A Beheading Here, A Crucifixion There….

In Sowdi Barbaria, its business as usual:

Its their culture, you see. Its the way Allah wills it. Who are we to judge?

Saudi Arabia executed two murderers including a Yemeni whose body was nailed to a cross after he was convicted of killing a fellow countryman and his daughter, the interior ministry said on Monday. Fox News

Good news for Sowdis:

Kingdom’s gold reserves more than double/JEDDAH: A World Gold Council (WGC) report revealed Monday that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), the country’s central bank, holds more than twice the amount of gold previously estimated.

Ask a Harvard Genius: Does Sharia Law Mandate Child Rape?

Revisiting Aiisha & Muhammad:

Hamza Yusuf attempted to render this event comprehensible to Western students:

For the Muslim, obviously, it’s going to be, ‘What does the Sharia say?’ But it’s important to realize that this was a normal thing within their society….. (the rest is taqiyya)  Right Side News

UAE: Gang rape victim gets one year in prison

Its all her fault, she made ’em do it. No outrage in the West:

Islamic law requires four male Muslim witnesses who actually saw the act to establish rape or adultery. Absent those witnesses, a woman who makes such an accusation is incriminating herself — even in modern, moderate Abu Dhabi. “Woman who reported rape jailed for one year,” by Hassan Hassan, Marten Youssef and Rym Ghazal in The National, June 14 (thanks to JW)

(actually, the penalty is dead by stoning. Think any of our PC wankers would wake up to reality  if they did kill her for being raped?/ed)

Hijab Grievance Theater

A MUSLIM woman has complained after allegedly being told to remove her face veil during a job interview at a Northern Territory hospital. Herald Sun /  21 comments on this story

Never Enough Shrouds in Iran:  Islam is a Work in Progress!

Iranian police have issued warnings to 62,000 women who were “badly veiled” in the Shiite holy province of Qom as part of a crackdown on dress and behaviour.  Telegraph UK

The One about Iran: What do you call the fusion of democracy and sharia? One man, one hand.

Tit-less Mannequins: Mad Mullahs Mandate Mannequin Mastectomies

You  really couldn’t have made this one up. Apparently the Iranian Vice Police have ordered the breasts to be removed from store front dummies, during the latest crackdown on female dress ’standards’.

In reality of course, it’s just another example of the extraordinarily bizarre doctrine of Islam, which has, despite some of its supporters’ best efforts to have you believe otherwise (and those of the slick advertising agencies it employs); a dark misogyny combined with extreme sexual jealousy, where its heart should be.

It would be completely hilarious, if it weren’t so disturbing and sinister. FromIranian.com via Creeping Sharia/TROP

3 thoughts on “A Beheading Here, A Crucifixion There….”

  1. ha, ha, ha. It is a funny joke, in fact when we look at the photos above and in fact pictures of muslims in general, they look hilarious in fact when I see them prancing around my shopping centre I just laugh at them because they look ridiculous. In some islam countries women dont dress like this, and it is proof that they are trying to be rebel rousers. But, no one cares.

    We know it is only a matter of time, and we will say, Enough! I travelled on a Malaysian Airlines to Istanbul some years ago, and when the plane was out of sight of Sydney and we were up, up and away all the muslim women ditched their gear, got into jeans took their sons out of the suit and tie, and to all of our amazement the muslim women started to smoke their heads off all the way to Istanbul. I swear I am telling the truth. Not a thing was said to them. They were the kings of the world on that flight. Needless to say, I have never flown with Malaysian Airlines again and never will. When I am taking six or seven customers to Istanbul now, I don’t use this airline. So every year they lose heaps plus the others we tell this story to. At KL we were treated with contempt. So, we did not buy anything. Not even a drink. They can go to hell in their funny dress ups.

  2. There is psychological irony to this. The mad Iranian Mullahs and in general Muslims, representing the intent of Islam, are trying to crush the feminine in every possible way but they themselves are ruled by a demonic shadow feminine. Islamic culture and civilization is in self hatred of the feminine, but secretly dominated by it. It projects this hatred outward, onto infidels. If it didn’t its hatred would consume itself till nothing was left (I wish it would).

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