Exterminate The Brutes!

Islamic Hatred: Soldiers’ Parade Ruined by Muslim protesters, Brand War Heroes ‘Murderers’ as Homecoming Parade turns Violent, EDL Stands Against Vile Islamic Supremacism Atlas Shrugs

Into the jaws of hate: Soldiers’ parade marred by Muslim extremists and “far-Right

Clashes: Police hold back Muslim protesters as they trade insults with English Defence League members while soldiers take part in a homecoming parade in Barking, Essex

Importing the war

Andrew Bolt

A group of extremist Muslims (are there any other ones?) prompted violent clashes at a homecoming parade for British troops today after they heckled soldiers and called them ‘murderers.

More telling video here.

UK: Mohammedan Headbangers Attack Soldiers Parade (Again)

(Daily Mail)

Screaming hate and brandishing vile placards, Muslim extremists and far-Right groups (?) clashed yesterday in ugly scenes that marred a parade by soldiers.

According to the Daily Mail, supporting the troops now makes someone “far-right” and “anti-Muslim”.

Around 40 members of a group called Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) arrived with inflammatory banners featuring slogans such as ‘Butchers return’ and ‘What are you dying for? £18k’.

They were soon confronted by 100 people, some wearing English Defence League T-shirts, who shouted ‘scum’ and ‘Muslim bombers off our streets’.

The Mohammedan scum shouted ‘murderers’ as troops from the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through Barking “homo sapiens by birth, subhuman by choice”

Police, who had received intelligence warning of trouble at the march in Barking, Essex, separated the groups behind barriers on opposite sides of the road.

But violence flared after 200 soldiers from 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment – who lost five men in a recent tour of Afghanistan and had been granted freedom of the borough – marched past thousands of well-wishers.

MAC supporters shouted slogans such as ‘murderers, murderers’ and ‘British troops go to hell’, while the mainly white crowd opposite, some of whom are believed to have been BNP supporters, threw frozen pork sausages and chanted ‘scum’ and ‘Allah, Allah, who the f*** is Allah?’

The homecoming ceremony was delayed by an hour after far right protesters hurled frozen sausages at the Muslim group

Charlene Byrne, 24, whose boyfriend Lance Corporal Scott Hardy was killed in an explosion near Musa Qala on March 16, said: ‘They should never have been allowed to hijack this. Not everyone supports what’s happening in Afghanistan – but they shouldn’t take it out on the soldiers.’

Alex Mitchelson, 18, whose brother has completed two tours of Afghanistan, said: ‘He would been disgusted by what happened here today. I had Muslim protesters racially abusing me as I walked by.’

The leader of Barking and Dagenham Council recently wrote to Home Secretary Theresa May asking her to ban MAC because he feared its extremist propaganda could cause violence.

Two men were arrested after police intervened during the violent clashes


Liam Smith acted after MAC posters about the protest, showing a bomber bursting through a flag of St George, appeared on the town’s war memorial. Previous leaflets depicted British soldiers beside a bloody puddle in the shape of a skull.

Mr Smith said: ‘We don’t want these people with their hate-filled agenda in our borough.’

The MAC members – one of whom allegedly spat at a soldier – left after police gave them safe passage to Barking underground station by forming a human wall.

One of the organisers, Abu Abbas, said: ‘The protest is not about the Anglian Regiment but all occupations in Muslim lands. They have gone over and killed civilians. We cannot accept this.’

But Barking and Dagenham Muslim councillor Manzour Hussain said: ‘MAC do not represent the vast majority of law-abiding, peaceful Muslim members of society who respect Britain’s Armed Forces and the work they do.’

There is Only One Answer:

DownUnder as well:

‘Gallipoli a cowardly attack on Islam’

An Islamic group is holding a conference in Sydney themed as the Struggle of Islam in the West and Tim Webster cannot believe their claims on Gallipoli. RSL President Ken Doolan on free speech and responsibility.  Audio from 2UE

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  1. Having two uncles serve in the ME in WW1, I was shocked and offended to read they have a “Galipolli” mosque in Auburn somewhere in Sydney’s West.
    Remember Galipolli was a defeat for us.
    Rings true with the Ground Zero proposal.

  2. Sorry, I just trew up because of the remark “that they do not represent the vast majority of law-abiding, peaceful Muslim members”. This is a ly. And I hate lies.

  3. I have been telling people for 5 years now about the way they laugh at us on Anzac Day. No one listens. I lived there, have been to Galipolli and I know their feelings about us. They hate our guts.

    As for calling their mosque in Auburn “The Galipolli” mosque is a travesty of justice and an offence to Australians.

    We all saw what they did to the Diggers Memorial at Arncliffe this year on Anzac Day. They came close to destroying it. They swung on the flag pole like the apes they are and tore down our flag.

    Do we need any other proof of their intentions. We can no longer pretend it is the actions of youth. It is planned by their masters at the mosques.

    Please let our leaders wake up before Australians are forced to take charge of this situation ourselves. It is getting that bad. We are the ones suffering, not the politicians in their ivory towers.


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