Afghanistan: Public Flogging for Child Bride Who Ran Away…

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“….lack of sensitivity of the people…?”


“They still think that the womens is the property of the men…”

Hmm, I wonder where they got that idea from? Did they read Sir Winston Churchill’s River War?

“The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property (either as a child, a wife, or a concubine) must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men…”

In disturbing video images, a 14-year-old girl is purportedly being flogged. She is alleged accused to have run away from a forced marriage in a remote village.

Just as disturbing to Dr. Sima Samar, chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission? “The other sad part I have to say was the reaction of the people,” she says. “The lack of sensitivity of the people.”

The video was given to Samar’s Human Rights Commission. She says police promised her they’d prosecute the man, but so far nothing despite the country’s laws that ban not just forced marriages but matrimony for girls under 16.

Afghanistan: Child brides beaten for running away.

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Many men, Samar says, including some government officials just don’t get it.

“They still think that women is the property of the men and they should be treated how they want,” she explains.

Samar was Afghanistan’s first government Minister for women but was pushed aside for being too outspoken. Little has changed since then.

“It’s 8 years,” she says. “We have new system in the country and new government in the country; they should have been more pro-active on these issues.”

But the central government has a lot of political issues to deal with, primarily making peace with the Taliban, and needs support from the conservative outer provinces.

No one has an exact figure exactly how many girls are forced into marriage. Estimates vary as high as 60 percent or more and attitudes here are so engrained that one government minister was recently reported as saying shelters that try to help these girls and women are an evil.

At one shelter in Kabul, they deal with the fallout of these everyday attitudes about women.

“Since January alone we’ve had 115 cases of forced or underage marriages,” says Manizha Naderi, with the Women for Afghan Women organization who runs the shelter.

Sukaini is typical of the recent cases. She is 15 years old now but was 13 when her family forced her to marry her 45-year-old cousin.

She says that her husband shaved her head and threatened to kill her and drop her body in a well. So she says she ran away.

Sukaini is one of the lucky ones. The shelter is helping her get a divorce. She says she doesn’t want to marry again, but just get the education she never had.

But even at this shelter, not everyone can be helped.

One of the newest arrivals is a 15-year-old girl who ran away from a forced marriages. Within hours of arriving at the shelter, several parliamentarians called the shelter to demand she sent back to her family. At the shelter, though, they fear if they do that, she’ll be killed.

Police put her in a juvenile detention facility for some time, but prosecutors authorized her return to the shelter as of now.

But the shelter’s problems are only just beginning.

“The family has said that they are definitely going to take her back and that means even if they have to bring the whole province to stage a demonstration in front of our doors they’ll do it,” says Naderi. “… We have about 60 women in our shelter right now and 22 children. So it’s not just her safety – I have all these other people to worry about as well.”

The shelter is powerless, no one to defend them. In the city as in the countryside, she says, too many people sit back and do nothing. And that’s all it takes.


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  1. Assuming the feed is correct then it is a classic example of islamic courage and logic. Are there no muslims who will openly condemn this??

  2. Kaw, your last sentence tells it all. Are there no muslims who will openly condemn this?? Well no, there does not seem to be.

    This, I think is a big part of the problem. Not one of the so called “Good Muslims” has ever said a word. This is the scary part. So we must condemn them all.

    We can only assume then, that all Muslims are the same – so they must
    speak up or shut up altogether, and let the world judge them for the
    evil ones they are and we should rid our countries of them.

    That is the next difficult part. Separating our politicians from the monetary rewards they receive from Islam. They are despicable and should be purged from our countries too.

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