BBC: Islamic Terrorists Are People Too!

Suffering Bastard

Bleeding hearts for Islamic terrorists unite: Al BeBeeCeera has job openings for you!

But first, you gotta get past Richard Watson, who  has a  real boner for Islamic headbangers:

A man judged to be a threat to national security has decided to break his strict bail conditions so he can speak out about the difficulty of his life under virtual house arrest.

He can’t be an extremist. He even wrote a will:

Hussain Saleh Hussain Alsamamara’s will reads:

“…those tyrant rulers who rule the Muslim countries and their helpers, eg the police, the intelligence etc. I pray to Allah that he would enable me to slaughter these infidels who spread corruption, immorality and ignorance of religion of Allah…”

“I would ask Allah to make my fate to be in a land of Jihad…”

“I would… say to my brothers (named) to live according to Allah’s will and join up those to sacrifice their blood for the cause of Allah and fulfil what the Prophet Mohamed had said: ‘if I want to conquer in the name of Allah, then I would fight, then conquer, fight then conquer more'”

Extremist? Nah. Just a “conservative” Muslim. Not different from those fundamentalist Christianists who terrorize people around the world….

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Karzai follows the money:

Afghanistan’s Most Corrupt Scumbag Seeks 5 Billion From Japan

Chances are he will get it…..

bin hunting

A short walk in the Hindu Kush

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: a middle-aged construction worker from Colorado was arrested in a forest in northwest Pakistan, carrying a samurai sword and a pistol, looking for Osama bin Laden.

Gary Brooks Faulkner Tried to Deliver

Call Him Crazy, but bin Laden Bounty Hunter May Have Been Close

Close to what? I think he’s lucky that bin Laden didn’t get him... NYT

On the other hand, as Debbie Schlussel notices, we barely know anything about the guy, and, already, they’re assassinating his character.

The attacks ridicule the man because he was carrying Christian literature.  Oooh, an “evil Christian.”  It rolls off the tongue with the same beauty as “evil Zionist” at a HAMAS potluck shawarmeh picnic.  And, at the same time, when Muslims planning terrorist attacks are caught with Korans (Nidal Malik Hasan, Faisal Shahzad, etc., etc. ad absurdum) , we’re told that’s irrelevant.  Christian literature = fanatic.  Koran = cool, exotic peaceful dude, so stop being a bigot.

Cultural Enrichment Report

The Truth is No Defense in Denmark

Danish MP faces charges over “anti-Muslim” comments

Austrian MP Susanne Winter not only lost immunity, she was also fined 30.000 Euro’s for calling the Islamic prophet Muhammad a pedophile (which is accurate)

Of course Jesper Langballe is already  condemned and ready for his execution; the Sydney Moonbat Herald determined that he must be  “Far Right” in the political class-war,  and anyhow,  what could be worse than such a man?  His comments break “anti racism” laws (which race is Islam again? that question is never asked) but regardless: the Islamization  must continue unhindered. Out of the way, infidel!

The Danish parliament voted on Wednesday to remove a far-right politician’s immunity from prosecution so he can face charges over anti-Muslim comments, parliamentary sources said.

Jesper Langballe, a veteran member of the Danish People’s Party (PPD), a crucial ally of the centre-right government, wrote in a newspaper column published in January that “Muslims kill their daughters (over crimes of honour) and turn a blind eye while they are raped by their uncles”.

The column, which discussed the status of women in Islam and the “Islamisation of Europe”, triggered a political storm and his comments were condemned by Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen. Read it all:   Denmark: ‘We’re anti-Islam, not anti-Muslims’

Other News from the RoP:

‘Asian’ Gang Abducts, Rapes 16-Year-Old British Girl…

Mother of Murdered Girl Thought Husband & Son Were Only Going to Break Legs…

17-Year-Old Girl Beaten by Family, in Shackles for Leaving Islam…

British Comedian Fears Joking about Islam… The Shadow of Islam Falls Over European Culture

The confession by comedian Rory Bremner that he and his colleagues are “afraid to joke about Islam” for fear of being killed, has revealed precisely how far the stifling dark shadow of Islam has already fallen over Britain and all of Europe

UK Fundamentalists Suspected of Trashing Bikini Posters…

Labour and Lib Dem MPs Want to Halt Cameras Tracking Islamist Colonisers in Birmingham Labour is really concerned about civil liberties for those who want to take them away from us:

A Labour and a Liberal Democrat MP have spoken out against anti-terrorism police plans to install cameras deigned to monitor the activities of Muslim-colonised suburbs of Birmingham on the grounds that it “infringes their civil liberties.”

New Foreign Aid Scandal: Free Books for Schools in Pakistan, but Education Cuts in Britain

In a new foreign aid scandal which has shocked even hardened observers, British taxpayers will pay for textbooks for three million Pakistani pupils and a third of a million female pupils will receive cash handouts — while the education budget in Britain is targeted by the ConDem government for millions of pounds in “savings.”

Aqsa Parvez honor killing was not really an honor killing because….

It was not about the hijab, it was not premeditated murder and it certainly had nothing to do with Islam, we all know that…. right?

As usual, the  honor killing experts from the Bunglawussi blog are prepared to go down with a belief system that cannot even face itself in a mirror:

“… it seems clear that Aqsa Parvez’s tragic death did not in fact result from “her refusal to wear the hijab”.

So why was media so intent on depicting the hijab as the main motive for Aqsa’s killing? The reason is is not hard to identify. It was an attempt to pin the blame on Islam as part of an ongoing campaign against Muslims and multiculturalism.  Click to read more …

The Toronto Star asks an “honor killing expert” from the Religion of Peace:

“For it to be an honour killing, it has to be premeditated murder,” said Amin A. Muhammad, an honour killing expert based at Memorial University. “There was no one incident here which led them to want to regain their honour. It was over a period of time, and it was also about this father losing control.” (You can always rely on  Mohammedans to tell you anything but the truth, but it is disgusting that the Toronto Star spreads their nonsensical lies  to obscure the ugly reality/ed) More>>

Pamela Geller, who has done tremendous work on this case and even organized a memorial for Aqsa (ridiculed by liberal progressives and rejected by the Muslim family klan) sets the record straight:

Aqsa Parvez Murdering Father and Brother Plead Guilty in Islamic Honor Killing

Jihad Watch cuts straight to the bone: Honor killing in Canada: Aqsa Parvez was murdered for refusing to wear the Islamic hijab — not that this has anything to do with Islam, Honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez

But hey, they really didn’t mean to kill her: mom just wanted to break arms and legs

Vlad Tepes inserts some clarity:

This is extraordinary. The Parvez family loathed the Kuffar. For Kuffar, read Canadians. The had 8 kids of which Asqa was the youngest at 16 when she was murdered. They were all born in Pakistan, and the other Parvez children are married to 1st cousins from Pakistan. Yes all 7 of them. Asqa was also set up for a forced marriage. She declined. She was killed.

All of her sisters wear the Hijab or whatever, and Asqa refused. She didn’t ‘choose’ correctly, that’s why they murdered her. Read it all

Even the moonbattish Globe & Mail -kind of- gets it, but not without the usual mental acrobatics:

For the killers of Aqsa Parvez, “culture” is no defence

Regardless, wanna bet that the RoP will give us the same song and dance on this one too?

Mother stabbed daughter in ‘honour crime’: Police