Erick Stakelbeck & Anjem Chaudary Interview: Islam is not a religion of peace

Islam is not a religion of peace

Anjem Chaudary is honest about his belief system. He even calls it an ideology, not so much a religion, which most believe it is. Sometimes I think he is one of us. But he can’t be, because he hates Christians & Jews, and he believes that jihad- terrorism against unbelievers is   a religious obligation for every muslim……

Unfortunately Stakelbeck still believes that Islam can somehow be reformed and the Koran rewritten, or reinterpreted, like other religions:

Terrorism analyst Erick Stakelbeck says, “We need to bring it (Islam) into the modern day.”

The learned “analyst” seems to have forgotten the gates of ijtihad are closed.

So, Mr. Erick Stakelbeck, terrorism analyst, what now?

Ali Sina sez:

“Smash it (Islam) into pieces and pulverize it! Reforming impossible!

Non-Muslims are guilty of naivety. They are the ones who inflame extremism when they validate Islam as a legitimate religion. They have allowed unrestricted propagation of this nefarious cult in their countries, unaware of what Islam really is. Islam does not recognize any other religion or system as legitimate. Wherever it comes to power, it abolishes all human rights. …”

Churchill, in ‘The Story of the Malakand Field Force’, refers to Islam as ‘the religion of blood and war’.

And that is what it is.

The Religion of Blood and War.

Who are the “moderate Muslims?”

In his book “The West’s Last Chance,” Tony Blankley refers to “moderate Muslims” as “covert Sympathizers.”

3 thoughts on “Erick Stakelbeck & Anjem Chaudary Interview: Islam is not a religion of peace”

  1. There’s a joke about striking the hate verses from the Koran. What your left with is a pamphlet! What always amazes me is that aplogists like Esposito and Armstrong are not called on their lies by the govts. they advise as ‘experts.’ That is willful ignorance practiced widely by our politicians.

  2. This is the first honest and direct assessment of our situation. If we want to live, we have only one solution. Too bad that he will be labled as a ;
    1) racist
    3)any other word to malign his character
    We are not talking about little shit, but we are faced with the fact that our existence is in jeopardy! We need to act with urgency and with extreme discrimination, just like they do in their countries.

  3. It’s a shame this got so few viewers to leave comments. This is the problem. How can we pass on this information to our communities, without being arrested for “hate-crimes/hate-speech”?

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