Honor Killings & The Lame Street Media

Revisiting Aqsa Parvez


The ultra-left Toronto Star has a long history of  trying to whitewash her story and thus becomes complicit in aiding and abetting sharia terror against women.

aqsa2.jpg(Aqsa’s “personal photo” at right from The National Post)

… a typical fundamentalist Islamic honour killing. In Pakistan this would receive a light sentence only because the father ‘owns’ the daughter, and his honour of his family is dependent on strict male dominated codes of conduct. Like female genital mutilation, it is widespread and enforced by the entire family and the Sharia courts.

Sheik sez: Aqsa was killed for not wearing a hijab. The lame street media goes to any length to make the flimsiest excuses, and the Islam propaganda machine tells them how to do it: her “tragic death” did not in fact result from “her refusal to wear the hijab”. Though this has been the media spin put on her murder, it is a distortion.

Update: Apparently, Mississauga, Ontario – the town the girl lived in, is a big-time hot bed of radical Islam.

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NO SHARIA in Canada!!

NO SHARIA in Canada!!” It’s about time we all say no sharia anywhere in the West – period! And as Ayaan goes on to offer later at the same National Post piece – “Not now, not ever.”

Muslims need to learn to adapt to the ways of Western civilization and the modern world – especially if they are going to live in the West.

Closing argument in the above article:

The “problem family,” Ayaan Ali Hirsi warns, will become more and more common unless Western democracies understand better how to integrate the newcomers into our societies – and how to turn them into citizens.

What’s wrong with the above sentence? question for you!

Phyllis Chesler

Why Is the Washington Post Afraid to Use the Words “Muslim” And “Honor Killing” In The Same Article?


In the last seven years, the print version of the Washington Post has covered honor killings sparingly, tangentially, briefly, and only in passing. Clearly, the mainstream media believes that some news is not fit to print.

For example, in 2004, in a Washington Post article which argued that the United States should grant political asylum to women fleeing violence, the authors note that “Persecution is a high standard to reach, involving extreme and offensive conduct, such as honor killings, sexual slavery and rape.” Fine with me—but there is no discussion of what an honor killing is or who commits one. Two years later, in 2006, the Post ran a smallitem under “World in Brief” which reads as follows: “A 14-year-old Pakistani girl died of an infected wound a month after being shot four times in an attempted ‘honor killing’ in Karachi, police said. Nur Jehan was shot in the stomach, leg, knee and arm and left for dead by her relatives, who accused her of having sex with a young man.” Read the complete original version of this item…

The Other Side of Jihad – Honor Killings

Finally, honor killing is also in the Koran

Re: “Father, son, admit strangling teen in ‘honour’ killing,” June 16.

The reason honour killings occur in Islam is that the practice is mandated in the Qur’an. Verses 18:65-18:81 tell of Moses meeting a man to whom God had given special knowledge. Moses accompanied the man to learn what God had taught him, and when they encountered a youth, the man killed him for no apparent reason. When Moses objected, the man explained that the youth was the son of righteous people and was about to grieve them by entering into insolence and religious infidelity, so he killed him in the hope God would give the couple a better son. According to the Qur’an, Moses clearly accepted this explanation, as he made no further objection. To pre-emptively answer the predictable, “You took this out of context” argument, this story is presented in its entirety without preamble or followup, and is not referred to anywhere else in the Qur’an. Nor can the translation be questioned as the three most trusted translators (Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, and Shakir) tell essentially the same story with different wording.

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