Indonesia demands more jiziya for fake asylum seekers

People smuggling business is good business for Indonesia. They have no intention to stop it.

The malevolent Muammar Gaddafi, despot of Libya,  demanded (and got)  $5 billion Euros “compensation for colonialism” from Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. That money was supposed to stop the flow of Mohammedan welfare seekers, who were  landing in large numbers on the Italian coast every day. The numbers  of African and Arab asylum seekers have since dropped, but they still keep coming. Same here in Australia. Indonesia keeps sending us ever increasing numbers of Mohammedans, which advances the Islamization of Australia and brings much needed cash into Indo coffers.

The Indo’s have not intention to stop this unless we pay them off handsomely.

“We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances under which they come.”

Former Australian PM,John Howard,Sydney,October 2001.

Instead, we got “compassionate & caring” KRudd. Our children will be  paying in blood for the mess created by a grandstanding fool who should hang from a lamppost for the treason  committed on the people of Australia.

Indonesia waiting for policy change on asylum-seekers

  • Stephen Fitzpatrick   From:The Australian
  • INDONESIA warned yesterday that Jakarta would not allow itself to become a refugee processing centre for Australia.

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    The “Asylum” Plague Which Is Sucking the Lifeblood from Our Nation

    “In principle, if the (new Gillard) policies are good and can be more effective in handling the problem of illegal immigrants, then of course we would respond positively,” he said. Ms Gillard said at the weekend that, on the question of asylum- seekers, “obviously we do work with Indonesia and others and I will be open to looking at further effective measures to drive that co-operation and work”.

    The level of co-operation is in some doubt, however, with anti-people-smuggling legislation promised by Dr Yudhoyono during his speech to the Australian parliament more than three months ago reportedly still far from being ready.

    The new laws, which would enable Indonesia to prosecute people-smugglers with punishments equal to those available in the Australian criminal justice system, have still been considered by the parliamentary committee responsible for proposing them to the house.

    “It’s scheduled to be looked at in July,” a committee staffer said.

    And if the draft legislation makes it through the procedural stage of being considered by the committee, it faces dim prospects on the floor of parliament.

    Records show Dr Yudhoyono, whose party is forced to operate in a coalition government, has not been able to pass any substantive legislation since the parliament sat last October.

    As for suggestions that East Timor might be used as an asylum-seeker processing point, Fretilin parliamentarian Jose Teixera, a member of his country’s parliamentary committee on defence, security and foreign relations, dismissed the idea.

    “We ourselves have very strong guarantees in our constitution regarding the rights of asylum-seekers and refugees, given that we as a people were at one time seekers of these international rights,” Mr Teixera said.

    3 thoughts on “Indonesia demands more jiziya for fake asylum seekers”

    1. An easy fix.
      Without exception, any and all asylum seekers arriving in Australia illegally by any means to be :

      1- Arrested and detained until placed in another country by the UN.
      2- If the UN fails to recognise them, they will deported immediately.
      3- They and any family member or relations shall be permanently blacklisted from any kind of entry or visa to Australia
      4- Any family member or relations all ready in Australia shall have all status and visa’s canceled and be deported automatically and immediately with out redress.

      5 Australia continues to accept genuine refugees from UN waiting in other countries for settlement providing they suit the Australian social structure.

      That should fix the problem.

    2. Well Gary that would be a workable incentive, but it still leaves them hope of getting through.

      I think removing all possible hope of ever getting entry to Australia under any circumstances will stop them making the trip from Malaysia to Indonesia as well.

      Put the people smugglers all along the line out of business overnight.

      The Indonesian govt need to get with the act as well, start shipping them out back home rather than holding them expecting they will eventually go on to Australia.

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