Hussein Obama Promotes Islam in Nepal, Julia Guillard Stimulates Islamic "Outreach" in India….

U.S. in Nepal reaching out to…Muslims (4.2% of population)

What could be more important?

According to the CIA World Factbook, Nepal is currently Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%, Kirant 3.6%, other 0.9%. That’s from the 2001 census. And so the U.S. Government under the rule of Hussein Obama is reaching out to…the Muslims.

“DeLisi in mosque,” from The Himalayan Times/ Jihad Watch has more>>>

Obama’s Islamic Envoy: Obama Is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam”

Envoy Rashad Hussain says U.S. will work with Organization for the Islamic Conference in the UN to stop “defamation of religion.” (yes, there are still people who don’t want to believe that  Obama is a Muslim usurper……) BY STEPHEN SCHWARTZ


Julia Gillard  “Stimulates”  Islam in India

How to get rid of $ 7 million dollars with nothing to show for it:

(your taxpayer dollars at work/you will be gillarded….)

Julia Gillard launches UniSA Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding in Delhi, India

thanks to Mullah

Squandering the wealth of the nation to promote Mohammedanism in the name of “peace, understanding, tolerance, acceptance…”

Julia Gillard says the rising number of Muslim schools in Australia is indicative of the “modern age”- Muslim schools here to stay

Hugh Fitzgerald offers context:

Does the government of the United States want it to be known that to be a Muslim is to be a member of a favored minority, in which the American government will take a special interest?

What’s next — demanding to see the Uighurs in Xinjiang? Standing up for Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines? Or merely letting it be known that if you want to get on the American dole in sub-Saharan Africa, give up Christianity and become a Muslim, and the Americans will then wish immediately to try to win your heart and your mind — they don’t have to win, you see, those of non-Muslims — and of course the only way they know how to do that is to lavish aid upon you. After all, they have managed to take on the task of supporting Iraq for the past seven years (a country with the largest or second-largest oil reserves in the world might have been expected to borrow against future trillions, but apparently that just was too difficult a concept for anyone to grasp), and are now supporting Afghanistan (and give signs of wishing to continue to support it far into the future, so as to prevent it from becoming, so it is calimed, a “failed state”), and simiilarly lavishing tens of billions on Pakistan, and billions (for a total now of about $75 billion) on Egypt, Jordan, and the “Palestinians” or at least the Slow Jihadists — how very good of them, how very accommodating, they deserve a rewardfor their patience — of Fatah, that is of the P.A.or “Palestinian” Authority which is kept in its brief authority only because the I.D.F. props it up by keeping Hamas under control.

We should be doing the exact opposite: bucking up the Christians in sub-Saharan Africa, and in the Philippines, and in Pakistan and Indonesia (by demarches in both Islamabad and Jakarta), and encouraging the Thai army to deal ruthlessly with the Muslims in southern Thailand, and letting it be known that if a second Biafra is declared, we will not abandon it as happened the first time, but support it, and it would be good if the American army went into southern Sudan and Darfur (eliminatingthe Sudeanese airforce from the face of the earth as it did so)and holding both territories for joint or several referenda on independence — to the great delight of the black Africans involved, and to the rage of the Khartoum government,to the Arab League, and to Muslim fanatics everywhere. But what will the E.U.or the Can it be seen to ignore the smiling black faces surrounding those American troops, and standing up for the Muslim Arabs who for the past half-century have been doing whatever they felt like with the Christians and animists of the south — and they felt like mass-murder, and in the last half-dozen years, doing what they felt like — and what they felt like was mass-murder and mass expulsion — of non-Arab Muslims in Darfur?

The American government, suffering from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and positively struthonian in its attiudes, does not know where to put its feet and hands.

But we do.

You do. I do. And so do more and more people, as they study, and then assimilate what they study, about Islam, and figure things out – despite the brennans and the benjamins of the Obama Administration, whose policy is to pretend that we can ignore the nature of Islam, and the many instruments of Jihad.


We can’t.

We won’t.

And they too will be swept away as the dismal results of their idiocies become ever clearer, so that even cats and dogs will understand.

11 thoughts on “Hussein Obama Promotes Islam in Nepal, Julia Guillard Stimulates Islamic "Outreach" in India….”

  1. Muhammad bin Tughluq attempted to invade Nepal and Tibet in 1402, only to be met with subterfuge which cost him his entire army of mujahedin…

    The ghuzat only understand brute force, so they never tried to cross the Himalayas again in a campaign of jihad al-talab wa’l-ibtida’, as far as I recall…

  2. “We will know that it is not only morally wrong to have prejudice against people on the basis of race, color, gender, and religion, but that it is counterproductive.”

    Speak for yourself ass-wipe! I am not prejudice against race, color, gender or religion. I am ony prejudice against moon cults that pose as a religion and attempt to take over the world and have the entire planet submit to a bunch of Imams and a supreme leader, a Khalifah.
    That will not happen as long as I can breath.

    This is an enormous waste of taxpayers dollars and if Obama is beaten to the punch I can guarantee that he will be opening a mega-Islam- project that will dwarf that 7 million dollar figure by several zeros.
    Perhaps that was what the Cordoba House project was supposed to be.
    I trust that Australians are reeling at this news and will protest it down to the last cent.

  3. sheikyermami wrote: “Nowadays they invade under the guise of Yuman Rites with the intention to outbreed us with the bellies of their women….”

    It’s straight from the ahadith…

    “Narrated Ma’qil ibn Yasar…he (the Prophet) said: Marry women who are loving and very prolific, for I shall outnumber the peoples by you.”–Sunan Abu Dawud Book 11 Number 2045

  4. kill all christain peace will florish in world.there is crime in world because of their falsehood preaching.

  5. sdasd,
    Which world do you live in moron?? The only religion killing people at the moment is YOURS – as it has done since its inception. Piss off and stop molesting your donkey!! Sheik – can you send IP of this looser?

  6. * kill all christain peace will florish in world.

    Sounds like something the Beast will say (and implement). Israel’s turn after that, sdasd?

    islam will be destroyed by the God it mocks and blasphemes against, sdasd.

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