Indonesian Justice Minister: "Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorists Should Carry Out Bomb Attacks in Israel Instead”

Once again a “moderate Muslim” is telling us that killing Jews is a religious obligation in Islam. He just doesn’t like it when Islamic terrorists blow up stuff in Indonesia, but would encourage and fund them to blow up civilians in Israel:

Great allies in the war against jihadists

Andrew Bolt

Our partners in fighting Islamist terrorists aren’t against all jihadists:

Patrialis Akbar, Indonesia’s justice minister, is responsible for administering the government’s policy of “deradicalising” members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a group that has long been engaged in an armed conflict with the government.

But in an interview with Al Jazeera to discuss the re-educating programme, Patrialis Akbar said he would encourage and even fund the same fighters to carry out “bomb attacks in Israel instead”.

However, later in the discussion he toned down his words and said that he does not encourage violence.

Lying to infidels, also known as taqiyya, is a religious obligation in Islam to  deceive the enemies of Islam/ed

“Moderate” Palestinian Authority TV host to children: Jews are “our enemies”

Just making sure the kiddies get the message:

But deep down, they really, really want peace! Note that this is Fatah TV. Fatah is the “moderate” Palestinian Authority faction that the U.S. government favors with money and even military training. “PA TV host to children: Jews are ‘our enemies’ – Israeli soldiers are ‘wild animals,'” by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for Palestinian Media Watch, June 25/via JW

The host of a program about prisoners on official Palestinian Authority television described Jews as “our enemies” and Israeli soldiers as “wild animals” when she interviewed young children.Her comments were made during two recent episodes of the PA TV program For You, which features interviews with the families of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel. In an interview with the young sister of a prisoner serving a 13-month sentence, the PA TV host asked the girl if the Israeli soldiers bother the family when they visit her brother in prison. When the girl agreed, the host added: “They’re wild animals, right? Aren’t they wild animals?”

In another episode, the same host interviewed the four-year old son of a prisoner serving a 15-year sentence. She asked who imprisoned his father, and the boy answered, “The Jews.” As in the other interview, the host prompted the child: “The Jews are our enemies, right?” The boy nodded in response.

It is worth noting that the boy did not say that “Israelis” imprisoned his father, but specified that it was “the Jews.”…

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  1. * Patrialis Akbar said he would encourage and even fund the same fighters to carry out “bomb attacks in Israel instead”.

    And bring down the Genesis curse of God in the process.

    Tsunami time?

  2. “The Sultan of Java, al-Malik az-Zahir, is…a lover of theologians. He is constantly engaged in warring for the Faith [against the infidels] and in raiding expeditions…His subjects also take a pleasure in warring for the Faith and voluntarily accompany him on his expeditions. They have the upper hand over all the infidels in their vicinity, who pay them a poll-tax to secure peace.”–ibn Battuta, Travels in Asia and Africa, 1325-1354 p. 274

    1. You have more of this, Philip?

      For a long time I’ve be looking for historical records of the Islamization of Indonesia and Malaysia. Overall, there is very little available…. as you may know. And they keep telling us that it was introduced by traders, l”peacefully…”

  3. No tsunami alert, but:

    [A strong earthquake has struck off Indonesia’s Java island, but there are no immediate reports of damage.

    The Indonesian agency measured the quake as magnitude 6.3, but the US Geological Survey measured it at 5.8.]

    Sheiky ground!

  4. Indonesia was introduced to Islam through the Turks.
    At that time Indonesia was a Dutch colony, who handled the Spice trading. The Turks came to Indonesia for the purchase of spices from the Dutch in Indonesia.
    Islam comes to your shores and slowly but surely they have those unsuspected Nations in the grip of Islam.
    History should have thought the Western leaders a lesson.

  5. Islamization of Malaysia and Indonesia:

    Hmmmm…yeah I don’t have much info either.Maybe it was indeed introduced pissfully by ARAB traders.

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