Higher education @ La Trobe: "playful act of rebellion"

AN artist has been paid $10,000 to float 10,000 paper planes in Victoria’s State Library.

“A playful act of rebellion in a way. But then creativity has always been bound up with rebellious acts.”

A rebellion against what? Reading? Knowledge? Thought?    Andrew Bolt

More “playful rebellion”

Playful act of rebellion unrewarded:

Muntaser al-Saidi, the shoe-thrower  from Baghdad who tried to humiliate George W. Bush, did not receive the promised rewards from Hamas. He complains he did not get any camels, sports cars, gold-saddled horses or any virgins….. Hamas gives shoe-thrower the shoe/PI

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Arabs renege on Jerusalem pledges to PA

Once again, Arab nations have promised much to their Palestinian Arab brethren – and delivered nothing.

Last March, the Arab League very publicly pledged to give a half billion dollars to the Palestinian Authority to combat the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.  As usual, the supposed Arab love of Jerusalem doesn’t extend beyond the anti-Israel slogan stage.  Elder of Ziyon

Unwanted Palistanians: