Islam in Europe

Islam in Europe

Denmark: Visit by Ghana’s chief imam brings light of Islam to the kafirs

Ghana’s chief national imam is on his way to Denmark, where he will try to improve dialog and mutual understanding between European and African Muslims, and between Muslims and Christians in general.   Read more »

Norway: Woman establishes Jihad-promoting forum

Not to worry, its just  peaceful inner struggle!

Arfan Q. Bhatti has the distinction of being Norway’s first terrorism suspect. His wife, Marjam Salvesen Bhatti, now runs a Jihadist website, much like Malika el-Aroud, the “mother of al-Qaeda in Europe“.Read more »

Stockholm Muzlims: Why we rioted

Why? Since when do they feel a need to explain themselves…?

The riots and fires in Rinkeby had just one purpose: to entice the police to the area.

“We want revenge. We are at war with the police,” says Badr, 25, one of the 50 youth who participated in the riots Tuesday night.   Read more »

Italy: Court rejects stiffer sentences for immigrants

A majority of court judges late on Thursday ruled it is unconstitutional to hand down prison sentences and fines three times more severe for illegal immigrants found guilty of crimes.  Read more »

Netherlands: Synagogue Service Cancelled Due to Threats

The synagogue in Weesp cancelled its service last Saturday after the police informed members about threats received. The threats are believed to be related to the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla.

No mosques were threatened….. Bad News/via TT

Viva Espagna!

“The cathedral of Córdoba is not shared with Muslims.”

“There are things that are shared and others that are not, and the cathedral of Cordoba is not shared with Muslims.”

Catholic Culture

Muslims can share  dhimmi Zapatero….

Spain: Second city bans Muslim burqa

A second city in Catalonia on Friday adopted a local ban on the burka and the niqab, the face-covering Muslim women’s garment that has provoked debate in Europe, Spanish news media reported.Read more…

Barcelona to ban burqa in municipal buildings

MADRID – Barcelona is to become the first major Spanish city to bar the use of face-covering Islamic veils in municipal buildings. Read more…/ Islamization Watch

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  1. re : the stone throwing and fires in Rinkeby
    “I don’t understand why they did this to our school. Their own siblings might go here in a few years,” says Abir Fairoud, who graduated among journalists, police and the fire brigade.

    My wife often asks me about the latest muslim outrage ” Whydo they do these things ?”
    I sigh and say , “That’s what muslims do “

  2. * “We want revenge. We are at war with the police,” (muslims doing as allah commands)

    “Nothing to do with islam; hate crime to suggest that muslims are violent, or any clash of civilisation under way; employ more counsellors and diversity officers; set up programs using moderate muslims to mentor youth at risk of radicalisation” … you know the rest, and the rot continues, like a snowball rolling downhill….

    As Persikas says …

  3. “The delegation will come to the Islamic-Christian study center in Copenhagen Tuesday evening, and will tell about Christian-Muslim relations in Ghana,” says the Council of Churches.

    “Additionally the imam wishes to explore opportunities for improving the image of Islam in those countries where there’s a negative attitude towards Islam. He sees it as an Islamic obligation to extend a hand in friendship to non-Muslims,” the Council of Churches says.

    Don’t these people know anything – can’t they read – don’t they know what muslims do ?

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