Compo Jihad, Rape Jihad, Forced Conversion Jihad, Extortion Jihad….

Its all part of the great inner struggle:

The City of Stockholm is to pay 35,000 kronor ($4,500) in compensation to a woman who was forced to leave a municipal training course for wearing a long headscarf.

A woman who was forced off a state-run training program because she wore a long headscarf has now won damages from Stockholm’s local authority. The Local

Mohammedan “tour-guides” rape, blackmail  & rob 2 Dutch tourists in India

“Complainant claimed that they were horrified and succumbed to the men as their Passports were in their custody and they were threatening them to put them in trouble,” he said.  rediff news

US Terror Group CAIR Makes Excuses For Imam Who Molested Boy

There are few things more evil than a religious leader who molests children. Yasser Mohamed Shahade is that kind of evil. On Thursday, he was sentenced to ten years probation and designation as a sex offender after pleading guilty to molesting… Silobreaker/ FULL ARTICLE

Copenhagen: Criticism of imam proposal to mediate in gang attacks

Objections to paying off the Godfather? Sharp criticism of the mediation efforts between Netto, imams and gang leaders.

UK: Plans to limit non-EU migrants

Other Offerings:

Three Indonesians Caned for Gambling…

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  1. The silence from the muslim scum who read these pages re: the forced conversion of people into their perverted religion, called islam, under penalty of death, is deafening!! As of now, any muslim who tries to spread its perverted belief system in non-muslim countries should be executed by the state. islam has NO place in a civilised society.

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