All Over Europe, Mohammedans Run Amok

Needless to mention; EUro-dhimmies blame da Jooozzz…..

Gateway Pundit

10,000 Turks Chanting “Israel, You Will Drown in Blood” Protest in Istanbul

What else could one expect from “moderate, modern” Turkey?

10,000 Turks protested Israel today in Istanbul. The protesters chanted,“Murderous Israel you will drown in the blood you shed!”
Reuters posted video from the anti-Israel protests:

Here’s more video and photos from the protest in Turkey.   YNet News reported>>>

Hundreds of Protesters Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storm Israeli Consulate in Turkey (Video) Gateway Pundit

Hundreds of Islamic protesters in Istanbul stoned the Israeli consulate and screamed “Allahu Akbar” as they tried to storm the building.

CNN-Turk and NTV televisions show hundreds of angry protesters scuffling with Turkish police guarding the Israeli Consulate building in downtown Istanbul.

Turkish police blocked dozens of stone-throwing protesters who tried to storm the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul over reports of an Israeli attack on at least one aid ship in international waters on Monday, news channels reported.

Not enough groveling to the jihad: Muslims storm Al BeBeeCeera

Enraged by the BBC’s bias against them, supporters of the Jihad Flotilla storm the BBC offices in Manchester.

The BBC’s bias against jihadists? What are these guys smoking? Do they want the BBC to give itself over twenty-four hours a day to communiques from Osama, Zawahiri and Anjem Choudary? If it did, would anyone notice a change?

“Gaza aid ship protesters try to storm BBC Manchester,” from the BBC,

Israel supports the IDF: Re-Islamicized Turkey Turns a Corner, Turns Against, Attacks Israel

The Milli Görüs Connection

The world is aghast at what Israel did early this morning off the coast of Gaza. It is shocked — shocked! — at the indiscriminate slaughter of “unarmed civilians” in the Free Gaza Flotilla.

According to AKI, the Italian foreign minister is outraged:

“I strongly condemn the killing of civilians,” Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini said Monday in response to the incident. The Italian government asked the Israeli ambassador in Rome for an explanation about the attack. [emphasis added] etc, etc….  Gates of Vienna has more….Read further…

Atlas Shrugs

Re-Islamicized Turkey Turns a Corner, Turns Against, Attacks Israel

Today’s attack on Israel was a  military operation from the re-islamicized Turkey, with the tacit support of the Erdogan government. Turkey intends to become a regional power, perhaps a return of the Ottoman empire.

Turkey has recalled its Ambassador form Israel and called it an act of piracy on the high seas after supporting the convoy of war ships.

The latest attack on Israel came from ……………  the once moderate, Israeli ally Turkey. But no more, not since the re-islamization of Turkey where the number #1  selling book is Mein Kampf

Turkey Calls Israel State Terrorist BBC / Atlas has lots of pic’s

The Muzz infested United Nations condemns Israel (as usual)


It seems the Israeli soldiers had no idea how violent this would get:

Israeli military officials said the soldiers were carrying paint-ball guns and had orders to use their pistols only to defend themselves.  They said the activists took the guns from two of the soldiers and used them to fire at the commandos, who then returned fire.

They were mobbed, they were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed. … Our soldiers had to defend themselves, defend their lives, or they would have been killed.”

Violent protests break out in several cities, including Paris, which is reminded of a little Gaza of its own:

Hundreds of protesters have been clashing with police near the Israeli Embassy after blocking traffic to protest a deadly commando raid on ships carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

We call on all Arabs and Muslims to rise up in front of Zionist embassies across the whole world,’’ said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, using the Arabic word ‘intifada’…

And who’s behind this peaceful jihad?

Here is what the Danish Institute for International Studies has found about the terrorist links of the IHH>>

Weasel Zippers:

Relevant rioting headlines:

* Paris: Demonstrators tried to break into the Israeli embassy
* Thousands protest flotilla deaths, clashes in Athens
* Thousands protest across Lebanon against flotilla killings
* Protests erupt across the world after Israeli raid (including Londonistan)
* Protesters storms Israeli consulate in Turkey

Check in your Islamic Rage Boy-pic’s!

Turkey: A war between the pious and the less pious

Both sides hate Jews….

Similarly, for the seculars/secularists the war is between “us secular Muslims” and “them pious Muslims.”

A Turkish perspective, from BURAK BEKDÄ°L/Daily News

“pious” means “pious like us,” and non-Muslim means “officially Muslim but not sufficiently pious,” or “not pious like us.” From that perspective, the war is between “us the pious” and “them not so pious.” Similarly, for the seculars/secularists the war is between “us secular Muslims” and “them pious Muslims.”

Sadly, both camps view each other as “the enemy” although they belong to the same faith. But same-faith wars, in any of the monotheistic religions, have never been too few throughout the history. We have seen wars between religions, wars between different sects of the same religion, and today what we see in Turkey is a war between different understandings of practicing the same religion.

Bernard Lewis predicted that in a decade the secular republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk might more closely resemble the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It might not take that long, but it will happen.

Turkey  is fighting  a religious war. Not between two religions. Not between the faithful and the atheists. It is largely a war between people of the same faith but with different grades of observance.

A piercing question remains: How could those who are at a savage war with less or more pious people of their own faith be at peace with other faiths, or with agnostics or atheists?

Another question which the writer is not asking is this: will the takeover be bloody or unbloody?  I predict the latter. But heads will roll and blood will flow once the Islamists are in power…..

15 thoughts on “All Over Europe, Mohammedans Run Amok”

  1. * 10,000 Turks Chanting “Israel, You Will Drown in Blood” Protest in Istanbul

    “And the passengers that pass through the land, when any sees a man’s bone, then shall he set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it in the valley of Hamongog.” Ezekiel 39:15

  2. Israel will be elimated from the world ‘ map soon . just wait for it , its not for too long time . it will be don by Muslims .

  3. Jack,

    Let’s visit history and you will know why there is nothing but rage in the world of Islam. They know that they have very little time….

    Some time back there was an Assyrian empire in the time of Israel…yet, it exists no longer. Their gods which they killed for and flayed people for are just rubble now.

    The Babylonian empire ? no longer…

    The Roman empire ? same

    All these empires, and though they seemed so mighty then, they are no longer.

    Israel remains…it was there then, and it is still there now…

    and that’s what bothers many Islamists…because in the end…no matter how violent, how big, how mean they think they are…they will all disappear with their worthless gods…. Israel will still be there time and time again…

    That’s where the rage comes from…but it only shows what they do not wish to accept…that the God of Israel is the God of history who has set for them a time to kick the air and stomp the ground…and then they are gone, removed from the limelight…known only as a horrid tale….

  4. Paliwood takes the world!

    What a set up, And again the media fall for it.

    They run the video of maybe 2 choppers full of guys coming down in to a melee of people clubbing them with sticks, chairs and steel pipes or bars, and narrate it as a storming, and the aggressors doing the clubbing are peace activists.

    What planet is this anyway?

    Now organized, and I am sure preplanned, protests all over the place.

    I am expected to believe 300 to 1000 muz in the streets of cities numbering millions of people and the Turks podium punching in the UN constitutes “global outrage”

    The same turks who wiped out the Armenians but deny it, the Greeks in Anatolia and drove the Cypriot Greeks of Northern Cyprus. The same Turks who where the enemy at Galipoli and Basheba.

    Now I don’t deny their right to have the floor in the UN, but to just accept what they say as gospel at face value is nuts.

    There is only one solution, bring back Baghdad Bob!

  5. Jack MD,
    Firstly learn to spell, Secondly, Israel has the support of most people on this planet – go and attack them – you will reap the consequences.

  6. “Israel you will drown in the blood you shed!”

    I can half-heartedly agree with that statement.
    If they try attacking Israel there will definitey be a lot of Islamic blood to contend with.

  7. Could you see a bunch of brave muslims boarding a ship of neandertals with paint guns, not bloody likely…. As for the europeans in the flotilla, was a bunch of pansy assed liberal idiots!

  8. How dare Turkey point the finger at Iarael – with their history of genocide against Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians. Kurds, Hindu people, Cyprus, and the list goes on and on. They did not kill in double digit figures, they murdered in the MILLIONS.


  9. There is NZ woman amongst the followers..her situation has been reported as her being detained etc , concern expressed for her safety etc etc…
    What a load of hogwash…she was immediately given the opportunity to leave but she and presumably others did not want to leave. They are there for the publicity so naturally want to stay as long as possible. She works for some English NGO.
    It would be good to hear more about the organizations involved in this.

  10. Obama telling the Europeans to let the Turks into the European Union, fat chance after this ordeal. They are becoming more and more extreme..They have enough problems now with the moslims.
    It is surprising how little people know about history when it comes to the people of Israel and the Palestinians.
    Tiny Israel, surrounded by fanatick Islam countries, who can only scream death to Israel.
    Try to go into a Moslim country without the proper papers and see what will happen to you.
    What will happen with the next boat?
    You want to become an Martyr so bad, than go ahead your 72 virgins will be waiting for you. pffffft.

  11. Didn’t the Turks rape retarded women when they invaded Cyprus? They’re shockingly hypocritical. Here, they’re beating the crap out of people with guns, and then complain when they get owned. Amazing folks. If you raise metal poles above your head, and then slam it into someone, then that someone’s friends are probably going to try to own you. Bar opened up, and was serving up Mo Nut Liquors.

  12. It is more than obvious and getting increasingly more obvious that this is a scenario stage managed by Turkey which went wrong. God always knows whom to support. In this imbrglio, some loose headed so called ‘Activists’ with nothing more than punishing Israel in thei heads joined the band wagon. From the time of the Ottoman Empire till the time that the Turks were finally sent home to roost under Kamal Ataturk they had only been commiting rapes and genocide in every country within reach. The Kurds are giving them Hell and will continue to give them Hell.

    Using the Embargo as a means to flaunt their Islamic Leadershi credentials the Turks attempted to ruse the World and Israel. Israel has existed in recorded History for more than 3,000 over years whilst pre Muslim and post Muslim countries and Empires like Persia, Assyria, Babylon, Ottomans, etc have vanished from the face of the Earth notwithstanding the British Empire.

    We always read “MUSLIMS IN EUROPE” show their rage, etc. What would happen if the Chistians or Buddhists or Hindus also exhibit such high level of insanity and stupidity and the Muslims were at the receiving end. The Muslims may be happy at that because they will end up with 72 vestal virgins each whilst their women end up with 72 Mister Universes in the Paradise in the Hereafter.

    The gross stupidity exhibited by the European Muslims is a disgrace to the various races they represent and their religion. They should go back to their home countries and try these tricks there and see what happens then. Most of them would have reached Valhalla by the evening of their effforts and be sharing the 72 virgins in multiples until GOD runs short of virgins. Poor God has so much work to be done for these miserable creatures.

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