can never deal with any nation who has no intention of seeking anything except the total obliteration of the rest of the world who are not Islam.

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