Arab Media Reports on Flotilla Participants: Writing Wills, Preparing for Martyrdom, Determined to Reach Gaza or Die


Arab Media Reports on Flotilla Participants: Writing Wills, Preparing for Martyrdom, Determined to Reach Gaza or Die

Atlas Shrugs:

Watch the Video of the Jewish Soldiers Being Savagely Beaten by Turk Jihadists

Flotilla Participants

Following is information from the Arab media about some of the flotilla participants. It should be noted that many of these were from the Muslim Brotherhood across the Muslim world:

The Egyptian flotilla delegation included two members of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc in the Egyptian parliament: Muhammad Al-Baltaji and Hazem Farouq.

Al-Baltaji, who is deputy secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in Egypt, said at a March 2010 conference, “A nation that excels at dying will be blessed by Allah with a life of dignity and with eternal paradise.” He also said that his movement “will never recognize Israel and will never abandon the resistance,” and that “resistance is the only road map that can save Jerusalem, restore the Arab honor, and prevent Palestine from becoming a second Andalusia. More from MEMRI

Shillary Climan: Condemn First, Ask Questions Later!

Read her Statement here

Yemen-Based Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Blames Egypt for Flotilla Clash and States: Hamas Is Fighting America, Europe, and All the Crusader West

“Martyrdom most important”

Gaza-Based Yemeni Professor Abd Al-Fatah Nu’man: As Much as the Heroes on the Flotilla Want to Reach Gaza,  Martyrdom Is More Desirable to Them


Sydney University offers protest degrees

An online discussion group by organisers investigated by The Daily Telegraph reveals the group plans to blockade Rockhampton airport on Sunday, July 12 and other direct action.

An existing manual circulated among members promotes the use of techniques such as tunnelling, occupying buildings and throwing pies. Daily Telegraph

Jihad Flotilla battle not about Gaza, but about the clash between the forces of jihad and the West

“At this time, Israel is located at a frontal outpost, where it fights the war of the enlightened, liberal, pluralist, open, and democratic world – in the huge struggle against the Islamic forces that threaten to take over the world and subjugate it to their green flag.” That is indeed what this is all about. And as Western leaders swallow whole the Palestinian jihadis’ propaganda narrative, they abet the West’s headlong rush to suicide. “A war for world’s future: Battle isn’t about Gaza, but rather, about radical Islam vs. liberal West,” by Mordechai Kedar for YNet News, May 31/Jihad Watch

The Lynching of Israel

by Phyllis Chesler

Once, Jews were persecuted because they had no ancestral home — and no army, navy, or air force. Now, Jews, both in Israel and around the world, are persecuted precisely because they have an ancestral home which dares to defend its citizens from deadly harm. This Jew-hatred refuses to die. And, Jewish-American, Jewish-European, and Israeli leaders have refused to recognize that the contemporary war against the Jews is bigger, and the consequences graver, than ever before in history, and that this war is primarily being fought—and won or lost — through propaganda and the manipulation of ideas. Leftist progressives and journalists in the West have joined forces with Islamists, and with the United Nations and human rights groups in propagating Big Lies against the small Jewish state.

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