Burning Sweden Calls Wilders "Loser…"

Huge victory for freedom in the Netherlands: Wilders in line for Dutch Cabinet role

A roadblock on the road to Eurabia. “Election triumph puts anti-Islam Wilders in line for Dutch Cabinet role,” by David Charter for The Times/via JW

In the wake of Geert Wilders successful election in the Netherlands, he  was portrayed  as the loser by Swedish media. Now they call it a success for a “racist”, “Far-Right extremist” and “Islamophobic party.” The four largest Newspapers (Aftonbladet, Expressen, Svd and Dagens Nyheter) all report that it’s a “sad” day for Holland.

Last night,  Mohammedans in Sweden were rioting, stoned the police and burned a schoolhouse down……

Dutch Liberals slim win: ‘The Netherlands chose more security, less crime, less immigration and less Islam’ Wilders: Wilders proclaimed his party, which wants to ban immigration from all Muslim countries and cut social spending, ‘the biggest winner today.’

‘The Netherlands chose more security, less crime, less immigration and less Islam,’ Wilders told supporters during a televised meeting.”

Fires and rioting in Stockholm suburb

The Local

Rioting was reported in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby on Tuesday night as 50-60 (Mohammedan) “youths”  pelted police with stones and set alight to a building.

‘Little Mogadishu’

Rinkeby is home to a large number of first- and second-generation immigrants. Many of them are from Somalia, so the area is sometimes nicknamed Little Mogadishu.

“It is a war zone out here, it is raining stones”, said one witness who wished to remain anonymous to the Metro daily.

According to another witness a bus trying to enter the deprived area was forced to stop.

“Not a single window on the bus was intact,” an eye witness said.

Police were given an indication that something was afoot earlier in the evening as youths gathered on the streets equipping themselves with paving stones.

“They did all they could to attract our attention,” said Mats Brännlund at Stockholm police.

But police decided to react first when a building housing a mentor programme for young people in the area, burst into flames.

“We had to help the emergency services to get through,” Brännlund said.

In total around 20 police patrols with dogs were present in the area throughout the night as they tried to restore calm. Police vehicles were also subject to stone throwing.

“If you attack the police with stones and set alight to buildings then I would venture to suggest that it can be classified as rioting,” he said.

The fire services deployed 21 staff from three fire stations at the location, but none were reported to have been subjected to stone throwing.

A branch of the Nordea bank was attacked at around midnight with the local police station also the target of stone throwing youths. Two men were detained in connection with the police station attack.

According to media reports on Wednesday the cause of the outbreak of violence could have been the reaction to an argument at a party in the area earlier in the evening, but the reports have not been confirmed by police.

10 thoughts on “Burning Sweden Calls Wilders "Loser…"”

  1. Expect a massive retaliation in the form of diversity officers, sensitivity training, and muslim reference groups.

  2. If I was Marcia Brady,Geert Wilders would be my “dream boat”.
    Sweden is only upset because they know they will never have the testicular fortitude to produce a Wilders of their own.
    Congrats,kudos and best wishes,Geert Wilders.

    “Last night, Mohammedans in Sweden were rioting, stoned the police and burned a schoolhouse down……”
    See where tolerance gets you,Sweden?

  3. There will come a day when the muslim dominated suburbs, no go areas and mosques are stoned and set ablaze, and it won’t be done by muslims!

    People like Gert Wilders applying common sense can prevent that from happening. The other politicians are leading us into a bloodbath.

  4. * But police decided to react first when a building housing a mentor programme for young people in the area, burst into flames.

    Spontaneous combustion?

  5. In a photo I saw of him , Wilders does not look well. He has ”san paku eyes”..which is Japanese for ”three whites”…think Princess Diana , John F Kennedy , Michael Jackson..A healthy person’s pupils sit slightly underneath the bottom lid when a person looks straight ahead in to a mirror..Somoeone with san paku eyes has white showing underneath the pupil..it is not good. In fact it is seriously bad..often the sign od aviolent and tragic death.
    A friend of mine who se eyes were like this when we were young committed suicide when he was 33.
    The Japanese believe this condition can be cured by dietary changes..Psychologists recognize this condition also but don’t really understand it ..they call it ” corpse eyes.” You see a lot of people in prisons and psych hospitals with eyes like this.

  6. He looks great; much better than any of us would have looked after – is it six years of continuous police protection, virtual house arrest, now?

  7. Zenster sez:

    Whether they realize it or not, the Muslim reactions are very revealing:

    “it is a smack in the face of Dutch people of Moroccan descent”

    Quite the BGO (Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious), there. Well, yes, in fact it is very much like the “smack in the face” that so many Dutch people get every single day from your criminal and thuggish children running loose on the streets.

    “Moroccan-Dutch are now wondering whether their neighbours and colleagues still see them as fellow citizens of this country, and whether there is a safe future here for them and their children.”

    What a refreshing change it must be for indigenous Dutch citizens who have long been disturbed about the way that Islam makes them worry over “whether there is a safe future here for them and their children” as well.

    “We must remember that most people in the Netherlands did not vote for the Freedom Party …”

    The above is a desperate attempt to ignore the obvious sea change in Holland’s electorate.

    “A very large majority of the Dutch population wants pluriformity and diversity …”

    Nice little bit of taqiyya you’ve got there Mr. Azarkan. It’d be terrible if anything happened to it, ya know.
    [nudge, nudge]

    While Dutch people might want “pluriformity and diversity”, they want it on Dutch terms and according to Dutch law, not your filthy shari’a and not accompanied by daily assaults from your stinking Islamic barbarians.

    “That is the Netherlands that we are so familiar with: a country of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and solidarity.”

    Be very careful to note how Mr. Azarkan manages to avoid saying that he and other Muslims actually want “democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and solidarity”. They just want to live in a country of “democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and solidarity” so that Muslims have every easy opportunity to undermine and overthrow that same “democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and solidarity”.

    “One thing is clear: a group of people are against us. It is terrible,” a 29-year-old Muslim who identified herself only as Aicha …”

    While, of course, it is not terrible that Islam is completely “against” everything that Holland and the Dutch people stand for, even as Muslims guzzle the Netherlands’ economic lifeblood and pack that country’s prisons to the rafters.

    Everybody who is reading this: Please consider sending Geert Wilders a congratulatory note at –


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