Canuckistan: in the crosshairs of the Aga Khan

Not to worry, he must be a ‘moderate…’

Harper makes Aga Khan honorary Canadian

Adam McDowell and Drew Halfnight, National Post

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday conferred an honorary Canadian citizenship on the Aga Khan, making the billionaire descendant of the Prophet Mohammed and spiritual leader to 15 million Ismaili Muslim followers worldwide only the fifth person to be so honoured.

The Aga Khan, left, and Stephen Harper look over a model of the Aga Khan Centre and Museum yesterday, which will be built in Toronto by 2013.

And though that “citizenship” is merely a symbolic gesture, if the Aga Khan (who lives in France) were to prove a model Canadian citizen, he would not be the first among his people to do so.

“He’s going to be a tremendous addition to our country — your country,” said Shenaz Ladak of Brampton, Ont., who, with a few dozen other Ismaili Muslim Canadians, stood on a sweltering street in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills yesterday to catch a glimpse of her spiritual leader. Followers know him as Mawlana Hazar Imam.

The Prime Minister and the Aga Khan met yesterday for a foundation ceremony for a cultural centre, museum and park to built on the site by 2013. The Aga Khan expressed his hope that the cultural edifice, particularly the collection of artifacts from Islamic history, would serve as a beacon for his sect’s moderate take on Islam and its “search for knowledge and beauty.”

Mr. Harper praised the Aga Khan’s pluralistic view of the world before making him an honorary citizen. The rare gesture (see sidebar) follows the assent of both houses of Parliament.

“Diversity under Islam…”

“As you yourself said, Your Highness, we cannot make the world safe for democracy without first making the world safe for diversity,” Mr. Harper said. “If I may say, sir, you sound like a Canadian.… And in fact, you are.”

Strange thinking. First we need diversity before we can have democracy? Are these ‘elected leaders’ all nucking futz?

Like many of his people, the Aga Khan is a cosmopolitan figure. He was born in Geneva, Switzerland, spent his early childhood in Nairobi, Kenya, his teens back in Switzerland; he did his undergraduate degree at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

Ismaili Muslims who gathered to steal a peek at their spiritual guide yesterday had moved to Canada from Uganda, Tanzania, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Ms. Ledak moved to Canada 35 years ago from Tanzania. She said the education she received at Ismaili schools in her homeland, including English language instruction, prepared her well for Canadian life. “You are born taken care of.”

Several other onlookers yesterday confirmed the Ismaili reputation for privacy by declining to give their names to the press. Privately, they praised the Aga Khan for supporting his people with educational and other assistance through the Aga Khan Development Network and related organizations. An Ismaili man who moved to Canada from Tanzania (and did not wish to be named) said, “they guide you to the right path.”

(“the right path” is code for the usual Koranic claptrap)

At the Toronto dig site this week, more than 100 volunteers from around North America could be seen prepping the site for the ground-breaking.

“There’s a strong volunteer ethic in the community,” said Farid Damji, a member of the Ismaili Council for Canada who came from Vancouver to pitch in. “It’s an ethic and a value that is instilled from a very young age, in terms of volunteering.”

So much for ‘moderation’: Ismaili Council promotes headbanger/radical cleric Zakir Naik……

For his part, the Aga Khan has given Canada credit for the successful integration of Ismailis in the country.

The Aga Khan has exhorted Ismailis in this country with the simple but powerful phrase, “Make Canada your home.” Many Ismailis have said this command played a role in their decision to stay in Canada.

“Canada has been the country which has been most generous, most thoughtful, most helpful in bringing people [in from] these difficult backgrounds, offering them a new opportunity,” he said in Vancouver in 2008.

Ismaili Muslim Canadians include Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed and Senator Mobina Jaffer. (Mobina and Jew hatred come together…)

National Post

Aga Khan & Toronto

Drew Halfnight, National Post

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and His Highness the Aga Khan will dig shovels into the dirt today at the future site of a $300-million cultural centre for Ismaili Muslims. By 2013, the seven-acre expanse near Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue will be home to a world-class museum, multi-purpose building and parklands, cementing this city’s importance as a past and future destination for the Ismaili diaspora. Farid Damji, a member of the Ismaili Council for Canada, said the Aga Khan chose to build the centre in Toronto because of its “cosmopolitan cultural outlook.”

Not a word about where these 300 million dollars are coming from……

The Aga Khan Museum will be a white-stone building with a low dome by prize-winning architect Fumihiko Maki. Directly south, the larger Ismaili Centre Toronto by Mumbai-based architect Charles Correa will strike a similar, modern pose, with a multifaceted glass roof and a limestone exterior. It will contain meeting rooms, a prayer room, youth lounge and a library. Surrounding these buildings will be a network of geometric ponds, fountains, gardens and pathways. The Post offers a view of what’s to come, and answers questions on the little-known Ismaili religion.


Ismailism is a branch of Shia Islam, which first prospered during the Fatimid caliphate in Cairo from the 10th to 12th centuries. Today, the group counts an estimated 15 million members around the globe and is led by the 49th hereditary Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan. Ismailis are extremely diverse, and their activities and faith are not especially well documented by historians and journalists. Comprising at least three distinct sects, Ismailism has spread and evolved along with its followers, who have been flung by various upheavals throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, East and South Africa and more recently to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Almost half of Canada’s 70,000 Ismailis live in Toronto. (Pictured at left is a 17th-century emerald bottle from Iran that will be housed in the new Toronto facility.)

So the question would be: which Koran do the Ismailis read? Do the Ismaelis follow the teachings of the profti Muhammad or not? Are they commanded to wage jihad against unbelievers; yes or no? But don’t hold your breath. Nobody will ask the obvious…..


Billionaire, intellectual, diplomat, tycoon, Shah Karim al-Hussayni, the Aga Khan IV, pictured, is revered by Ismaili Muslims as a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad. Born in 1936 in Kenya, His Highness studied in Switzerland and at Harvard and now lives in a walled compound and chateau near Chantilly, France. Perhaps best known for his vast array of philanthropic projects, he is twice married with five children, is the top breeder of thoroughbred horses in France and competed as a skier for Turkey and Iran in the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games.

No question how he made his billions?


Once a trusted friend of the late prime minister Pierre Trudeau, the Aga Khan has a soft spot for Canada, which he has called “the most pluralistic country on the face of the Earth” and “a beacon to the world.” His project in Toronto will complete a triptych of architectural projects in the country, including the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby, B.C., and the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa, inaugurated by Prime Minister Harper and the Aga Khan in 2008.

A “trusted friend  of Pierre Trudeau” should set the alarm bells off….


As chairman of the private Aga Khan Development Network, the Aga Khan directs about 70,000 employees at hundreds of institutions on fourcontinents. He exercises control over a hydroelectric project in Uganda, a five-star hotel and mobile phone company in Afghanistan and micro-credit institutions that lend money to poor people in Asia. A life-long advocate of interracial harmony,diplomacy and detente, the Aga Khan has been cited as the man in the best position to defuse antagonism between Islamic nations and the West in the wake of 9/11.

In other words, he plays with our taxpayer dollars which finance the worldbank & UNESCO etc…..(spreading the wealth around…)


Ismaili Muslims are sometimes described as “tight-knit” or “secretive.” Non-Ismailis are not allowed into Ismaili religious services; questions directed at Ismailis by reporters and other inquisitive types are often politely dismissed; and the globe-trotting Aga Khan’s visits are shrouded in secrecy. Some have said this furtiveness reflects the subordination of Ismailis to their spiritual head, but others have called it a “quietest” attitude resulting from centuries of persecution. A senior staffer with Aga Khan Trust for Culture said Ismailis are just self-effacing. “I think it’s just a low-key community. It’s one that’s about humility, that always wants to give back to the community in ways that are unseen.”

Ah yes! Islamic “humility that is unseen”- how fitting!


Filled with artifacts from the Aga Khan’s 1,000-piece private collection, the museum will showcase the richness of Islamic art and civilization through 13 centuries. A chestnut leaf inscribed with golden calligraphy from the Ottoman Empire, pages from the “blue Qur’an” from North Africa and a well-preserved Mongol robe from the 13th or 14th century are a few examples of what gallery-goers can expect to see in the museum, the first of its kind in North America.

In other words, nothing of value.

19 thoughts on “Canuckistan: in the crosshairs of the Aga Khan”

  1. Here we go again … islam is ‘poorly understood’, and the museum is here to help polish the turd:

    [Canadian Jamat rejoices around the Foundation Ceremony in Toronto; reflects on impact of new institutions

    After years of eager anticipation since the projects were formally announced in 2002, the Jamat across Canada came together to celebrate the Foundation Ceremony of the Ismaili Centre, the Aga Khan Museum and their Park, which are being established in Toronto.]

    [(“In our society, in recent years, the name and culture of Islam were very poorly understood. I think that through the Museum and through everything that will be presented in the Museum that illustrates the Islam of the past and [its] many cultures, it will be easier for people to see what Islam really is, that it is a culture of peace.”)]

  2. â– Canada’s moderate Muslims

    Just waiting until the Americans are overtaken by the Muslim Brotherhood c/o CAIR and the Wahabbi lobby.
    Then you’ll see that Canada will be “easy pickins”.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, but I have known Ismaelis for 40 years and they are the most Western and civilized of all Muslim sects. Someone has asked where those $300 million are coming from, the Aga Khan most likely makes that in a year just from donations of the faithful. The Aga Khan Development network is just that, it has nothing to do with the hydro-electric plant, hotels or phone company, that is an entirely different organization, Industrial Development organization that has only one purpose, make money and they make it, lots of it.

    1. Interesting, ciccio.

      Sorry to burst your bubble: I am not inclined to take your word for it, because anyone who promotes the poison of Zakir Naik on their websites and spews age-old Mohammedan hatred against Jews is highly suspect to me, especially when they’re ‘very secretive and discreet’ about their belief system. I have never heard the Aga Khan denounce the Koran or the hadith, and I have never heard from an Ismaili who renounced violent jihad against unbelievers. If this sect specializes in financial jihad they are no less dangerous than the Sowdi Wahabites.

  4. Zakir Naik has called the Ismailis and Ahmadiya Muslims heretics, I suspect he did so because these two sects are the only ones who have renounced violent jihad. The quran and hadith is the basis of islam, none dare denounce it but the Ismailis are very generous in their interpretation.
    The Ismailis like all muslims have obligatory prayers, theirs is in the morning and evening at home or in their meeting halls. They also have haj except they go to France and Switzerland to bask in the light of their immam. They also have zakat, their is 12% and i goes straight to the Aga Khan. As for fasting, they are enjoined to do so spiritually. Because they are a relatively small sect without a country of their own the last three Aga Khans have told their followers to be good citizens of the countries in which they settle. And best of all, they wear neither a headscarf or a burqa. I have done business with them, not the most trustworthy but their top staff is mainly white non-muslim.

  5. ” I have done business with them, not the most trustworthy but their top staff is mainly white non-muslim.”

    Likewise, ciccio.

    20 years ago I visited the Aga Khan’s General Manager (a Swiss national) in Sardinia, who was a friend of mine then. I learned a fair bit about Ismaelites …..

  6. aga khan and his followers should not be calling themselves muslims because they hardly follow the pillars of islam…dont pray like the other million muslims do,dont perform hajj, dont fast and most of all they do shirk by asking their aga khan to forgive their sins. why do they believe in God then if their aga khan is their so called god ?and they are secretive because they know theyre on the wrong path and so does their leader!

  7. Badge engineering, maya. Aga Khan can no more forgive sins than allah and its false prophet – without the shedding of blood there is no forgiving of sins (Hebrews 9:22 onwards) the blood of Jesus Christ in particular.

    muslims, regardless of flavour, deny the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and remain unforgiven, eternally. Simple as that. QED.

  8. maya raheem,
    you are a fool – despite the fact that the Agar Khan is muslim, he and his family are one of the few wealthy muslim families who really do support the underprivileged and the needy – and you abuse him because he does not behave like a mindless and soulless islamic freak. You really are a stupid cretin, and I am being very kind!!! Your comment shows exactly why islam has NO place in the world now.

  9. Maya Raheem……Would it satisfy your stupid logic if
    – Ismailis wore stupid looking beards? NO Quranic basis.
    – Ismaili Women wore stupid Hijabs and Burqas? NO Quranic basis.
    – Ismailis prayed 5 times? NO Quranic basis.
    – Ismailis sanctioned terrorism? NO Quranic basis.
    you’re already at 4 strikes and there is more but i feel by telling you and bursting your Jihadi bubble, i’d be pouring water on a rock!

  10. Maya Raheen – We are a Shia Muslim and after the death of Mohammad PBUH, follow the guidance of the Imam of the time. You may have a look at what happened in Ghadir e Khum. Our thoughts and believes surely differs from other Islam Secs. Shias followed Mohammad’s guidance, and accepted Ali / Imam to guide them in both faith and life matters, while the people of Sunna chose Khilafat, who the Amir can only politically rule the Emirate. The rest of the mulims as followers of the sunna / tradition, believes and practice the practices and Hadith of Mohammad’s PBUH, follows the Zahir meaning of Quran and obey the Fiqh as the rules established by their scholars. Ismailis believes in Quran’s hidden meanings clear to their Imam, who teaches and guide us based on that esoteric meaning. we believe in Mohammad’s PBUH practices but don’t find necessary to practice the tradition of 14 century ago, rather follow the practices and instructions of Our Imam of Time as guided in Quran. As Hadith declared, Shias follow Quran and Ahl e Bait, while in spite of accepting the Hadith, you follow Quran and only Hadith which was stated 14 centuries ago.

    Aga Khan, our Imam and the Desendant of Mohammad PBHU doesn’t forgive sins, but is a wasila. We are not secret, but need to be careful. Ismailis have lived with centuries of hate, prejudice and persecution and those who did it is still out there.

    Saying us on the wrong path is a lil hard statement. But you can guess; the difference of the look and faith between Ismailis people and rest of the Muslims people in another 14 century : ) , But its unfortunate that none nowadays follow your real teachings. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a right to be here, and discuss with other men.

    And Maya please have a look at wikipeda for our fundamental believes.

  11. Could you source the websites where the hatred against Jews and support for Zakir Naik by the Shia Ismaili Muslim community are visible?

  12. Can’t you click on the links, Gilani?

    Readers might be interested to read over this interview with the Aga Khan from a few years back:

    Aga Khan:

    SPIEGEL: Does Islam have a problem with reason?

    Not at all. Indeed, I would say the contrary. Of the Abrahamic faiths, Islam is probably the one that places the greatest emphasis on knowledge. The purpose is to understand God’s creation, and therefore it is a faith which is eminently logical. Islam is a faith of reason.

    SPIEGEL: Which side is responsible?

    Aga Khan: Both. But essentially the Western world.

    SPIEGEL: So, what are the root causes of terrorism?

    Aga Khan: Unsolved political conflicts, frustration and, above all, ignorance. Nothing that was born out of a theological conflict.

    SPIEGEL: Which political conflicts do you mean?

    Aga Khan: The ones in the Middle East and in Kashmir, for example. These conflicts have remained unresolved for decades. There is a lack of urgency in understanding that the situation there deteriorates, it’s like a cancer. If you are not going to act on a cancer early enough, ultimately it’s going to create terrible damage. It can become a breeding ground for terrorism.

    Now to the issue of spreading faith by the sword: All faiths at some time in their history have used war to protect themselves or expand their influence, and there were situations when faiths have been used as justifications for military actions. But Islam does not call for that, it is a faith of peace.

    What a steaming pile of taqiyya!

    There are other gems, which are just ridiculous:

    Aga Khan: I beg you, please get away from the concept of a conflict of religion. It is not such a conflict. Nobody will ever convince me that the faith of Islam, that Christianity, that Judaism will fight each other in our times — they have too much in common.

    Islam is not an “Abrahamic faith” and has nothing in common with Christianity or Judaism, not even the 10 commandments. Mohammed declared all religions obsolete, Islam came to replace them, end of story.

    The Aga Khan is also no friend of free speech:

    Aga Khan: We can avoid misunderstandings by having such a forum where people from different faiths consult each other so they understand what really affects them. Once you have committed an offense all you can do is to try and reverse it. Anyone who knows the faith of Islam, for example, would have known that the caricatures of the prohet were profoundly offensive to all Muslims.

    SPIEGEL: Again, this whole affair was misused by radical Islamists. They added caricatures much more offensive than the original ones to incite the masses.

    Aga Khan: But I am told that there was an internal debate between the editors of that publication and they actually knew what they were doing. They took a risk and somebody should have said to them, Why get into that situation? Now we are talking about civility, which is a completely different concept. If we are talking about civility in a pluralist society, then how do you develop that notion of civility, particularly where there is ignorance. And that’s the thing that’s worrying. And that’s why I get frustrated when I see these situations that go on and on and on. Because I’m not willing to believe that they are all inspired by evil intent.

    And the Spiegel shits agree with him:

    SPIEGEL: Provocative, sad and distasteful. But the freedom of the press is one of the highest values in our democracy. We have to balance one thing against the other and we will allow non-believers to express even outrageous opinions.

    There is no civility in Islam, but don’t take my word for it. Shove it where the sun don’t shine, Aga & Co!

  13. I don’t see anywhere in the links anything backing up hatred for jews or support for this Naik charater when you said ‘So much for ‘moderation’: Ismaili Council promotes headbanger/radical cleric Zakir Naik……’. If I am blind, perhaps you could be so kind as to point out the paragraph #. Or specify which link – you’ve got multiple links on your site. I was also asking you to give some backing to the statement about playing with tax dollars along with many of your other surprising statements

    1. I can take a horse to the water, but I can not force it to drink, Gilani.

      Do you deny the genocidal Jew-hatred in mainstream Islamic teachings?

      I’ll try anyhow and I give you two links, but I think you are more interested in denial than the truth. (Link one, and link two)

      But of course, in your world its probably not Zakir Naik but allah himself who commands the murder of Jews, so he is free of blame. Surprise me with your wisdom!

  14. this is a very big disrespect for other emams is this a immam that he is doing miss undrestanding about islam this will take answer by people who will rise from khorasan and they will destry and remove this misundrestanding and that people will be and tha group will be Allah’s group

  15. Mr zakir naik remember that ALI (a.s) is born in the place qabah where Every muslim is bound to perform haj once in their life and Aga khan is the AAL RASOOL.So it is ur obligation to recite salwat for aal rasoon if u study islamic history

  16. mohammed rishad,

    muslims murder and rape for allah – where is the misunderstanding!!!

    incidentally, allah is the name of an earlier moon god. which fits with what you believe.

    BTW, can you even think!!! No – I didn’t think so.

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