French Police Foil Attack on the Eiffel Tower

From the Gates of Vienna/via Vlad Tepes

A plot by imprisoned terrorists to attack the Eiffel Tower with poison gas has been uncovered by the police. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this French news video:

They’ll bring it down eventually. Its not that they haven’t tried before…… and then there was Air France Flight 8969….


The men stated over the aircraft’s cockpit radio:

We are the Soldiers of Mercy.

Allah has selected us as his soldiers. We are here to wage war in his name.

But hey, lets not jump to conclusions. Nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a Religion of Peace, we all know that……

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  1. * French Police Foil Attack on the Eiffel Tower

    But don’t foil attacks on thousands of cars, buses, trains and infidels.

  2. Recall that Septimania (southwestern France, including the cities of Narbonne, Carcassone, and Beziers, though by 725 reaching as far north as Autun in Burgundy, east-central France) was occupied by the Saracens under the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba, from 719/720- c.788. And Provence (southwestern France, including the cities of Marseille, Cisteron, Gap, Hyeres, Frejus, and Embrun) was occupied by the Saracens between the years 888 and 975 under the Emirate of Fraxinet (source of the French city name La Grande-Freinet), while Gascony (adjacent to the Pyrenees in southwestern France) fell temporarily under the yoke of the Fraxinet Emirs in 939; futuhat (conquests) were acquired by the ghuzat (raiders) as far as the canton of Le Valais in western Switzerland (939) and Graubünden (aka Grisons) in eastern Switzerland (960) –the jizya was even levied upon trekkers in the highly-important mountain-passes of St. Bernard between Switzerland and Italy (911; thus the name of the modern-day city Pontresina — “Bridge of the Saracens”); they even conquered land as distant as Freesenedellum in Piedmont (northwestern Italy, in the year 960). Even after the fall of the fortress of Fraxinet (975), the Lerins islands near Cannes were acquired by the Saracens in 1047 (not too long before al-Salibiyyah — the Crusades). Narbonne was unsuccessfully besieged in 1019, while the Antibes had been taken earlier, in 1003.

    To the mujahedin, southern France at the very least (if not parts of central France, Switzerland, and northwestern Italy) is as Dar al-Islam as are Spain and Portugal and Andorra and Gibraltar, as well as Sicily and Corsica and the Balearics and Sardinia and the cities of Bari, Taranto, Brindisi, Saracinesco, and Civitavecchia on the Italian mainland. And that’s just in the first five or so centuries of Islamic imperialism and colonialism!

  3. “We are the Soldiers of Mercy.”

    Straight out of the sahih ahadith…

    “Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud: The Prophet said: The most merciful of the people in respect of killing are believers (in Allah).”–Sunan Abu Dawud Book 14 Number 2660

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