Brokeback POTUS

America, what have you done?

Mohammedans enjoy Obama’s protection & support, while a Christian who converted from Islam and spied on Hamas is to be deported to what would mean certain death:

A bestselling author and critic of Islam believes a Christian convert from the Muslim faith would face certain death if the Department of Homeland Security decides to deport him to “the tender mercies of Hamas.” Robert Spencer

Muslim brothers lovingly support each other:

(Weekly Standard)-Rashad Hussain, America’s special envoy to the Organization for the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Saudi-based body formed in 1969 to “protect” Jerusalem from the Israelis, announced a new title this week for President Barack Obama. According to Hussain, Obama is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam.” ZIP

Don’t laugh: Fareed Zakaria: Obama’s choice of Petraeus a ‘masterstroke’

Why has Obama not been sacked yet?

U.S. government’s Arabic TV station: the waste of money was not the worst problem The U.S. Just Wasted $700 Million on an Arabic-Language TV Station that Gave Airtime to Islamic Terrorists…. WTF is going on?

The threat of illegal alien amnesty-by-executive order/Michelle Malkin

Since Hillary’s Attempt to “Reset” Relations With Russia Was Such a Smashing Success, Obama Decides to Give it Another try Weasel Zippers

McChrystal’s fate sealed by mockery of French/But don’t feel sorry for moonbat McCrystal yet: Liberal McChrystal Banned FOX News from His Headquarters/Gateway Pundit

Afghan officials urge Nato to follow McChrystal plan/when your enemy advises you how to fight you know the goose is cooked…… Taliban Leader on McChrystal Firing: “We’re Enjoying Every Minute of it on TV and Radio”ZIP

But why does the Obamessiah even bother? After all, this is the same guy who said he doesn’t want “victory” in Afghanistan because victory is apparently too harsh for the losers —

Four British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan after their vehicle drove off the road into a deep canal at night.

That’s just for starters. But hey, who are we to judge? The Obamessiah can do no wrong, or can he?

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  1. The Messiah is simply making an example of this Guy at the highest level of American office and is showing those who he bows to proof of his Islamic Faith by surrendering an apostate/ infidel to the Islamic savages for slaughter.

    I have followed this guy for a while now and am amazed at how little support he appears to be getting from MSM in the USA, perhaps he should say he is GAY yeah maybe that would get the Left Coast Human rights activists demanding he be allowed to stay in the USA

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