Carbeques in Germany

Last week in Osterholz-Scharmbeck (Lower Saxony) :

Muslim ‘youths’ accused of being gang-members and drug-dealers carbequed 10 expensive vehicles. The youths are welfare recipients and live in community housing. The police fears revenge attacks from other gang-members…. (from PI: Jugendliche Ausländer brennen Autos nieder)

Berlin: “Grey Wolfes” und „Antifa“ against Israel

The ‘Grey Wolfes” are the Milli Gorus -Fethullah Guelen mobsters…..

Merkel sends condolences

(to Turkey)

Merkel demands a ‘full investigation’ by the “Quartett”, which includes the EU, UNO, Russia & the USA. Perhaps Turkey, Libya & Iran should get a seat on this truth commission?

Courtroom Drama in Brussels:

A “Mentally disturbed Albanese” shot and killed the judge and a judicial employee. More from PI/in German…

Belgium: Parents against halal food for their children

Several parents of children in the Kleine Kunstenaar kindergarten in Houthalen (Belgium) started a petition since their children are being forced to eat halal on a school trip.  more »

Netherlands: Dutch Hamas leader one of Gaza flotilla organizers

The Dutch Amin Abou Rashed (43), who was arrested by Israeli commandos on the ‘freedom flotilla’ by the coast of Gaza, is a top official in the Hamas terror organization, according to intelligence services.Read more »

Netherlands: Dutch, immigrants differ on Islam

The results provide remarkable conclusions.  Read more »

Before Facts Known, European Officials Rushed to Judgment and Condemned Israel’s Attempts to Stop Illegal Flotilla

WTF is wrong with Merkel in this picture? Has she been drugged? Is she stoned?

US vice president Joe Biden reveals he can indeed say the right thing – and when it matters most. He’s backed Israel over its storming of the Mav Marmara when weaker leaders around the world – Kevin Rudd included – rushed to condemn: Biden says what needed saying/Andrew Bolt

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  1. Quote: The police fears revenge attacks from other gang-members…

    Would that be ‘Backlash’ we keep being promised?

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