Black Slack or deliberate obstruction?

9/11 families seek replacement of Berkeley-educated, Clinton-appointed judge

Judge George B. Daniels, who got his law degree from U.C. Berkeley and his federal judicial appointment from Bill Clinton, has let motions related to terrorist finance lawsuits linger in New York for three years.  The families of the victims of 9/11 have had enough.  They want the case assigned to another judge who can unwind the motions more quickly.

From the New York Times on Jun. 14 via money jihad

One thought on “Black Slack or deliberate obstruction?”

  1. Here are some actual ratings from people who have experienced his judiciary.
    By the ratings I would say he couldn’t touch Judge Judy in the TV Ratings and probably wouldn’t make it past first quarter TV season.
    Holder and Obama should maybe consider Judge Judy.

    Civil Litigation – Private

    Comment #: 10275
    Slow to render decisions and does not respond to correspondence to the court. If you are representing yourself pro se, you are out of luck.


    Comment #: 9909
    Horrible Judge. He did not even read the facts in my case before issuing his ruling. I heard he has a lot of pending cases but why should the litigants suffer? He should be removed from the bench.


    Comment #: 9892
    Rating:Not Rated
    He is a textbook case as to why Judicial reform is necessary. His rulings appear to be political instead of being consistant with the law of land.

    Civil Litigation – Private

    Comment #: 5789
    Very slow, although he has gotten better in recent years. Uses his common sense. Tries to get it right and generally comes close enough.

    Civil Litigation – Private

    Comment #: 1240
    Will not decide fairly motions, even after years. Communications with the Court are usually unanswered. Asking for the resolution of pending motions may result in the decision going against you. Avoid if possible!

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