We got mail!

The results of an Islamic education, folks. From Pakistan:


Submitted on 2010/05/16 at 10:29pm

untill the bloody freemasons, izraeli jews and the anti islamics are in this world. U allcan lick ur ass as they want u all to do. as the non muslims have no religion of their own, the oppose islam. cuz atleast v have a belief. What do u kafirs hypocrites have? even ur holy books have been changed, lying is in ur blood and to hide ur guilt u poor stinky ass holes go blamming islam. Well v dont care cuz vre not as blind as alll u anti islamic are. Hope u all rott un hell for enternity.

At least he/she knows what he hates.  Note that “zee” has a problem with ‘izraeli jews’, not simply ‘Zionists’, and forgets to mention Rotary & Lions clubs, which also “threaten Islam….”

In other news:

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  1. Zee,
    How does it feel to be a brain-dead moron – I guess you are too stupid to know.
    By the way, did you know that mohammed was a perverted child molester, rapist, and murderer – oops you are probably one as well so I guess that you are trying your best to emmulate him. Up yours muslim twat.

  2. Right in satan’s heartland – Lahore

    IP Address:
    ISP: National WiMAX/IMS environment
    Region: Lahore (PK)

  3. Islamic retard uses a typewriter(western invention) connected to a computer(western invention) to send a message via the world wide web(western invention) to show us the superiority of islam.Islamic retard,the only reason you can get to the west is because of the superiority of the west in technological innovation.I don’t think that the retards donkey would carry him all the way no matter how many times he buggered it on the way
    Retard,don’t you realise that every time you are called to the terrorist training centre (mosque) it is western technology that is being used to call you.I will not waste my time advising you to think before you act because thinking is beyond the remit of interbred retards

  4. “… even ur holy books have been changed,” When you want to level such an accusaion, be prepared to prove it.

    WHEREAS, we have AMPLE proof that your book had seven versions to it (that were supposedly handed down to your cult leader by his allah) and Othman burnt 6 of them – in essense altering the book’s content. Today, there are countless variations in the rendition of passages and verses, plus the existense of several versions of your book.

    Your foul language is enough to indict you, your book and your idol. You have nothing but murder, hate and vengence on your mind. Is this what your allah is like as well? You will die in your sins and you will stand before the Living God to give an account of your life without anyone to stand in your defense. It doesn’t have to be that way, Zee, for the Lord Jesus Christ extends his hand of reconciliation to you – if you will believe, and HE will be your defense attorney.

    1. The Quran: Less Divine Than Wrongly Translated

      For a year now in Potsdam, a comparative edition of the most important Quran manuscripts from the early centuries of Islam history is being worked on for the first time. The project is called “Corpus Coranicum” and is a pretty volatile topic because, since the Quran is considered holy, having come down from heaven, and untouchable, there still is no comprehensive text-critical edition available — in contrast to the Bible. [more]

      in recent times there have been repeated attempts to come to terms with the originality of the Quran. The Anglo-American research above all, but also some German philologists hold that the Muslim idea of the actions of Muhammad are complete fabrications — and therefore they look for other ways to research the origin of the Quran.

  5. sheik
    Don’t those German philologists also hold that the earliest surviving copies of the quran are a mixture of arabic and aramaic,which is why even arab scholars can’t understand about 20% of them.
    For example the word houri,in aramaic,is a kind of grape which was considered a delicacy.Imagine the irony,suicide bomber gets a bunch of grapes

  6. You are quite right, infidel john.

    I have collected a fair bit of data on it, one of the better articles was printed in the WSJ a while ago. Unfortunately I didn’t copy it in full, I just linked to it.

    Here’s a link to Infidel Bloggers Alliance who has most of it and some additional useful stuff in the comments relating to Christoph Luxenberg:

    As described by Hugh Fitzgerald:

    “But no one had been so systematic, and meticulous, as Christoph Luxenberg, whose recent “Syro-Aramaic Reading” of the Qur’an. (“Die syro-Aramaische Lesart von der Koran”) can truly be described as a revolutionary study of the early Qur’an. And Luxenberg’s fearless philology has been extended to the study of other writings that have hitherto been too-easily accepted as purely Islamic in nature.”

  7. Don’t muslims understand the word ‘ hypocrite ‘ ?
    How can someone be a hypocrite just because they don’t believe what you believe ?

    And why am I looking or logic in what they say ?
    I should know better .
    Maybe they’re driving me mad .

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