God damn the UN!

UN Calls Censorship a “Human Right”

Yuman Rites for Muslims. No yuman rites for kafirs. The corrupt swine at the UN take infamy to new hights…..

by Tom McGregor/Dallas blog/Hat tip Pamela

The United Nations believes that the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has a “human right” to impose censorship on the media to “promote (Muslim) religious tolerance.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will even hand over funds for the OIC to ensure that strict censorship on the media will be enforced when reporters shed a negative light on radical Islamic militants that include, Osama bin-Laden, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, al-Shabaab (Somalia) and Abu Shayaff (the Philippines).

According to Fox News, “concerns about censorship were raised after the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which has tremendous sway in the United Nations, successfully pushed through a resolution that creates a watchdog to monitor how religion is portrayed in the media.”

The OIC claims it will enforce religious tolerance by ensuring that the (Muslim) religion is not mocked. An incident occurred when Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed instigated Islamic riots. Yet, the United States and the European Union members on the council voted against the resolution, worrying that it will censor the press and assault freedom of expression.

As reported by Fox, “the resolution now opens the way for the Human Rights Council to select a special investigation on religious freedom to “work closely with mass media organizations to ensure that they create and promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for religious and cultural diversity.”

The UN loves to use irony whe implementing new policies. Mr. Ban appointed a so-called “Human Rights Council,” to be the media watchdog to impose censorship. Meanwhile, the UN hires and appoints investigators to seek and punish whistle-blowers and aid in cover-ups of corruption by initiating “sham” investigation inquiries. The UN also hosts “Transparency Summits,” even though Mr. Ban is notorious for hiding internal UN documents from public scrutiny.

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7 thoughts on “God damn the UN!”

  1. hhmmm, it seems we have a taste of what muslims think of ‘respect and tolerance for religious and cultural diversity’ by what happened in Dearborn this week at the Arab Festival.

    I wonder how fast the zero in the oval office will work to ensure that we follows the UN. I bet he doesn’t go and play golf for this one!

  2. Useless U.N.
    Talking about appeasement towards Islam……..
    Letting Iran in on Women’s right.
    Total Insanity.
    I just heard a remark, they might get more rights instead of the black chador, they might get a colored one. Welcome to Islam, the great Religion of tolerance.

  3. I cannot get my mind around this one.
    The UNRWA has to go. It’s outgrown it’s usefullness and is now nothing more than a United Nations of Islam.
    Ban Ki Moon is smoking crack. All the supporters of the OIC are smoking crack with Ban Ki Moon.

  4. Stone away: Iran joins UN’s global body on the status of women

    “Iran’s presence will be a real affront to women, but it will also show how the UN is back to business-as-usual despite the great fanfare this week surrounding the action it took on Libya.” Yep.

    “Iran joins UN’s global body on the status of women,” by Steven Edwards for Postmedia News, March 5 (thanks to JW): http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/03/stone-away-iran-joins-uns-global-body-on-the-status-of-women.html

  5. Taqiyya: religiously mandated lying to sell Islam to ignorant kafirs:

    Islam gives same rights to women as men, UN advisor says

    Islam gives the same rights to women as men, which is contrary to the image in Westerners’ minds about a woman’s status in Islam, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General Nafis Sadik told the Anatolia news agency on Friday.

    During an official visit to Turkey, Sadık said, “Being a Pakistani woman, I have had many chances to observe the women’s rights issue in Islamic countries; the religion of Islam gives equal rights to women.”

    She added that women should do whatever necessary to acquire the rights that Islam gives them.

    Emphasizing that there is a negative image in Western countries about the role of women in Islam, Sadik said, “In the Western world when people think of a Muslim person, the image of a Muslim man with four helpless women behind him comes to mind, but this image doesn’t reflect reality,” adding that “when reporters find out I’m a Muslim woman, they are usually surprised because they don’t believe that a Muslim woman can be successful and hold a high position as I do.”

    She also mentioned that she grew up under strict religious rules but had the same rights as her brothers, going on to say that “although my father was a religious man, he didn’t at all restrict my education and my choice of who to marry.”

    Women have the right to divorce in marriage, and Islam defends the rights of women, Sadik asserted.

    Regarding the recent increase in violence against women in Turkey, Sadik said, “Fighting against violence towards women is very important; politicians, lawyers, nongovernmental organizations, media and especially women themselves should cooperate in order to solve this problem in Turkey,” and added that stricter laws should be adopted to punish those who abuse women and that tougher laws against known abusers should be adopted to protect women at risk.

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