Israeli Soldiers Board ‘Rachel Corrie’ Blockade Breaker Boat; Arrest Leftist & Islamist Passengers

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Israeli soldiers boarded the ‘Rachel Corrie’ Gaza aid boat today and arrested the leftist and Islamist passengers.  They were not attacked upon boarding the boat.  Earlier in the day the radicals on the Corrie rejected a deal offered by Israel to avoid a confrontation.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

At about 5:50 am on Saturday, the first reports came in over Twitter that the ‘Rachel Corrie’ had been boarded close to Gaza. Earlier the activists reported that their radar had been jammed, however their Twitter accounts continued to operate.

The activists reported that three boats were following them for about twenty minutes and then that they had been boarded.

The passengers are said to be under arrest.

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11 thoughts on “Israeli Soldiers Board ‘Rachel Corrie’ Blockade Breaker Boat; Arrest Leftist & Islamist Passengers”

  1. Just another bunch of terrorist supporting nutters, wonder what would happen if their protest was aimed at a hamas blockade? Also, a shame they don’t see what’s happening on the other shore and lend their support to the Coptic Chrisitians!

  2. The firing of Lorenzana by the citibank shows the double standard of the West. This has been the crux of arguments by the religious minorities living in the west. Now the truth comes out in the case of Lorenza. Why not allow her to show off her revealing bosom if she wanted to. why restrict her on dresses. Why not she be provocative.

    A Muslim woman who wants to cover more will ask similar questions. Why not I cover as much as I wish to. why can not I be less provocative and less sexy? If the western countries are true to what they say about the fundamental rights, why interfere with the fundamental rights of Lorenza.In the same breathe why interfere with the fundamental rights of the Muslim women. It is sheer hypocrisy, bias, pretentious culture and open double standard. Even in the liberal West, it is an offence for women to go half naked. There are restrictions on dress even in Europe, is the contention of Muslims. The difference is only in degree when it comes to modesty.

    Absolute freedom is non-existent in any culture. Being social animals, men and women have animal magnetism and sex appeal. One can never deny the fact that when a young man looking at a woman revealing a major part of her firm, round, shapely and bulging breasts gets sexually excited and would have train of quite often lewd thoughts in his mind. Hence religious laws on dress code. The West judges one set of rules as barbaric simply because OF ALIEN CULTURE BASE and another set as liberation

  3. Its time that Israel charged the cost of these operations to the Blockade busters. If they don’t pay, jail the captain and confiscate the ship.

    Israel should also take Turkey to the UNSC.

  4. A couple of points, kodimirpal – you refer to “the fundamental rights of the Muslim women”, but point out that “Absolute freedom is non-existent in any culture”, and that there are “religious laws on dress code”.

    Do muslim women exercise “fundamental rights” when disguising much of their bodies, or are they obeying “religious laws on dress code”?

    If the former, where do the “rights” derive fgrom, and if the latter, where do the “laws” derive from?

    When “fundamental rights” conflict with “religious laws”, which prevail – the “rights”, or the “laws”?

    If it is “religious laws” which prevail, should non-muslim countries tailor their laws and customs to suit the laws of an alien god who assigns inferior (dhimmi / infidel) status to the majority population?

    Do dhimmis / infidels have rights to govern as they think fit, or must muslim demands be catered for?

    If muslim demands must be catered for, are muslim nations / societies likewise obligated to cater for dhimmi / infidel demands and customs?

  5. Where are these people with their outcry when Christians and Jews are being prosecuted or killed in the nations of Islam.
    How would they feel, if the armies of Islam surrounding our shores, were threating to kills us. When we would have had rockets shot at us year after year, suicide bombers blowing themselves up in different locations and bodyparts of the victim are thrown around. May be for those people they have to witness it firsthand before it sinks in,
    I wished that Europe and the USA would have a group like in England
    I did sign a petition against a mosque being build by Ground Zero, the call these people have, the disrespect to the victims of 9/11. It is amazing how easy people forget, when they personally were not hurt by that attack.
    My hat of to the people of Israel.

  6. Well, we throw them into detension centres behind barbed wire where they belong. why all the fuss? We put them on Christmas Island until they are checked out. What is the difference.

    We cant sail into the Yemin, or heaven forbid sail into the Sea of Marmaris and say, “Look Mr. Erdogan, I am here to help your country”.

    This is yet another provocative act from the world’s largest killer of mankind TURKEY. They have genocide in their genes.

    They are a people with desert mentality. They play a cat and mouse game.

  7. IN THE AUSTRALIAN TODAYIranian menace must be faced
    From: The Australian June 05, 2010 12:00AM
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    Israel botched its raid but cannot yet relax its blockade

    FIVE days after Israel’s raid on Gaza-bound Turkish ships, two inescapable, but contradictory conclusions can be drawn. The first is that its blockade against Gaza is unsustainable. The second is that the blockade cannot be lifted – at least while the Hamas leadership in Gaza is committed to Israel’s destruction and has friends in Tehran ready to supply the arsenal.

    Kevin Rudd’s solution to the conundrum on Tuesday was : “When it comes to a blockade against Gaza, preventing the supply of humanitarian aid, such a blockade should be removed.” Yes, Prime Minister. And then what? Compassionate Australians share Mr Rudd’s concern for the suffering of 1.3 million people behind closed borders on the Gaza Strip. But Hamas runs a rigid, ugly regime and its Islamist allies are a major threat to world peace.

    Jewish leaders insist Fairfax reporter biased
    The Australian, 1 day ago
    Israel rejects world’s criticism
    The Australian, 2 days ago
    Aussie photographer Tasered during raid
    Adelaide Now, 2 days ago
    Challenge must lead to right formula
    The Australian, 3 days ago
    New boat to challenge Gaza blockade
    Adelaide Now, 4 days ago

    From the time the flotilla’s leaders refused Israel’s offer to transfer the goods to Gaza, it was clear that the so-called humanitarian mission was a sham. The real objectives were to delegitimise Israel in the eyes of the world and break the blockade. But this is not feasible given the current state of play. A vessel intercepted by Israel last year was carrying 200 tonnes of Iranian arms bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    The boats raided on Monday were run by the IHH, a relief organisation that ironically, was banned in Turkey after the 1999 earthquake for being fundamentalist, secretive and buying semi-automatic weapons from terror groups. In the 2001 Seattle trial of Ahmed Ressam, the would-be Millennium bomber, French counter-terrorism magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere testified that IHH had played an “important role” in Ressam’s plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Day 2000.

    By week’s end the flotilla’s dubious supporters were also unmasked. The ABC’s Lateline, possibly in a misguided attempt to balance Monday night’s interview with Israel’s plausible Australian-born spokesman Mark Regev, sought an account of the Israeli operation from German politician and Palestinian activist Annette Groth, who was aboard one of the boats.

    Groth is a member of the far-left Der Linke party, dominated by old East German socialists and dedicated to the downfall of capitalism. She made the unsubstantiated claim that Israel had doctored video evidence. But it is not Hamas’s morally confused shipmates who are the real threat to peace but their Iranian backers, whose nuclear ambitions are clear and whose President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants Israel “wiped off the map”.

    Israel’s military did the nation no favours with its clumsy operation. As in the July 2006 war in northern Israel and southern Lebanon, started by Hezbollah, heavily backed by Iran, it was the Israel’s military’s PR skills, not its fighting strength, that was found wanting. This is an unconventional war that is not all about military might. In order to weaken Iran’s pernicious influence, it is in Israel’s interests to pursue diplomatic ties more vigorously with Turkey, despite recent setbacks, and with also Syria, especially if Syrian can be persuaded to abandon its long-term alliance with Iran.

    International outrage over the nine deaths on the flotilla is understandable. But the rest of the world must face reality. Middle East peace cannot be achieved while the Iranian threat, both its trafficking arms to terrorists and, most alarmingly, its growing nuclear strength, remains potent.

    Terror Takeover
    The rise of the securitystate and the attack on human rights.
    Counter Threat Institute
    Educate Yourself WIth Expert Counter Terrorism Training from CTI
    An Islamic plot more effective than any Bali bomb
    Adelaide Now, 4 days ago
    Israel all at sea over Gaza
    The Australian, 4 days ago
    Military might not all Israel needs to survive
    The Australian, 4 days ago
    Activists turn spotlight on blockade
    The Australian, 5 days ago
    Australian shot in commando raid
    Adelaide Now, 4 days ago
    Israel will block Gaza-bound aid armada
    The Australian, 4 days ago
    More related coverage
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    The Iranian Menace must be faced.
    A great article in today’s Australian. Israel is alone in defending all countries in the region from the Iranian nuclear threat.

    This is a very bold article that everyone should read. The articles in the group are also very interesting and I was surprised to find them there. Our politicians would rather we did not know. You will have to search for it, but it is worth the bother. I tried to upload the article but it did not work.

  9. I met two Jewish guys in a shopping center in Hong Kong yesterday. When I told them that I support Israel, they nearly cried. How has it come to this?
    How has their former supporter the USA completely turned its back on them, and is any country Israel’s friend now?

  10. Cecilie.
    Re Israel’s friends:
    I have been doubting Israel and the Jewish have had any real friend for the last 60 or so years.
    It seems a bit like they have just been used as a pawn by all and sundry.

    Used by the Arabs to propagate the refugee myth, maintain the koranic directed extermination of Jews, and mainly keep their barbaric populations under control by giving them someone to hate.

    Likewise used by the west to like give the moslem hordes something to keep them occupied, because they know Sunday people are the next target.
    They support Israel just enough to keep the moslems busy, but keep Israel at arms length in case it goes wrong.
    I see a similarity to the ” war on terror” argument of fighting AQ in Iraq and Afghanistan rather than at home.

    Imagine the fracar moslems now in western countries will create if Israel goes down and the Jews are gone.

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