Waging jihad for the sake of Allah

Weasel Zippers presents: Islamophobia!

More disillusioned Muslims upset over the economy and loss of the American-dream:

FBI Conducting Raids in Connection With Times Square Bomb Plot in Boston Area . . . (Update) Three Pakistani Men Arrested . . .

Update from JW:

Times Square jihad plot: Arrests in Maine, on Long Island as Shahzad reportedly naming names

More on this story. “Follow the Money! Several FBI Arrests in Times Square Case,” by Richard Esposito and Brian Ross for ABC News,

Jihad must be a Paki thing then, or is it?

More Islam needed:

Dr Tahirul Qadri has said that showing the true face of Islam to the world is the greatest Jihad in an age when Islam is being discredited and its teachings brought into disrepute.

Russia knows how to get respect from Islamic terrorists:

“To our great regret, we did not manage to seize them alive,” Russian channels showed Bortnikov reporting to President Dmitry Medvedev. “They put on stiff armed resistance and we smoked ’em.”  (well, they didn’t actually say that. They said ‘we put them back in their boats’- which is the understatement of the day….) Y-net news

Investigation Finds 7 Out of 8 CAIR Complaints ‘Unsupported’…

St. Cloud, Minn. — The St. Cloud school district has found that most of the student harassment complaints filed by a Muslim civil rights group are not valid. (Mohammedan grievance theater is part of jihad) H/T RoP

Italy: 2 deported Moroccans were plotting to assassinate Pope

“Hlal wanted to kill the Vatican’s head of state (the pope), saying he was ready to assassinate him and gain his place in paradise,” in accordance with Qur’an 9:111, which promises paradise to those who “slay and are slain” waging jihad for the sake of Allah.

“Italy: Deported Moroccans ‘plotted to kill Pope’,” from AdnKronos International, May 13/JW

Canada: Over 200 under surveillance by counterterror officials

So… how many are Methodists? “200 terror suspects in Canada,” by Bryn Weese for theToronto Sun, May 12 (thanks to JW):

102 Pakistani prisoners in Thailand threaten to commit suicide

Not to worry: suicide is un-Islamic….

(Thailand/eye on the world) The one notable export from the Islamic republic of Pakistan is criminals. Yes, be it honour killers, terrorists, rapists, crooks or just illegal immigrants, the one success story that Pakistan can be proud of is how so many of its citizens are locked up around the world simply for carrying out the instructions as laid down in the Koran.

Well, for 102 Pakistani prisoners locked up in Thailand getting jailed for Allah isn’t enough. No, they have demanded that they are repatriated back to the motherland in which to carry out their sentences, and if they get don’t their way then they have threatened to kill themselves. (what can we do to help them along?)

Indonesia: Terror suspects arrested in Java

The arrest followed the raid in which 5 terrorists were killed.

Jakarta, 13 May (AKI) – Three terrorism suspects were arrested in Central Java on Thursday, a day after five men were killed in a anti-terrorism offensive. “Since last night, we have arrested three terror suspects in Central Java. They didn’t retaliate and gave themselves up,” national police spokesman Zainuri Lubis told a media conference.  More..from eye on the world.

AG Holder Refuses to Say ‘Radical Islam’ Is a Cause of Terrorism Committed by Muslims

CAIR becoming increasingly unhinged, tries to smear Steve Emerson, again:

Steven Emerson Lies Again, Plays Dumb/unfortunately, the whole thing is a hateful rant. If you’re looking for substance, log on to   Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project

3 thoughts on “Waging jihad for the sake of Allah”

  1. Pakistan freaks me out. At risk is a serious nuclear arsenal. At issue: should these weapons lie in the hands of a benevolent dictator, or do they properly belong in the hands of a popular government? My Yankee nature bristles at the thought of any government that is not derived from the people. But if Pak has a true and fair election, the Islamists will take over. That will be the last true and fair election they will ever see. What a question….. does a nation have a right to vote in a regime that will strip itself of basic human rights? And in the process, grant said regime control of a broad nuclear arsenal? My Yankee nature says f**k no.

  2. These are the morons you have voted for America . JACKBOOTS on the neck of prestigious respectable companies like BP but dont mention Islam in connection with Terrorism even when Mohammedan TERRORIST Organisations ADMIT they did it. Condemd ARIZONANS as RACIST NAZI’s but praise the Times Square CITIZEN who did EXACTLY the same as ARIZONA wants them to do. And in Holders case condemn ARIZONA then ADMIT you haven’t even read the Law.

    The stall holder who as a CONCERNED CITIZEN reported a POSSIBLE LAW break in Times Square is praised and held up as an example of what CITIZENS should do.

    What a good job he did not live in ARIZONA because if he did so he would be a RACIST NAZI just PROFILING Pakistanis in a right wing dictatorial oppressive way.

    Also any one else notice that the MOHAMMEDAN PAKISTANI American CITIZEN who was arrested is NOT a WHITE Tea Party type as Obama and the DEMS, the ‘lame stream media’ and the moonbats so wished and projected him to be. But it now seems he is also NOT the LONE NUT they also so wanted him to be as FOUR more PAKISTANI’s are arrested in America which along with the 10 or more already arrested in PAKISTAN indicates that this indeed was a CONSPIRACY and a MOHAMMEDAN TERRORIST CONSPIRACY too. And why is it OK for him not to be Mirandised but good for ALL other TERRORISTS or so the increasingly deranged Holder want us believe.

    But whatever you do dont mention the ‘M’ or ‘I’ word because they wont even after a MOHAMMEDAN TERRORIST organisation ADMITTED they did it. No its all Bush’s fault or the Financial Crisis fault anything at all but Islam. Funny hey how PAKISTANIS living in their own country are so concerned over the FINANCIAL CRISIS in AMERICA or at least thats what moonbats want you to think.

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