Fartwa against dogs

Iran cleric says dogs “unclean” and not to be kept as pets

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(Reuters) – A senior Iranian cleric has decreed dogs are “unclean” and should not be kept as pets — a move aimed at discouraging Western-style dog ownership in the Islamic state, a newspaper reported on Saturday

Dogs are considered “unclean” under Islamic tradition but, while relatively rare in Iran, some people do keep them as pets.

By issuing a fatwa — a religious ruling — Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi has sent a clear message that this trend must stop.

“Friendship with dogs is a blind imitation of the West,” he was quoted as saying in Javan daily. “There are lots of people in the West who love their dogs more than their wives and children.”

Guard dogs and sheep dogs are considered acceptable under Islamic law but Iranians who carry dogs in their cars or take them to public parks can be stopped by police and fined.

The Koran does not explicitly prohibit contact with dogs, Shirazi said, but Islamic tradition showed it to be so. “We have lots of narrations in Islam that say dogs are unclean.”

The interpretation of religious rules on personal conduct is a constant source of debate and potential conflict in Iran which has been an Islamic republic since a revolution ousted the Western-backed Shah in 1979.

In a television interview last week, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad weighed in on the issue of the Islamic dress code, saying women who fail to cover their hair completely should not be harassed by the police.

Morality police are conducting their annual crackdown and women who reveal strands of hair are liable to be stopped in the streets for failing to respect the dress code, or “hijab.”

Ahmadinejad’s surprisingly liberal view was condemned by fellow hard-liner politicians and senior clerics “I wish he had not said those words about the hijab,” Grand Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told the faithful during the week’s Friday prayers, in a rare criticism of the president.

“We are grappling with many problems including economic and political ones but the issues of morality and ethical security are among the important issues that cannot be ignored,” he said.

Tehran University has set up a thinktank “to investigate the problems related to hijab,” the representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to the university announced on Monday.

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  1. “There are lots of people in the West who love their dogs more than their wives and children.”

    You KILL your wives and daughters

  2. Jihad on Dogs

    (Muslim) Gang kicked dog in air and threatened to do same to owner

    A DOG was viciously attacked by a gang of youths while walking through Milnshaw Park, Accrington, with its owner.

    William Townsley, 66, was walking his 14-year-old partially-blind Cairn terrier Snoopy through the park at around 1pm on Monday.

    As he was passing the children’s play area, William said a group of around 18 Asian youths racially abused him, shouting obscenities before kicking the defenceless dog in the face and ribs.

    William, of Devonshire Street, Accrington, said: “I could hear them shouting racial obscenities but I ignored them at first and carried on walking towards the old tennis courts.

    “As I turned around to shout Snoopy, a couple of the gang, who had broken off from the rest, kicked him in the ribs and then in the face before running back to their friends.

    “I thought he was dead. The poor dog had been kicked into the air and was just lying on its side.

    “As I walked off I could hear them shouting: ‘Carry on, we’ll do to you what we did to the dog’. I was in fear of my life.”

    William said he picked his pet up and cradled it in his arms before making his way to the nearby Asda store to call for help.

    He added: “I was so shaken up I could hardly talk. The woman I spoke to at Asda said Snoopy was the fourth animal to be attacked up there.”

    William said he waited at the store for an hour for a police officer to arrive but then had to leave to get Snoopy to the vets. On his return home he contacted the police again and was assured someone would visit him soon. However, he was still awaiting a response.

    Inspector Dave Mangan at Accrington Police Station confirmed the crime had been reported and apologised for the delay in dealing with it.

    He said: “After the initial call was logged, another job came in with a high priority and the patrol had to be deployed there. Because we didn’t have a mobile number, we were unable to contact Mr Townsley

    “We understand that to this man it was an important call, but unfortunately we don’t have limitless resources and we had to prioritise. We would like to be able to send someone to every crime as soon as it happens but it is not always possible.”

    Police are now investigating and said if any other animals have been attacked in the area the owners should contact them on 51212.

  3. What kind of an evil degenerate does not like dogs? Mohammed was a pervert. Obama is one too!

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