How do we make KRudd pay for this?

Define “stopped”

Stopped from going where?

THE navy has stopped the fourth and fifth suspected asylum-seeker boats to enter Australian waters in the past week.

Before KRudd weakened our laws, we’d get three boats in an average year. Now we can get five in a single week. Andrew Bolt

Asylum seekers headed for Darwin hotels

ABC News

Twenty-three asylum seekers are set to be transferred from Christmas Island to Darwin this afternoon.

The six Afghans and 12 Sri Lankans are in family groups and will be put up in hotels or public housing – not in detention.

Why is this guy in Australia?

Why did Riz Wakil not stay in Pakistan? Was he not safe in Indonesia? Why is his promoting a “kinder” policy that has already seen a reported 130 Afghanis drown? Why did he insist on coming to Australia, which is not an Islamic country, why could he not stay in Indonesia, which is religiously obliged to accommodate Muslim refugees?

The good news: KRudd’s Obamoment is over:  he will be Gillarded by a SHEMALE clone of himself…. and he will be gainfully employed as a gas detector in the mining industry……

A spokesman from the Immigration Department says the Christmas Island and Darwin Detention Centres are not full.

He says 2,401 asylum seekers are currently housed at Christmas Island – 100 short of the detention centre’s capacity.

It is a similar situation in Darwin where 449 people are being held.

The Department says there are more transfers from Christmas Island scheduled for tomorrow.

The Federal Government has been scouting Queensland and Western Australian for potential towns to house asylum seekers.

Last week it re-opened the controversial detention centre near Curtin Airbase in WA and it was revealed yesterday that officials visited the Muresk Agricultural Institute and at least two other sites in Northam.

Shire president Stephen Pollard confirmed the Northam Army Camp and old hospital site are under consideration.

Last week the Government confirmed it had contacted a company who provides workers’ accommodation in Dalby, on Queensland’s Darling Downs, about housing people on the outskirts of town.

9 thoughts on “How do we make KRudd pay for this?”

  1. You need to shut your borders to this type of immigration. How many billions of people are there in the world who could ‘justifiably’ (under international law that is) claim ‘asylum’ in our tolerant wealthy democracies? It would be the majority wouldn’t it?

    These laws on asylum and human rights are crazy and were designed for another age and an entirely different set of circumstances. All they do now are undermine societies such as Australia and threaten to turn them into clones of the hellholes from which these people are putatively seeking asylum (they’re not, they’re economic migrants and Islamic colonists). How do we go about overturning such legislation and the attitudes that underpins it?

    On a lighter note, I’m glad to see that hundreds of people turned out in Paris last night to demonstrate against the Islamisation of France with their sausage and wine protest/party. As you can see from the following video footage, the numbers were higher than those initially reported:

    We need more imaginative protests like this. I’ve suggested a protest somewhere in Britain with “seeing-eye dogs” (i.e. guide dogs) taking the lead (please excuse the pun) in a mass dogwalk through a park that has effectively become a no-go zone because of Islamic colonisation. What could be done in Australia?

  2. ‘Durotrigan June 19, 2010 at 10:42 am’
    This is exactly what I have promoted!
    Our government needs to recognise that islam has been at war with us for thirty years, I have said that we are fighting a war from within, therefore we need to use new legislation and new war strategies to combat islam’s stealth jihad. [I always forget the name for immigration jihad.]
    Labor is on the way out! The Liberals are on the way in! The Greens have not gained the anticipated swing!
    Look at Penrith’s by-election results:-

  3. Wonderful news about the by election, perhaps we can start to banish these fools for a generation. What we can do in Australia is to publicly use the only weapon left to us by our PC nonsense laws. Our sense of humour. Satire, Motoons ,irony,mild blasphemy in wide ranging put down jokes. This will eventually inure them instead of calling for our death. The irrelevence that we show toward both them and their so called superiority will be an ego tripping moment for them. Perhaps a real government will apply our laws not just against us, but them also. That too would be a defining moment that creates doubt in their superiority.

    Taking a lesson from the french, a pork pie and fosters picnic on the streets that are parking lot no go areas, in the western suburbs during friday prayers would go a long way in showing our contempt, if a real party was called the odd bikie gang might turn up if asked, for some protection.

    We have been too accommodating , showing our contempt for moon god worshippers in numbers using our humour, will take the wind from their sails.

  4. Dhumme Dhimmi, you are making me hungry with all of your suggestions! A Friday boozy pork product barbie accompanied by large numbers of dog-lovers with their pets in a Mohammedan zone would seriously faze the followers of Mo. It’d be fun.

    As for the immigration jihad, isn’t that linked to the Muslim concept of hijra?

    Good luck with turfing Labor out. What are the Liberal policies on so-called ‘asylum’ and immigration? I think that Islam could be defeated quite easily in our countries if our people were alerted to what this ideology really consists of and our politicians actually acted to tackle the issue in a manner similar to that advocated by Geert Wilders.

  5. “Durotrigan June 19, 2010 at 2:10 pm”

    All ingredients are haraam! Y-u-u-u-m-m-m!

    And yes! Thanks Durotrigan, it is hijra. My memory is stuck on m…something for some reason.

    I am doing my bit to turf Labor out in many ways. Mainly as a catalyst for change in the bodies that SHOULD be doing it themselves.
    And… so far it is working. Penrith IS BEAUTIFUL!
    And…educating EVERYONE about the ideology of islam is a work in progress. Behind the scenes, everywhere I go, the view is hardline. Listen to what Tony Abbott says in the MSM!
    BUT…it is a matter of keeping on pushing…keeping on pushing.
    Wish me luck!

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