Discrimination in the US of A

Yet another fartwa coming our way:

Fatwa: Muslim women can work in offices but with veil

Days after a leading Islamic seminary held as un-Islamic women working in offices in proximity with men, another seminary has issued a fatwa that Muslim women can work in offices but with a veil.


Mufti of Darul Iftah of Bareilvi Sharif Mohd Ayyub Alem Rizvi has issued the fatwa that Muslim women can work in institutions after wearing the veil but with some conditions.   However, the conditions were not known.   More>>

Associated (with terrorists) Press shills for Hamas front CAIR:

Woman “erroneously told”  to remove headscarf for driving license photo

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A Muslim woman who was erroneously told to remove her headscarf for a driver’s license photo will be allowed to retake her photo with the head covering on. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Thursday that a Department of Motor Vehicle employee in Oceanside insisted that the woman remove her headscarf, even though state rules allow for religious head coverings in ID photos.

DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza said there was a misunderstanding. She said the employee asked the woman to move her scarf, but she removed it instead.

She said DMV staff can ask customers to move head coverings so the whole face is showing.

Mendoza says the employee has apologized to the woman.

Dare to compare: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Too sexy for her dress:

I was fired for wearing sexy skirts and high heels, says bank girl

A banker claims she was sacked for wearing clothes that were too sexy.

Debrahlee Lorenzana, 33, said she was fired by Citibank because her pencil skirts and fitted suits distracted male colleagues.

She was told not to wear high heels because they drew attention to her figure and stopped men from working, according to a lawsuit.

Other female colleagues who wore similar clothes did not cause a problem because they were not as attractive as her, it was claimed.

Miss Lorenzana, a single mother whose father is Puerto Rican and whose mother is Italian, worked at Citibank in New York.

She is suing Citigroup – the group which owns Citibank – for sexual harassment. The company denies any wrongdoing.

Her lawyer said she ‘was punished because her male bosses couldn’t handle their libidos’.

Of her figure, he added: ‘Debrahlee Lorenzana would be very attractive in a burkha.’

Sheik Yer’mami suspects that Debrahlee has no intention to convert anytime soon….

The Daily Mail has the rest of the story