"Balanced & Sustainable"

“Balanced & Sustainable”-  the new buzzwords from  community organizer Obama. No doubt its all for ‘the greater good’, in the name of ‘progress’. Lets nationalize the banks, spread the wealth around, destroy Israel, indoctrinate the kids in school with Obamanomics, make nice with the Taliban, let the mullah’s have their bomb, blame big oil and extort 20 billion dollars from them…..

Ah yes, there is also this “commitment to Australia”, (or is it Austria?) what is that again, exactly?

G-20 nations pledge to cut deficits, give Obama the shoe….

Hussein Obama’s push for continued global stimulus in light of a tenuous economic recovery was largely pushed back at the G-20 as world leaders agreed to focus on deficit reduction. The Hill

Riot police walk by a burning police car in downtown Toronto during anti G20 protests

If this is how they protest, imagine how they’d rule

Andrew Bolt

How come activists wanting a kinder world are so prone to violence? Once again, it’s a G20 meeting that’s struck by the hypocrisy:

While the majority of the protesters – thought to number up to 10,000 – were peaceful, members of an anarchist group known as Black Bloc became violent, setting police cars alight and smashing store windows in a downtown shopping precinct.

Leftist Brainfarts of the Day:

MSNBC’s Rachel Mad Cow Asks Her Audience: ‘Is It OK’ to Ridicule al Qaeda?…

Indeed, there is no fun in Islam. There is no fun in being far left either.

MADDOW: I know that al Qaeda is al Qaeda, right? But is it OK to point out that they’re ridiculous, that their propaganda is inadvertently funny, as in ha ha I’m laughing at you?

Well, I guess all we need is lefty loons who would sell us a license to  laugh. Sometimes I think its time to kill rather than despair over these loons…..

Dem Rep. Barbara Lee Spewing Islamist Propaganda: “Our Military Occupation of a Muslim Country Creates More Terrorists”…

Fighting crime creates more crime. Killing Islamic terrorists creates more terrorists…. right?


Tim Blair:

Victory for diversity:

The Supreme Court ruled for the first time that gun possession is fundamental to American freedom, giving federal judges the power to strike down state and local weapons laws for violating the Second Amendment.

In a 5-4 ruling, the court held that the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right that binds states.

Further from Reason. Interestingly, this ruling was brought in response to a 28-year-old handgun ban in Community Organiserville, Illinois.