When Muslim Nations Make Demands, KRudd Jumps Through Hoops

Andrew Bolt

IS there anything Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will not sacrifice to his manic vanity?

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Piss off, Geldof!

Costello gives (professional beggar) Geldof some aid

Peter Costello gives Bob Geldof a lecture

DURING his recent whistle-stop tour of Australia, Bob Geldof described the treatment of Aborigines as ‘’absurd’’ and ‘’economically stupid’’.

KRudd spreads the wealth (and the asylum fraudsters) around the country:

Column – Our gatekeepers told to let ‘em in

UP to 90 asylum-seekers, mainly women and children, may be sent from a packed detention centre to a disused mining camp in remote Western Australia as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees yesterday attacked the Rudd government over a detention bottleneck.

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Take his decision this week to expel an Israeli diplomat – a reckless over-reaction that has privately outraged key figures of the Labor Right.

And see who, in capitals around the Middle East, is cheering Rudd most, having dangled before him the bribe of a vote his ego craves, but which this country cannot afford.

It is beyond serious doubt that it was Israeli spies who used forged Australian passports in Dubai in January when assassinating the leading weapons buyer of Hamas and co-founder of the terrorist group’s military arm.

That deserved our condemnation, but only on the grounds that Mossad is now so slack that its agents got caught out with our documents in their hands.

The killing itself hardly deserved comment – and certainly should not have been described by Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith as “murder”.

After all, knocking off a jihadist boss on an arms-buying mission is morally no different from what SAS soldiers do every week in Afghanistan, hunting more jihadists there. Or do our soldiers “murder”, too, Mr Smith?

The assassination was also a lot more clinical than we tend to get when an American drone drops a bomb on a group of suspected Taliban in some Pakistani village.

Still, these were Australian documents, so some level of protest was called for. But this much?

In fact, the Israeli assassins also used forged passports of France, Germany, Britain and Ireland, yet only Britain has as yet retaliated as harshly as Rudd has done now, by expelling an Israeli diplomat.

France and Germany in particular seemed content to issue the usual protests, but to then let the matter slide – perhaps because they know they, too, are endangered by the jihadist tide that threatens Israel with annihilation.

And which country, Australia included, doesn’t also have its spies using false passports? Even Smith couldn’t deny that this week.
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