And so it continues….

The Religion of Peace offers:


Ibrahim, a teacher of a reputed English-medium school raped a seven year old girl. Didn’t he read his Koran correctly? Muhammad, profit of Islam,  (at least) waited till Aisha was nine. What’s the world coming to?

Hate crime, hate crime:

In desperation, CAIR  manufactures  the crime so they can hate us more…./Vandals reportedly smeared excrement on a van displaying ads for Islam while the vehicle was parked outside a Bellevue mosque Thursday./Rantburg

Same old thing in Pakistan:

Christian Professor in Pakistan Beaten for Refusing to Convert. In another province, three eighth-grade students expelled for declining Islam.

The head-chopping never stops:

The Taliban leave  11 corpses behind…..

Afghan opiate use has doubled in 5 years

KABUL, Afghanistan — Drug addicts as young as a month old. Mothers who calm their children by blowing opium smoke in their faces. Whole communities hooked on heroin with few opportunities for treatment. Associated Press

Police in Pakistan Arrest German Islamist

Pakistani police reportedly arrested a German citizen on Monday. The German-Syrian Rami M. had a broken leg and was believed to be traveling to a hospital, disguised in a burqa. SPIEGEL

German jihadists in Waziristan get the jitters:

40 Islamists who went to Waziristan to become martyrs for Allah changed their minds and want to go home, according to FOCUS, a German magazine. The German secret service is offering a de radicalization program…../Bild

Burqa’s are popular with desperate Taliban:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – A senior Taliban commander disguised as a woman was killed by Afghan and international forces after he opened fire with a pistol and tried to throw a grenade south of the capital Kabul./Breitbart

Indonesia uncovers plots to bomb European embassy

Local media, quoting police sources, have reported the diplomatic target was the Danish embassy, but Aritonang declined to confirm this.  Denmark has been a frequent target of Islamist militants following the publication in a Danish newspaper in 2005 of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.  Arab News

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