BBC: Islamic Terrorists Are People Too!

Suffering Bastard

Bleeding hearts for Islamic terrorists unite: Al BeBeeCeera has job openings for you!

But first, you gotta get past Richard Watson, who  has a  real boner for Islamic headbangers:

A man judged to be a threat to national security has decided to break his strict bail conditions so he can speak out about the difficulty of his life under virtual house arrest.

He can’t be an extremist. He even wrote a will:

Hussain Saleh Hussain Alsamamara’s will reads:

“…those tyrant rulers who rule the Muslim countries and their helpers, eg the police, the intelligence etc. I pray to Allah that he would enable me to slaughter these infidels who spread corruption, immorality and ignorance of religion of Allah…”

“I would ask Allah to make my fate to be in a land of Jihad…”

“I would… say to my brothers (named) to live according to Allah’s will and join up those to sacrifice their blood for the cause of Allah and fulfil what the Prophet Mohamed had said: ‘if I want to conquer in the name of Allah, then I would fight, then conquer, fight then conquer more'”

Extremist? Nah. Just a “conservative” Muslim. Not different from those fundamentalist Christianists who terrorize people around the world….

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Chances are he will get it…..

4 thoughts on “BBC: Islamic Terrorists Are People Too!”

  1. “Now my wife she is mentally ill and this is a result of my situation.”

    Like night follows day. Nothing to do with islam, but never far away.

  2. “Islamic Terrorists Are People Too!”

    No Islamic terrorists are parasites! They are insects that lay their eggs under the skin of innocent, unsuspecting host populations and when the eggs hatch they feed of the flesh of their hosts eventually killing the hosts. They multiply like crazy and soon completely overwhelm a host population. When there is nothing left to feed on they move to a new host population to repeat the process.

  3. Al-Kidya
    I would actually say that a better comparison is a virus.

    1) virus particles can lay inert and undetected for long periods of time,
    2) when conditions are favorable they grow exponentially, and the host cell
    is forced into making copies of the virus,
    3) the toxic material secreted as part of the viral life cycle overwhelms and kills the host, together with destruction of essential cellular function,
    4) after which the cycle is repeated when another host is infected.
    5) virus particles are not, strictly speaking alive (well, some disagree),
    6) viruses have a high mutation rate but still retain the same basic characteristics – they are just harder for the host immune system to detect.

    A question – does this sound like the group in discussion. I think the comparison is very valid!!

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