Indonesia: Muslim Groups call for Formation of Militia Units, Warn of Potential ‘War’ Against Christians….

Muslim Groups Talk War Over ‘Christianization’

Update: Indonesia: Nine groups of Misunderstanders of Islam threaten war over “Christianization”

Enraged over rumors that Muslims have been baptized, a new coalition of nine Muslim groups is trying to mobilize every mosque in Bekasi — numbering in the hundreds — to go to war against the Christians. But surely the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims in those mosques will put a stop to this, won’t they? Won’t they? “Muslim Groups Talk War Over ‘Christianization,'” by Ulma Haryanto in the Jakarta Globe/Jihad Watch

Bucktooth Bashir sends his regards. So much for de-radicalization……

Jakarta Globe/Thanks to Mullah

Militia Units Against the “Christianization” of  Bekasi?  Does that mean jihad is not peaceful “inner struggle?”  Lets turn that around and apply that to Europe, America or Australia: can you imagine if we would form  “militia units against  Islamization?”

The worlds Mohammedans, their enablers in the West, the useful idiots and the yuman rites industry would go apeshit.

When I say apeshit I mean they would call for jihad, which is their religious obligation anyway…….

In this photo taken last year, Volunteer fighters attend a sermon in Bakasi by Abu Bakar Bashir, who was alleged to have once headed the regional militant network Jemaah Islamiah. He was urging Muslims to fight in the Gaza Strip. Religious leaders in the Jakarta suburb on Sunday called on all Muslims to join forces and prepare for the possibility of war against the perceived Christianization of the city.

Christian devotees raise hands while singing during a Christmas mass at a stadium in Jakarta December 5, 2009. Approximately a hundred thousand Christians gathered for the celebration in Jakarta’s biggest stadium.

Bekasi Muslim Groups Call for Formation of Militia Units, Warn of Potential ‘War’

“The Christians are onto something!”

Several religious organizations in Bekasi have recommended that every Mosque in Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta form militia units and called on all local Muslims to prepare for the possibility of “war” against what they perceive to be the Christianization of the city in West Java.

During the second Bekasi Islamic Congress at the Al-Azhar Mosque in Bekasi on Sunday, the call was made to all Bekasi Muslims to join forces against what they perceive to be the recent spreading of Christianity.

The groups are also expected to forward several recommendations to the Bekasi administration to create policies that are compliant with Shariah law.

“All Muslims should unite and standby because … the Christians are on to something,” Murhali Barda, head of the Bekasi chapter of the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday.

“Apparently they want to test our patience. We are planning to invite them for a dialogue to determine what they really want. If talks fail, this might mean war,” he warned.

Saleh Mangara Sitompul, the secretary of the congress and also a member of the Bekasi branch of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia’s second largest Muslim organization, said another recommendation was for every mosque in Bekasi to form their own individual paramilitary units.

“We hope that the recommendations to the government could be a guide for them so that there will be no religious defamation or inter-religious conflicts,” he said.

On Tuesday, the Islamic Defenders Front said that it would insist that the city issue policies in line with its view of Islam.

The comments came a day after the Bekasi government sealed another Protestant church because of constant pressure from hard-line groups, and three days after the administration pulled down the “Tiga Mojang,” or Three Girls, statue.

The statue at the Harapan Indah residential complex was dismantled after demonstrations by hard-line pressure groups that deemed the sculpture at odds with conservative Muslim views.

The Jakarta suburb is becoming a religious battleground, with hard-line Islamists claiming that Christian zealots have targeted the community.

Wishful Thinking Or Fact?

Islam, the fastest dying religion in the world

9 thoughts on “Indonesia: Muslim Groups call for Formation of Militia Units, Warn of Potential ‘War’ Against Christians….”

  1. “Islam fastest dying religion”
    All religions will die, they can not save people; only a personal faith
    relationship with YHWH (Yah, Yehoshuwa, Ruach, Malak, Kabod) can.
    Qahal YHWH will establish real worship in the spirit, the truth, the
    way and the life.

  2. The Gospel will be preached to all nations (including those behind the Iron Burka), and then the end will come. Nothing allah and its followers can do about it – not even Moroccan snitches.

  3. The Bakasi area has been heating up for a while now. Its a rather dangerous situation when they start the mosque militia caper. Violence can escalate very quickly from that point and we are not talking about street protests.

    Firstly- Whilst most Indon moslems regard the FPI and their likes as idiots, they are much more easily intimidated than “moderate” moslems in the west.

    Secondly- With high population densities like Jakarta and West Java where most young men don’t have 9 to 5 jobs, it does not take long to round up 30,000 or 40,000 vigilante jihadis.

    Bekasi might escalate in to an Ambon situation very quickly. ie; some local fighting, rape and pillage between local moslems and non moslems, to be followed up buy overwhelming attacks by thousands of armed moslem jihadis from surrounding areas.

    Links below are to a home video made by jihadis in Ambon back in 1999. Just in case people have doubts about what this means.

    FPI in Ambon Pt 1
    FPI in Ambon Pt2
    FPI in Ambon Pt3

  4. Sri,
    Do you see any reasonable avenues which might be pursued so that muslims will learn to live in peace with others. Outright conflict is a last resort.

  5. Well Kaw, I certainly can not find an instance in history to work from that’s free of dimitude.
    But civilised countries, and that includes Indonesia allow freedom of religion, and considering shariah is not actually religion but rather a set of laws contrary to the national laws of those countries.
    The only easy option for peace with moslems is the total outlawing of shariah. Possibly rigidly enforcing a ban on sharia would go along way to solving these issues.

    Supposed “moderate”moslems would not miss the shariah while ripping the carpet out from under the islamists.

  6. Above by “rigidly enforcing”, I do mean by harsh measures, not short prison terms.

    Also to keep some perspective, the FPI field a few hundred at their demos, even if it was 2,000 of them, consider this number against the population of Jakarta at 30 million, expected to be 35 million this year.

    Also they don’t get full support as some in government are calling for them to be outlawed. Sadly not all.

  7. “Apparently they want to test our patience. We are planning to invite them for a dialogue to determine what they really want. If talks fail, this might mean war,” he warned.

    This meeting should be conducted in the swimming pool at the Baptist preacher’s house. Perhaps he could baptize them all. Then there would be no cause for war.
    Islam is a ideology of war that dates back to the worship of ancient moon gods and goddesses. It will never change and must be irradicated either by converting people out of the cult, or by war. I would prefer the former.

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