bin hunting

A short walk in the Hindu Kush

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: a middle-aged construction worker from Colorado was arrested in a forest in northwest Pakistan, carrying a samurai sword and a pistol, looking for Osama bin Laden.

Gary Brooks Faulkner Tried to Deliver

Call Him Crazy, but bin Laden Bounty Hunter May Have Been Close

Close to what? I think he’s lucky that bin Laden didn’t get him... NYT

On the other hand, as Debbie Schlussel notices, we barely know anything about the guy, and, already, they’re assassinating his character.

The attacks ridicule the man because he was carrying Christian literature.  Oooh, an “evil Christian.”  It rolls off the tongue with the same beauty as “evil Zionist” at a HAMAS potluck shawarmeh picnic.  And, at the same time, when Muslims planning terrorist attacks are caught with Korans (Nidal Malik Hasan, Faisal Shahzad, etc., etc. ad absurdum) , we’re told that’s irrelevant.  Christian literature = fanatic.  Koran = cool, exotic peaceful dude, so stop being a bigot.

13 thoughts on “bin hunting”

  1. How unique to have an evil Christian as opposed to an evil Muslim.

    Got to give him something. He is the only one looking for bin Larden at the moment. I don’t think the big Banana Obama is doing much of this anymore.

    I congratulate him. At least he cares.

  2. I bet OBL did not see that coming.

    The fact is that 1 man decided to do something to end this war. He goes right to the source & such a pity he was caught.

    This act is contagious. With 25 million bounty, there will be copy cats out there especially from america where the financials are in limbo.

    pray hard obl, you’l need it.

  3. “The fact is that 1 man decided to do something to end this war”

    tjwork, I hope for your sake that you’re not that naive to believe that the jihad begins and ends with bin Laden?

  4. dear sheik,

    well, I did reinforce by saying it will induce copy cat acts, hence more people will be hunting for obl guerrilla style. today obl, tomorrow some other islamic fanatic.

    this is just the beginning, we will witness the growth of sleeper cells that will hunt down these terrorist.

  5. These terrorist are going to be preaching hate & inciting warefare to non muslims (as well as to some muslims) & they will grow.

    However, if there are many of Gary Brooks around, they will be forced to retreat & conduct their tactics in a secluded manner, a manner they they will feel fear as the new Gary Brooks will employ tactics just like what they did to the west.

    They need such a beating from the likes of Gary, so hard that the Next wanna be OBL is going to feel it.

    Besides, Gary Brooks’ does not need to follow any protocol as what the US govt would do, even to get approvals from lawyers to call for backup or a pre emtive attack. He is just gonna finish the job. The old fashion way.

  6. “more people will be hunting for obl guerrilla style”

    I hope not. These guys only endanger themselves and will end up as hostages or with their heads cut off on youtube snuff videos.

    The Paki government and the Taliban are two sides of the same coin. Do you get it now?

  7. Agreed Sheik,
    The best weapon the general population can use is to apply pressure to their governments to have “problem” people removed. The talibs and paki government are deeply connected, and the only way to get rid of the talibs over a short time scale is to annihilate the paki population which is possible, but will never be done. Conducting your own campaign , untrained, on their ground, and with no support is idiotic and people should concentrated on using the weapons our democratic systems have installed for our protection. The terrorist muslims are in our countries and we must work to expose them, jail them and deport them. If they become violent then our police forces WILL respond appropriately, but remember that it is YOU who control the polticians (not the other way around) and the police response is dictated by the politicians.

  8. Dear sheik

    I agree about them endangering their lives. Im fully aware of that but thats not the point. There will always be newbies that will burn their fingers along the way & out a group of newbies, there will be a pro.

    Of course, these mission is not for the weak hearts. Someone deeply motivated by religious conviction or monetary rewards would attempt these stunts.

    These guys know their stuff. they are well trained even from the korean wars. read about the korean rocks training americans.

    very soon, we just might see a new business model emerging.

    Its now down to the question if the governments on both sides are willing to let obl / etc to be taken down.

    While Im not encouraging this, this might just be a outsource resistance plan that would be motivated by the bounty offered.

  9. tjwork,
    I don’t think there are many who can do that line of work well – I think you really do need to attain the level of the about the elite of the elite in the armed forces – eg guys from the SAS squadrons. I very much doubt that any significant number of non-trained personnel exist who can figure out how to deal with the stress, blend into the surroundings (smell, leave no human exrement, color, etc etc), remain undetected for long periods with no supply chain, remain alert with long periods of no sleep (and this makes the task very very difficult for one individual), mange with extreme temperature variation, do the job with the maximum effectiveness, and then disappear. Our special forces guys are probably there, you don’t hear about them, but even the taliban who are natives to this region do not do all these things well. So I suspect that even a trained infantry person has little change of success. You need a highly trained team with some support – any thing else is not really possible.

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