Arranged Marriage Prevented


A LEBANESE family based in Sydney has been banned from taking their daughter to their home country for an arranged marriage.  The order also prevents her mother, stepfather, and father, from “assaulting, threatening, harassing or intimidating” her. Herald Sun/The Australian

Here’s one who got away:  ‘Everyone’s afraid of Islam!’

A former Muslima escaped from a forced marriage. She is still running and hiding.  A German journalist interviews her. KURIER (in German)

Eine ehemalige Muslimin wehrt sich gegen Zwangsheirat. Bis heute ist Sabatina auf der Flucht. KURIER-Redakteurin Bischofberger hat mit ihr gesprochen. (Link)

British air hostess ‘kidnapped and raped in Dubai desert’

Rape Jihad

The defendant denies rape, claiming the alleged victim took off her clothes and offered sex to pay for her fare home. (She will be sentenced to 100 lashes/ed) Mail Online

No Outrage from the ROP:

4 thoughts on “Arranged Marriage Prevented”

  1. Why do our women work in muslim counties??? The money is not worth it – and the muslims are worth nothing!!!

  2. Run girl run…. Soon the chasing will be the chased. God bless you… Many like you couldn’t run. They were killed by supposed love ones in the name of nothing but ego. They are the the most honorable martyrs Islam has ever known. Another group,the worst degenerates Islam has ever known are those who seek arranged marriages- an act which through its particular lowly virtue endorses all that Islam came to destroy. This group need not run for nobody is chasing and nobody cares. You live breed and die,leaving nothing but your stain upon this earth.

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