Australia: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei Deported

Supporters gather as Islamic cleric deported

ABC News/thanks to Mullah

A large crowd turned up at Sydney airport to farewell Sydney’s most senior Islamic cleric, who was deported on Sunday night.

Deported … Sydney Sheikh Mansour Leghaei with  family. (Good riddance!)

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, a Shia cleric, was ordered to leave Australia after being declared a security risk.

Dr Leghaei boarded a flight to Iran on Sunday night and about 200 people from the Islamic Youth Centre at Earlwood turned up to support him.

WoJ reported:

He has lived in Australia for 16 years and says his deportation is unjustified.

Dr Leghaei says he has never been given an explanation as to why ASIO has deemed him a security risk.

“Whatever they think and whatever they may have is absolutely wrong,” he said.

“There’s an error somewhere. We tried our very best to help them and correct that error.

“They didn’t let us, simply because the act does not allow us to do so.”

Under Australian law, ASIO is under no obligation to tell Dr Leghaei why he is under suspicion.

Dr Leghaei’s supporters say he is a leader of inter-faith relations between Muslims and Christians.

The United Nations are said to have written to Australia’s Immigration Minister asking that Dr Leghaei not be deported, but the request was denied.

Dr Leghaei had planned to fly out with his wife and daughter but leave behind his three sons.

He left his brood behind? Why?

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  1. Salaams and greeting to you all!
    I was there, at Sydney Airport last night, and please, let me say that there were many more than 200 people there! The numbers are closer to the 1000 mark!

    The Sheikh was unjustly tried and is paying for a crime that doesn’t exist. If Sheikh Mansour is guilty of something, it’d be of spreading the message of love, harmony, inter-faith relationship, unity and peace. Beyond that, he’s just another man like you and me. He loves this country just as I do. Can’t he also call this place home like you and me? He’s been here for 16 years, and for each of those years, he’s been bullied and punished by the Australian Government for unfounded allegations which have never been proven. He’s been tried in court and denied the right to defend himself. How? How can you defend yourself when the charges are not brough forward and submitted to the defendant? What kind of trial is that?

    I love Sheikh Mansour Leghaie and I stand by him in every action.
    It’s too late now. He’s gone. At least I got to say goodbye….

  2. * spreading the message of love, harmony, inter-faith relationship, unity and peace

    I thought he was a muslim, in submission to allah and its false prophet, with beliefs in accordance with the koran.

    Strike terror into the hearts of the infidels, behead them, maim them in every limb, fight to make allah’s religion and protection racket supreme. That sort of thing.

    He should enjoy living in the dar al islam, leaving the dar al harb safer for us infidels.

    Why not pack your bags and join him, Hasan?

    1. * spreading the message of love, harmony, inter-faith relationship, unity and peace

      translation: hatred of unbelievers, subversion, infiltration, da’awa, dissimulation and jihad.

      This should cover it, no?

  3. good riddance..the authorities were concerned about him. Why didn’t he just go quietly?… . but oh no , there had to be a big song and dance. Pathetic attention seeking.
    Every country has the right to protect itself. Now he can weave his magic in his own country.

  4. Hassan,
    You do not love Australia – you are a muslim. You are almost certainly working against the best interests of Australia. One muzz has now been sent back to its shit hole of origin, You and your ilk present a clear and present danger to the people of Australia – and we will respond appropriately. Expect more to follow Mansour back to the islamic cess pits they arose from.

  5. For 60 years we hear of the muslim right of return, well folks here its being applied.

    Lets hope its the tip of the iceberg! Start shipping them out and to hell with the UN.

  6. Hasan Sherrif, the bleeding (Mohammedan heart) above, sez:

    “I love Sheikh Mansour Leghaie and I stand by him in every action.”

    And so you should follow him and leave Australia. Take your “love and your action” with you!

    Mansour Leghaei first graced our pages at Jihad Watch all the way back in 2004, when he “was discovered returning to Sydney with a 150-page notebook on tactics for warfare, intelligence and martyrdom.” It included such tolerant nuggets of wisdom such as:

    The enemies of Islam are to be categorised under three headings: 1, the infidels who do not accept the Koran as the Book of Heaven. 2, the oppressive and the unjust and whoever takes up arms against the Prophet. 3, heathens living in the Islamic countries who have broken the agreement to pay tribute to the Muslims.”
    Naturally, he claimed it had been taken out of context, and — as is absolutely, positively, always the case when jihadist literature comes under outside scrutiny — mistranslated.

    Almost six years after this story first ran, Leghaei’s time in Australia is up. Some in Australia hail him as an interfaith builder of bridges, but such outreach quite often covers more nefarious agendas — see, for example, the smiling faces behind the Ground Zero mega-mosque project.


    Hugh Fitzgerald sez:

    “Dr Leghaei’s supporters say he is a leader of inter-faith relations between Muslims and Christians.”

    Just keep the phrase for future use, somewhere in your memory, leaving to be filled in only the name of the next Interfaith Healing Racketeer, among so many described at this website over the years who turned out to have to flee to a Muslim land once they were exposed, or perhaps were arrested and then tried and convicted and then were to be expelled — and all their Muslim associates put on the identical act of surprise, shock, amazement, wonderment, at the overwhelming evidence of that former colleague’s real views and intentions, though there was no surprise, no shock, no amazement, no wonderment at all, just fury that the Infidel authorities had managed to find out what, for some of us, was obvious and did not require such evidence, for we had all the evidence necessary: Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, and the ability to logically conclude that anyone claiming to believe that the Qur’an was the Immutable and Uncreated Word of God, and took that belief seriously, and then further accepted the Hadith (and their assigned rankings by the most authoritative muhaddithin) would necessarily have to hold certain views and work for certain ends, all of them inimical to, deeply dangerous to, the well-being of non-Muslims.

    What needs to be studied are not why Muslims naturally believe this kind of thing, but why some of them do not take their Islam straight up but on the rocks and thus diluted, and what degree of comfort — if any — non-Muslims can take from what may be a temporary “moderation” either in an individual (how many of those who seemed uninterested in Islam then, during a personal setback or depression, re-found that Old-Time Religion of Islam, with consequences we all know) or a country (how did secularizing Iran become conquered by the dark reactionary Khomeini and his epigones? how did Turkey backslide despite 80 years of Kemalism?)?

    And one more thing needs to be studied.

    The reasons for the inability of many non-Muslims to grasp what should be simple and obvious, and to ignore the evidence, remaining unteachable until the last moment, which reasons can include everything from an inability to recognnize their own folly and irresponsibility (many in the political and media elites who did not analyze or grasp the nature of Islam, and perhaps participated in the immigration folly in Western Europe that allowed a domestic problem to be created in the first place, and quite unnecessarily), worship at the altars of the Idols of the Age, including Diversity (a false “diversity” because adherents of Islam are the world’s greatest enemies of true Diversity, hoping and working for a world without non-Muslims, with nothing to be but One Universal Darkness of Dar al-Islam everywhere) and Tolerance (a diseased “tolerance” because those Muslims being “tolerated” do not and cannot believe in “tolerance” at all — to them it makes no sense, for why should Muslims extend real tolerance to the Kuffar, to the Ungrateful Ones whom Allah hates and toward whom Allah requires of Muslims a state of permanent warfare, including violence when that proves effective and possible), and of course other pathologies, other mental weaknesses (such as antisemitism which in some is so strong, that they cannot allow themselves to understand the threat to their own societies of Islam because, they dimly understand, that would require them to revise and even end their to-them plausible version of antisemitism, that is anti-Israel views, and that they cannot do.

    Examples of all of these abound: the politicians in the Netherlands frightened and embarrassed by the truth-telling Geert Wilders, reporters for the BBC and Agence France Presse and for national papers (the local press is much better) such as “The Guardian,” the churchmen who keep participating in and standing by the worth of those endlessly misleading and phony “Interfaith Gatherings” with Muslims (and “twinning” of churches or synagogues with mosques, and Mosque Outreach Nights, where the smiles and the wiles and the chicken-with-pita are the cover-up for a night of insidious propaganda) and in the last category, not only those anti-Israel Christian clergy or laymen who ignore the nature of Islam and the condition of Christians, such as Copts in Egypt and Assyrians and Chaldeans in Iraq, and Christians of all kinds in Pakistan, under Islam, but are delighted to support the most unpleasant anti-Israel resolutions, but also such examples of the make-nice-to-Islam-because-supporters-of-Israel-is-the-permanent-outrage such as Gucci-loafered Pat Buchanan.

  7. Some info on Hasan Sheriff / Hasan Abbas Sheriff:

    He has been very active in opposing deportation of “sheik” Leghaei (eg)
    Reasons why Dr Mansour Leghaei is NOT a threat to national security!

    [Hasan Abbas Sheriff EVERYONE, GET OFF YOUR BUMS! Where the hell was
    Sheikh when you needed him? HE WAS RIGHT THERE FOR YOU!! Where the hell
    are YOU when HE needs you? You abandon him. Do you want him gone? DO
    Sign the petition, write a letter to the minister of immigration, Chris

    [The decision to deport the Leghaei family is unjust and unAustralian.
    They are not the first to be picked on. Remember Dr Haneef? He was booted
    out of Australia only to be apologised to after he left. Sheikh Mansour
    and his family are the most peaceful and humble people you could ever
    meet. Their generosity is unparalleled along with the kindness in their
    hearts. If Sheikh Mansour is forced out of the country, there will
    thousands of people who will suffer from the loss of their spiritual
    leader, including myself. We all look up to him as a father figure and we
    feel like the Islamic Centre he runs is a second home to all of us. It
    will be a very dark day in the Australian history books if Sheikh Mansour
    is forced to leave, and one that will be used as a reminder to the
    Government of its incompetence. Wake up ASIO and Chris Evans (Minister for
    Immigration)!! Sheikh Mansour Leghaei is a man of peace and is an asset to
    Australia. Don’t make the mistake of kicking him and his family out! I
    stand behind Sheikh Mansour 100%. So strong is my conviction that if ASIO
    and Chris Evans can provide proof that he is what they claim, I will be
    the first to escort Sheikh out of the country.
    Posted by Hasan Abbas Sheriff, 18/03/2010 10:07:50 AM, on St George &
    Sutherland Shire Leader]

    * I think you’ve got another Solkhar, if this is the same H.A.S. :

    [Howdy all. It´s me, Hasan.

    Well, everyone, I don´t think I´ve actually introduced myself formally.
    My name is Hasan Abbas Sheriff. I´m male, married and and living in
    Merrylands. I´m a Microsoft network engineer and I run my own mail and web
    servers at home. I haven´t travelled to much in my life, finding myself in
    Karachi, Singapore, Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. For work,
    I´ve travelled to Brisbane, Cairns and Hobart. Don´t go to Hobart. It´s a


    It has come to my attention that the Government of Australia is infact not
    a legal Government at all.
    Don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself at:
    When trying to access the site tonight, It was unavailable due to Tel$tra
    servers being offline, but please check the site soon and educate yourself
    as to how we live in an unreal reality.

    I was able to obtain the synopsis from the website and have attached it
    for your reading.
    It’ll open your eyes!!
    Synopsis from

    Till next time….

    Hasan :|]

    * Fictitious name? (only in google – not on his site)

    [My Blog
    The creation of a ficticious entity which you (as a living, breathing, …
    but on the ficticious security asset entity that is HASAN ABBAS SHERIFF.

    * Save Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

    * Who is IP

    [IP Address (click for more detail):
    Country: AU
    AS: 7545
    AS Name: TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Internet Pty Ltd
    Network: ]

    * whois

    [Whois information on domain:
    The IP belongs to ISP TPG INTERNET PTY LTD
    ISP domain: TPGI.COM.AU ]

    [Other websites found at the same IP ]

    (The server shows up as being located in Parliament House, Canberra!!!)


    [Whois information on domain:
    The IP belongs to ISP TPG INTERNET PTY LTD
    ISP domain: TPGI.COM.AU ]

    (again located in Plmnt Hse, Canberra)

    * Busy Days!!

    [Anyway, I´ve been quite busy since then. I think the biggest thing to
    happen in a massive effort we´ve put in to help one of the most love and
    learned people in our community, Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei. He´s the man
    behind the Iman Hussain Islamic Centre and is the backbone of our
    community. The man came here with his family from Iran in 1994 and has
    been sharing his knowledge with us ever since.
    For unjust reasons, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation)
    deemed his a threat to national security. Baloney! We have been fighting
    his deportation for years and it has now come to butting heads. ASIO
    reiterated their stance which has pushed the Minister of Immigration and
    Citizenship, Mr Chris Evans, to give the Sheikh 28 days to leave the
    country, most likely permanently.
    What does a flock do without their herder? What happens to a student
    without a teacher? They all go astray. We will be lost if Sheikh Mansour
    is removed from our lives. Listen, I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I love it more than
    the one where I was born. THIS is my home. But let me tell you, ASIO and
    the Government could not have been more wrong. There´s a rat in the ranks
    and it stinks!

    Sheigh Mansour Leghaei is a man whose knowledge is far beyond what you
    will find in many other Islamic communities. Combine this with his
    incredible oral delivery and you have a powerful lecture. Anyone who has
    experienced this will know that he is a man you want to keep in your
    grasp. It´s sad to see that we are being bullied into letting him go. Oh,
    but he´s not going without a fight.
    We have had a marathon few days getting people to write letters to the
    Minister advising him of the good nature of Sheikh. We write that he´s a
    good man with pure intentions towards Australia and her people. He´s here
    to help his community and encourage inter-faith relations. A fantastic
    example comes from Father Dave from the Save The Sheikh website he
    created. Here´s a man of another faith, sticking up for Sheikh Mansour. He
    sees good in the Sheikh to such an extent that he created a website
    dedicated to helping him. Tell me, what is Sheikh´s own flock doing? Not
    much. We can´t even write 1000 letters of support. Pathetic. I´m a geek. I
    can do anything online. I started a petition and have raised nearly 1700
    signatures. What we need is for those signatures to write letters using
    the template attached (sheikh.doc). Fill in the document according to the
    other attachment (format.doc), print it, sign it, scan it and send it to
    PLEASE! Help us save our sheikh. God knows we love him. God knows we want
    to keep him here. Would you help us?

    It´s about all I have time for now. More on what I´ve been doing this week
    in the following days. Stay tuned!
    Please sign the petition if you live outside Australia and write the
    letters if you´re inside Australia (or an Australian living overseas).

    Thanks, we REALLY appreciate it!!

    I´m Hasan Sheriff]

  8. These Mohammedan believers never get it.
    Have they really read their so called Holy book, the Koran.
    Why do we want you people in our midst, when it says there, to kill the Infidel and you still don’t get it why we want you out of the West.
    Plenty of space in your native country, build up your own country instead of using the West for your convenience and using your host country to spread your violent religion.

  9. I find it amusing that the iman took his daughter, who would prosper in a free country, to Iran where she will be caged. He also left his three sons, who are now, with 100 percent certainly, terrorists. We will have to deal with them later. His actions show speak louder than words.

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